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Opinion | Voting rights and vaccines mandates would have threatened my ability to leave behind an America safe enough for my wife to grow up in By David Brooks
14 Jan, 03:24 AM UTC
David Roberts
I'm pretty convinced that David Brooks retired years ago and a David Brooks algorithm has been writing his tweets & columns ever since. https://t.co/KONaXbmCMb
14 Jan, 02:56 AM UTC
Voting rights aren't "leftist." This tweet is trash. David Brooks is trash. https://t.co/AUcQso0Bdm
14 Jan, 12:45 AM UTC
John Fugelsang
David Brooks tells the truth. In 2022, the act of caring about US Citizens' voting rights has become "leftish." https://t.co/TkHfbEvbM5
14 Jan, 04:51 AM UTC
Jason Overstreet
David Brooks telling Americans that protecting our right to vote is a “leftish agenda.” 🤡 https://t.co/HuyH6ujJ41
14 Jan, 01:28 AM UTC
Jeet Heer
1. "Reactionary centrism" is a bulls-eye description of a powerful political faction that is claims to be trying to save the Biden presidency but is actually working to capsize it: Manchin, Sinema, Friedman, David Brooks, many flying the "popularist" banner. https://t.co/cDs8DeR4K1
14 Jan, 03:37 PM UTC
New York Times Pitchbot
Opinion | Today is the day Mitt Romney truly became president. by David Brooks
14 Jan, 02:48 AM UTC
Mookie Wilson
David Brooks has both-sided America for years. He acts like he is flummoxed by how this could happen. He is a contributor. He’s the “sensible conservative” paving the path for the Oath Keepers. David Brooks is a gateway drug. #DavidBrooks #TrojanHorse https://t.co/f17BYDccxf
14 Jan, 03:30 AM UTC
This David Brooks column sure glides by the responsibility Trump and his followers hold for many of the American maladies he details. @Rschooley's photo on David Brooks
14 Jan, 03:32 AM UTC
Kevin E. McCarthy
@nytdavidbrooks Today is the day David Brooks should sit and learn something about people trying to level the playing field for everyone no matter how many people scream and carry on.
14 Jan, 01:05 AM UTC
David Brooks’ advice is to essentially have Biden be a Republican. That’s not what 81,000,000+ voters voted for. https://t.co/ueW0hE9taS
14 Jan, 03:13 AM UTC
Todd Cornish
Recipe for the death a nation/world. Listen to failed has-beens like David Brooks who helped orchestrate most of the crises we currently face. https://t.co/jR0ezo6bml
14 Jan, 01:12 AM UTC
Will Bunch
Today's David Brooks column -- which is actually a good overview of a national meltdown, but in which he's flummoxed over the causes -- not only goes nowhere near but never once mentions the word, "capitalism" https://t.co/LK629NNGzU
14 Jan, 12:16 PM UTC
Maybe our country is fractured because that's the only way Republicans can maintain power while not actually doing anything to improve people's lives. Or maybe it's just a big, fat mystery that cause David Brooks to chin stoke himself sore.
14 Jan, 03:38 AM UTC
Mike Rugnetta
Whenever these people crop up in public conversation, please consider how completely disconnected from common experience they are. This is not a mistake. David Brooks is in the position he is not because he is insightful or knowledgeable, but in many ways BECAUSE HE IS NOT.
14 Jan, 05:15 AM UTC
Susan Kay Kenney
@brianschatz Brooks takes dark money for saying this and doesn't disclose it. @NewsHour should've fire him but it didn't. https://t.co/yzrofvwAyL
14 Jan, 12:21 AM UTC
Derek End the Filibuster Cressman
David Brooks is having an identity crisis because he’s suddenly become aware that there are deep problems in America and no amount of mushy middle semi-conservative pundit pablum will possible save us. https://t.co/PylP5SVTzI
14 Jan, 04:29 AM UTC
Anoosh on the side of justice
America Is Falling Apart at the Seams Because Not Enough Americans Are Like Me by David Brooks “Why the hell aren’t more Americans like me? I don’t know. But remember the 1950s when more Americans were like me? We need to go back to that America. You know: centrist. Like me.” https://t.co/nNOWjHmVXa
14 Jan, 02:26 PM UTC
Dr Red Bison, PhD 💉 😷 🆘 🗽 🔥 🌎 🏳️‍🌈 ♀ ⚖️
Leave it to David Brooks to tell me things I already knew, many years after the fact. Anyone with critical thinking skills saw with 2010 Citizens United that USSC had codified the death of democracy and transition to full RW oligarchy. Brooks's decade of delay = elite privilege. https://t.co/u99voOMWWX
14 Jan, 05:27 AM UTC
Jonely Bonely
The way to be centrist enough for David Brooks is for Democrats to propose something sensible and necessary that everybody wants, have Republicans shoot it down, then everybody laugh and high five and go play golf together. https://t.co/GVAMXDnEjb
14 Jan, 02:25 AM UTC
David Brooks pretends not to know that our collective rot is the logical outcome of the unregulated, mean-spirited, selfish, Capitalism-Uber-Alles dogma that conservatives like him have championed for decades. https://t.co/VNoiccSuY1
14 Jan, 06:59 AM UTC
Jude Green
David Brooks is Falling Apart at the seams. https://t.co/XGjtkFxbta
14 Jan, 03:34 AM UTC
Devorah Blachor
Oh hey David Brooks. The answers are: 1. White, male rule 2. Lack of social safety nets (intricately connected to racism & misogyny) 3. Unregulated capitalism which created wealth gap & allowed corporate greed to trump human life Glad I could help! https://t.co/wt2chcPQZY https://t.co/H0lkGgc1LM
14 Jan, 07:22 AM UTC
THEE dr. emigre80
The thing that's most predictable about David Brooks is that he starts off saying "where did conservatism go wrong" and then decides the problem is that we're not conservative enough https://t.co/lvgPLeKuxd
14 Jan, 06:17 PM UTC
David Brooks https://t.co/ERqnlmTInm
14 Jan, 12:21 PM UTC
Bathsheba Dreams in Blue
The NYT hits a trifecta. Peter Baker slams Biden’s powers of persuasion to SCOTUS. David Brooks says Biden must abandon his “leftist” agenda. Ross Douthat claims an organized violent insurrection is not a civil war. (And if there is one, it’s the left’s fault). https://t.co/7cUYy9am0t
14 Jan, 05:56 PM UTC
Colleen Shelley
#WeWantVotingRights When do we want it? We want it now. Why can't we have nice things because weak GOP mouth pieces like David Brooks think it's "leftist", Sinema & Manchin think they are Neville Chamberlin and GOP leadership are fascist, racist, misogynistic trash. https://t.co/5wj5GfpEtF
14 Jan, 06:21 PM UTC
Rusty Egan
Buy tickets now - Gary's band [ @numanofficial ] 2 shows London and Bradford . Check them out I hope to have David Brooks and @clanvis and @ZaineGriffOffic in the future for some Visage @DJRustyEgan tunes. See you in London @DJRustyEgan on David Brooks">https://t.co/1yGQwR4icf... @DJRustyEgan's media on David Brooks">https://t.co/sIaJzF1ICA
14 Jan, 05:32 PM UTC
William Newton ن
I've now told Twitter 3 times in a row that I'm not interested in David Brooks' opinions about...well, anything. So naturally when I swipe down to refresh there he is again, like an old pet stain that won't go away.
14 Jan, 06:50 PM UTC
Kitten 💖🐈
David Brooks and his class resolutely refuse to notice that "bad behavior" has not been equally distributed across demographics "I couldn't figure it out," Books says He can't see the obvious connection between the racial reckoning and the ensuing crime wave, and he never will https://t.co/qcYaejXvup https://t.co/E1IthTJFZc
14 Jan, 06:51 PM UTC