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News Arena
Assam News BJP Minister Parimal Suklabaidya is personally ferrying people to hospital amidst floods. https://t.co/aMQ3vk3QMa
23 Jun, 06:47 PM UTC
Sorry Dave, but if a trade union isn't fighting to save its members livelihoods then just what do you think a trade union is for? https://t.co/5C1xzfavMx
23 Jun, 07:10 AM UTC
Noel Miller
the only legitimate crypto is dave and busters power points
24 Jun, 02:15 AM UTC
Join us this Saturday at 2pm in Kings Cross for a rail strike solidarity rally! Mick Lynch & Eddie Dempsey @RMTunion Dave Ward @CWUnews Actor & activist @RobDelaney The People's @HackneyAbbott @GMBunion Mitie striker Francis Dwun Full details 💪 https://t.co/KJ26vNIoXn @tribunemagazine's photo on Dave
23 Jun, 10:15 PM UTC
Giveaway! 30XRP! 72 hours🏆 follow @verseXVR & @dave_versex✅ RT✅ Tag 3 friends✅ Lets fill the house for the next event! Friday and Saturday! Our next event is "where are we?" In this event we gather together to guess where in the world are we? JOIN US https://t.co/OmRmX1lY0i https://t.co/0Hx2Shxvse
23 Jun, 12:23 PM UTC
Morgana Ignis
@SamHaft @SpindleHorse Vouch. I’ve been working professionally in the industry for a decade now for dozens and dozens of producers and nobody has cared more about and worked harder in the trenches with her crew than Viv. Period.
24 Jun, 01:51 AM UTC
Boston Celtics
Hear from Brad Stevens as he breaks down JD Davison's skillset. @celtics's photo on Dave
24 Jun, 05:22 AM UTC
Lee Holly Loose Unit
Why didn't Dave Sharma and Scott Morrison go to jail for insider trading with Astrazeneca
23 Jun, 11:26 AM UTC
The Rebel Walk
Dave Van Horn on why the Rebs broke through this season: "Experience. Thank God I don't have to ever see Kevin Graham hit again. I have nightmares about him. Elko, full grown man.....You go through their lineup...it's just tough. They kicked it into gear."
23 Jun, 10:43 PM UTC
Paul Morrison
@jtlevy @ricklarios Also: After “Philando Castile was shot and killed during a traffic stop outside Minneapolis, it was revealed that two years earlier the officer, Jeronimo Yanez, had attended “The Bulletproof Warrior” a two-day training taught by Grossman...” https://t.co/lRcZFUKuDv
24 Jun, 01:31 AM UTC
Camila González⚡️
I wasnt gonna comment because its not my place to do it but i'm confused about the spindlehorse allegations, i've literally been given the choice of how much work do i wanna put on my plate per month so overworking is definitely something i havent experienced on my side
24 Jun, 02:52 AM UTC
🎤 The #TRON DAO Director of #Blockchain Strategy, Dave Uhryniak, was on stage today at the Town Hall Theatre @NFT_NYC talking about the future adoption of #NFTs. 🖼️ "Consumer adoption will be driven by commercial use" 🙌 #NFTNYC2022 #TRONNFTNYC #APENFT #TronStrong💎 https://t.co/X7fQVdoKyv
24 Jun, 03:02 AM UTC
Totally Tied. Vids & 1000's of #bondage pics @ https://t.co/i1ZL1V6Z99! ALSO: Vids at: (https://t.co/QikdofCGxZ) https://t.co/eU7AiYKUfd
24 Jun, 12:40 AM UTC
Political Cartoon
Dave Brown on #BorisJohnson #GrantShapps #RailStrikes #RMT #ToryRailStrikes #ToryLiars - political cartoon gallery in London https://t.co/dePcTdnXF6 https://t.co/J3o9SbBp3d
23 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC
AEG Presents
2ND SHOW ADDED! 9:30pm at The Ryman. Check out Steven Crowder and Dave Landau live from Louder With Crowder on November 12!
23 Jun, 07:50 PM UTC
Official Account of (Activist) "Bad" Brad Berkwitt
@DaveHibbard3 @JenOnTheBlock7 @BadBradBerkwitt Thanks Dave!
24 Jun, 05:26 AM UTC
Jane Murray Writes
@dfoy2 @martin_grayston @developM2Ls @ellisonprinting @Kathy_Ford_ @IanRouth Mooooorning Dave and Gang. No sleep, too hot, phone updated and doesn't work properly. Happy Friday! 🤣🤣🤣🌞 xx
24 Jun, 05:28 AM UTC
King Dayveed 👑
@DavidHundeyin 😂😂😂 The guy is fraudulent. If they had called him a tailor he would have corrected them.
24 Jun, 05:29 AM UTC
Nathan Bronson
@SupremeMichigan @LPNational @scotthortonshow Oh I've always liked @scotthortonshow Dave Smith Marc Clair, Pete quinones. Only libertarians (Pete not libertarian anymore) I can still listen too
24 Jun, 05:28 AM UTC
(BLM) Elden Emo, MS☠️
@girldrawsghosts Also: Dave Allen fucks and I will die on this hill.
24 Jun, 05:27 AM UTC
@BrainlessFruit do you mean the part where dave goes dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dudu iflskdjfjskasofifo
24 Jun, 05:30 AM UTC
Chad Leuthold
@crockpics Great pic!! That’s classic! So far back Dave was still in Metallica!! 👏🏼👏🏼🥳
24 Jun, 05:30 AM UTC
Dawn Whittaker (She/her) 🚒
@dharford79 #staysafe out on those roads Dave and have a good shift
24 Jun, 05:30 AM UTC
@cher I do the illusion of Vicki Lawrence too. This is mama harpers port o pot by ez crapper. I sing pms blues by Dolly parton while on it. Thought you could use a chuckle. Love Dave https://t.co/bKQTYWUPf4
24 Jun, 05:30 AM UTC
Joker: The Killer of Wonder ➐
100% I was just cutting up some vegetables to make dinner, and I remembered for no reason, when Phazon and I went to Hawaii, we went to a Dave and Busters for dinner one night it was across the street basically from our hotel. This was when Halo Fire Team Raven was about to https://t.co/niZ0aFgmfl
24 Jun, 05:30 AM UTC