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Ronna McDaniel
While @realDonaldTrump is in DC working to resolve the government shutdown and secure our border, Democrats are hitting the beach and partying with lobbyists. https://t.co/SJBr0tV3H8
12 Jan, 11:17 PM UTC
wus poppin jimbo
no one: fiona with absolutely huge monstrous succulent titties: wus poppin jimbo's photo on Dave
13 Jan, 12:01 AM UTC
Brian Krassenstein
Canadian Air Traffic Controllers are buying Pizza for the American Air Traffic Controllers in New York who are affected by Trump's Shutdown. This is awesome! Here's the sign they hung up in New York: Brian Krassenstein's photo on Dave
13 Jan, 02:01 AM UTC
Adam Schefter
Chiefs’ director of football operations Mike Borgonzi and Colts’ LB coach Dave Borgonzi are brothers, but opponents today in the Borgonzi Bowl (which could be sponsored by Kelly’s Roast Beef, the iconic restaurant in their hometown of Everett, MA.) One Borgonzi brother goes on.
12 Jan, 01:32 PM UTC
Maggie Haberman
Trump now urging prosecutors to investigate @MichaelCohen212's father again. Jeanine asks for the name of the father in law. This is a really stunning way for the president to target a private citizen.
13 Jan, 02:21 AM UTC
Because I'm a Guy
That’s so true.... Because I'm a Guy's photo on Dave
12 Jan, 11:45 PM UTC
Super 70s Sports
This week in 1976, the Soviet Union's Red Army leaves the ice to protest the Philadelphia Flyers' physical play. The Flyers go on to win 4-1 and Dave Schultz doesn't give a rat's ass about their feelings. Super 70s Sports's photo on Dave
13 Jan, 01:58 AM UTC
Larry Elder
The Moment LARRY ELDER changed DAVE RUBIN'S Mind Forever (Systemic Racism) https://t.co/v01G7MB1hl
13 Jan, 12:15 AM UTC
Lou Brutus
Oh, sure. When Dave Grohl chugs beer and falls offstage, he's a "rock star" who's booked to perform concerts around the world. When I chug beer and fall offstage, I'm a "menace" who's no longer allowed to emcee concerts at the Dane County Coliseum. Double. Fucking. Standard.
12 Jan, 04:54 PM UTC
Logan Schuchart
Big win last night for our final race “down under”! So happy we were able to get a win before I went home and end on such a high note. Thank you John and Vicki Weatherall, Chris, Tyler, Teegan, Teddy, and Dave aka Vegemite. I had a great time and can’t wait to be back! 🏁🏁
12 Jan, 10:16 PM UTC
Maibort Petit
El gobierno de Andrew Holness de Jamaica ha anunciado una legislación para hacerse cargo de la participación de Venezuela en Petrojam y a la vez votó por no reconocer la legitimidad de Segundo mandato de Nicolás Maduro como presidente venezolano.
13 Jan, 02:00 AM UTC
God Tweets
God has a more awesome plan for your life than you could ever imagine simply because He loves you!
12 Jan, 06:20 PM UTC
Tennessee Baseball Coaches Association
Congratulations to @WSCCbaseball Head Coach Dave Shelton on being our TBCA Junior College Coach of the Year
12 Jan, 07:46 PM UTC
Geliat transfer Madura United sangat kencang dibanding tim Liga 1 lainnya. Akankah ada pemain bintang lagi yang didatangkan dan mewujudkan skenario The Dream Team yang pada musim lalu impian tersebut berantakan?  https://t.co/LotUuuyPQb
13 Jan, 01:00 AM UTC
Maibort Petit
La canciller Johnson Smith explicó que el gobierno venezolano no ha cumplido con su compromiso de modernizar la refinería de petróleo ubicada en el oeste de Kingston. https://t.co/Ro2XphCEVm
13 Jan, 02:00 AM UTC
GN'R Sudamérica
#OnThisDay | Hace 7 años, Velvet Revolver daba su último show en "Love You Madly, A Concert for John O'Brien", un show a beneficio con el objetivo de recaudar fondos para la familia de John O' Brien, intimo amigo de Dave Kushner, en el House of Blues, L.A https://t.co/DN4TjUIfTu
13 Jan, 12:20 AM UTC
Arni Sribhen
Dear @wendys my friend Dave beat cancer as a toddler. It made him "funny looking." Now he raises money every year for the place that saved his life. The money I would have spent on your food in 2019 will be better spent by @RileyKids. https://t.co/kMDJw1liUH
13 Jan, 01:51 AM UTC
Lindsay Brown - Stop Site C dam
Sign the Petition! Hon. @Dave_Eby, Attorney General: We support a fully independent public inquiry into #moneylaundering in British Columbia's economy. **Please RT & share** https://t.co/lZIIFvK3vF #bcpoli #vanpoli #vanre #gambling
12 Jan, 06:00 PM UTC
Billy Hoffman
Seattle trip with Ryan Foy, John Smith, and Dave https://t.co/FxP6cF0PFE
12 Jan, 08:40 PM UTC
Even @JohnCornyn confirmed it was about $25 billion in funding: https://t.co/oQPrakKVcK
13 Jan, 02:04 AM UTC
Dave Schwartz
Gopher Men's hockey team completes the weekend sweep with #9 Notre Dame -- that's a darn good team they just beat twice.
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
-ˏˋ davi ˊˎ-
so apparently now you can leave the domino’s workers notes of encouragement while they’re making the order, thank you dave i hope my note helped u out
13 Jan, 01:12 AM UTC
Steve Sheridan
.@podfeet interviews Craig Meador and Dave Wilkinson from @APHfortheBlind about the Canute, the first multi-line digital Braille e-reader, and the Graphiti which allows people to access a wide variety of on-screen graphics by touch. #CES2019 https://t.co/FGViLZ6ePW Steve Sheridan's photo on Dave
12 Jan, 06:38 PM UTC
s h a w n ☁️
retweet if you think zubin, eddy, dave, and mike deserve awards as well :) #IHeartAwards #BestLyrics #InMyBlood s h a w n ☁️'s photo on Dave
12 Jan, 11:52 PM UTC
vrisrezi.... wow
in the earth c universe they dont have obama so dave was the one to give them the then perish meme
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Negative Dave
Breaking News: Cris Collinsworth has just finished masturbating to a photo Pat Mahomes. #KCvsIND
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
RWBY Bumbleby Rooster Teeth LGBT+ Pride RWBY Halo RWBY https://t.co/6rHl7Q3mqy
13 Jan, 02:06 AM UTC
yall remember dave_o
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
@ChetsHotTakes @stoolpresidente @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter @PatMcAfeeShow Because vinateri missed 3 field goals and Dave lost a ton of money and because he is sour of McAfees success without him
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Krystina Death
Do people actually have a good time at Dave and Busters? Because I sure as hell am not.
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Go Away. I’m counting stitches.
Fancy dinner: prix fixe menu. I had beef barley soup, a fancy chicken breads thing on a sweet potato purée with kale and a cucumber garnish, and pecan pie for dessert (breakfast). Dave had the soup, prime strip loin, and key lime pie.
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
@ComradeEevee @Dave_Cochran I’ve been known to throw down during a game of Trivial Pursuit, at a table...or on the floor.
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
The CC guy on this broadcast team needs to be shot into space. He is proud of how he can’t keep track of the player names, and a UMD player good shoot a man at center ice and he would defend it.
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Andrew Grausam
@Dave_Schwartz Ski u mah! Feels good to bring out the brooms!
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Dave Drum
Tennessee trying to make it illegal to drink raw milk! Have we not learned anything about food freedom? This needs to die in committee please. https://t.co/HbXsxGnsJf; @ltgovmcnally
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
@waymoresgnus @RandBallsStu At Cass’ peak, she had like 7 different pairs of shoes in that bag. It smelled like death.
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Dan Jacobsen
@wx_dave Our color guy is shit
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Bama 13-0 Falcons 4-8
@TheFalcoholic You should feel my pain right now Dave
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Lucy's Collared Toy, Ribbon-Bound & in a Stocking
@carpetnotbig @BigGoobunny Dave. Use your big people words. I never bothered learning “Teeny Needy Easy Speck”~
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
@monteiromaay Aí a gente vai e não assiste rs
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Damned Demon
..the federal government shutdown extends into the private sector...you are truly desperate if you have to show off your chicken legs... @DannyShookVideo @CryptMidwest @CryptGhouls @crypticon @BDisgusting @GhouliaChilds https://t.co/VpAjHJyEIx
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
🔮 Ƨcσяɛƨ Ғαи 👑
@CarmichaelDave Dave over like.... 🔮 Ƨcσяɛƨ Ғαи 👑's photo on Dave
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Jeff Sedlacek
Same douche with the Jackson goal last night? #ccsucks RT @wx_dave: The CC guy on this broadcast team needs to be shot into space. He is proud of how he can’t keep track of the player names, and a UMD player good shoot a man at center ice and he would defend it.
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Dave Perry
You almost had to know Tampa was going to score there. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ #Sabres #terriblecallbytheway
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
*could. Man I have sucked lately
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
@TheAshleysRR Is Uncle Dave angling to be on an alligator show?🐊
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
@djvanness Never thought I'd see the day, Dave. I have no idea where we go from here. What a mess, or should i say 'besporyadok'.
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Fat Dave x D.B. Wankk - Fre@kin Listen now @ Street Money Radio https://t.co/BbxwFwxhe6
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Señor Dave 😀
Mr Dave played Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Soul (PSN) in the last 24 hours https://t.co/QGqgZy4roa #exophase
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Toxic Miscuelinity
@redsteeze But I bet the FBI wouldn't have retaliated with a bullshit investigation of her.
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
The Vibe FM
Dave Edmunds - I Hear You Knocking
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Doug Forsythe
Congratulations Andrew Forsythe! 145 lb. champion at the Dave Cohen Classic. Doug Forsythe's photo on Dave
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
Indian News
Dave Bautista joins the long line of Marvel superheores asking for standalone movies #news #politics #headlines #indianNews #india https://t.co/ZDC0HreOam
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
kathy mcgovran
@Seattle_Dave @KristySwansonXO Not everyone is nice, I’ll give you that, but maybe you could be the first to start being and others will follow...how bout that?
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
David M. Green 🧢
Don’t miss Sizzlefest next month at the Prahran Market with special comedy guest Dave Clacton. #sizzletown #sizzlefest David M. Green 🧢's photo on Dave
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Grave Hooligan
@Tama_Tonga Well it's got to sparkle like dave, maybe some hypnotic
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
@Kgskins26 I'm positive, positively sick and tired of our FO!
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
@Dave_Essler I thought the home teams on buys usually win divisional games is that not correct?
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
David Ames
Perhaps @theoldgreywolf was onto something. Horrible hands to face on 3rd down costs them a TD. ☹️ https://t.co/wvFsSOVyKv
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Lil Wayne WEEZY R JR
Is listening to "Lil Wayne ft Meek Mill & Dave East - Mesmorize" 🔥🎶🎶 https://t.co/8hK2JzoeI2
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
David Trucks
@DonaldJTrumpJr @SpeakerPelosi Where are you when your Dad is working for Russia, you're working for Russia too.
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @JesseBWatters @greggutfeld A clown interviewing a clown on FĀX News. Will be ever so valuable...
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Shit Poster
I punched myself because it touched Dave.
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Samuel Lim
Had the pleasure of visiting Champion Sportscards & Collectibles in Marrietta, GA today and picked up some incredible treasures. #NBA #SportsHistory #NewYorkForever 1988 Fleer Patrick Ewing 1972 Dave DeBusschere 1972 Phil Jackson Rookie https://t.co/ej6W82kyDY
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Amy R. Cohen
@Alanis wrote You Oughta Know about Dave Coulier. She then went on to get engaged to @VancityReynolds. I'll be just fine.
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
@dullantsy How is a person able to eat that, forget that it’s kind of gross, but rather how you’re able to fully eat something THAT big, I mean I get full from a double Dave combo at Wendy’s for Frig sake!
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Chris Montgomery
@Dave_Essler And Kentucky looks great! O-7 -1100 on the day
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Roseville Bantams B1
Player of the game Ian Culver shown with, apparently, his #1 fan Dave Scott. Roseville Bantams B1's photo on Dave
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Dave Walkerってネバセイダイの時に一瞬だけ加入した人だっけ
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
WBro Ezra McGowan of the Forget Me Not Trust receives £1000 from WM Dave Elly of Townfield De Tatton Lodge 2144 at his Ladies Evening to support the homeless in Manchester and local food banks. Just made the night even more special #fcheshirefreemasons CheshirePGL's photo on Dave
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Now playing on https://t.co/tKPjr6gj3L: Dave Anthony, Aleysha Lei Of HanLei, N'Dinga Gaba - I Feel For You (N’Dinga Gaba Remix)
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
waymore’s gnus
@wx_dave @RandBallsStu What. Dance isn’t hockey. (Lord I hope she eventually chooses swimming)
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Dave ❌🧢
Cowgirls are getting smoked 🤦🏽‍♂️
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
David Walker
@Jackeichel15 GET OVER IT!!! Don't go at someone's head!
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Patrick Phillips
@Chisportsnut @Dave_in_718 @NCSox @johnszim @SoxDiehard @RedsoxJen1 @JJensenRF This is a great picture...many famous names & easiest I’ve ever found Waldo... https://t.co/KTTqdnZiGX
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
“A stroke, he says, is bad” 😩 https://t.co/An0bYlGToi
13 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC

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