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Sobervated Conor 🇮🇪
Jorge Masvidal vs Kamaru Usman 2 footage. @GamebredFighter #UFC #UFC259
01 Mar, 05:17 PM UTC
Dr. Serdar Çam
Geleneğini korumaya özen gösteren müezzinlerinizin ezanı hiç dinmesin. Karmaşık ve çok zor olan bir idare şekli olsa da (DAYTON ANLAŞMASI) devletiniz daim olsun,şartlarınız daha da iyileşsin normal ve sağlıklı bir yönetim şekliniz olsun inşallah. Bağımsızlık gününüz kutlu olsun.
01 Mar, 08:38 AM UTC
Random College Athletes
Alec Trautman Dayton, Linebacker 2017-2019
01 Mar, 12:41 PM UTC
Dayton Under 133 ✅💰🔥 Get used to seeing money emojis all month long. Team VIP is going to feast. Let’s get 400 likes/retweets for a free play.
02 Mar, 12:04 AM UTC
Ohio State Patrol
A trooper from the Dayton Post was struck while in his cruiser during a crash investigation. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries. The driver was cited for failure to move over for an emergency vehicle and a marked lanes violation. #MoveOver or Slow Down. #MoveOverMonday @OSHP's photo on Dayton
01 Mar, 04:25 PM UTC
David Jablonski
With that dunk by R.J. Blakney, off a pass from Jalen Crutcher, Dayton has 27 dunks this season. It had 147 last season.
01 Mar, 10:41 PM UTC
Jarren Benton
Catch me live in March - LINK IN BIO: March 24 - Iowa City, IA (Gabe’s) March 25 - Dayton, OH (Oddbody’s) March 26 - Indianapolis, IN (Emerson Theater) March 27 - Chicago, IL (WC Social Club) March 28 - Omaha, NE (Tequila Garage) March 29 - Quincy, IL (One: Special Event Venue) @JarrenBenton's photo on Dayton
01 Mar, 07:31 PM UTC
Tom Eggemeier
Blakney, Amzil, and Zimi had 4 of Dayton's 7 offensive rebounds. Really like this trio for next 3-4 years (remember this year is basically red shirt year for all of them, 4 years eligibility remaining). Zimi and Blakney have really come on strong.
02 Mar, 12:41 AM UTC
David Jablonski
Dayton knocks off A-10 champs in regular-season finale
02 Mar, 12:10 AM UTC
Chris Weaver
New Story: Fairmont Students Win State Club Hockey Title with Dayton Stealth
01 Mar, 05:55 PM UTC
The Gambling Tailor
Cash Dayton +8 for 20 units 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 6-1 on the day +91 units Join the fun #GamblingTwitter
02 Mar, 12:34 AM UTC
The Pick Specialists
3/1 #CBB Lean 🏀Dayton +8 BOL if you're tailing!
01 Mar, 09:40 PM UTC
#FreePlay 3/1 🏀CBB Dayton +7.5 -110 OKLAHOMA ST +3 -115 🏀NBA Portland -7.5 -105 💰🚂 #GamblingTwitter #CollegeBasketball
01 Mar, 09:23 PM UTC
The Bets Guy
Dayton +8 ✅ Love hitting the early game to start our night off right 💰✅💰
02 Mar, 12:03 AM UTC
Ball State Tennis
The Cardinals got another win over the IUPUI Jaguars today improving their spring record to 8-1. BSU will host Dayton on Thursday at 2 p.m. ET. [RECAP]
01 Mar, 11:56 PM UTC
David Jablonski
Dayton's Ibi Watson after beating the Bonnies: "It feels good. We’re just trying to build momentum going into the postseason. After losing our last game, we showed that we’re a bounce-back team.”
02 Mar, 12:39 AM UTC
Weekly awards continue today on the #A10VB 🚂... Player of the Week: @DaytonVB's Lexie Almodovar Def. Player: @DavidsonVB Bella Brady Rookie: @rhodyvball's Samantha Blahut 📰: @atlantic10's photo on Dayton
01 Mar, 10:35 PM UTC
Carly Smith
2021 is officially the 7th snowiest February on record for Dayton with 14.8 inches. It was also the coldest Feb in 6 years and the 24th coldest on record. I'm cold just thinking about it. #ohwx #daywx
02 Mar, 12:37 AM UTC
Clara Guerra
Hello everyone. I need your help spreading the word. March 8th will be the trial for the murderer of George Floyd. Saturday, March 6th, there will be a Rally in Dayton, OH for Justice for George Floyd and Justice for local families impacted by police brutality. #J4FloydJ4All
02 Mar, 12:42 AM UTC
Bracket 'the police are rioting' Forecast
But let's be real. VCU has brought an at-large quality team and given the rest of the A10 the chances for quality wins that come with it for 7 of their 9 seasons here. With the exception of Dayton, no one else has even been close. This conference is not helping VCU.
02 Mar, 12:16 AM UTC
My mentor is on a hot streak on his own. he just crushed that syracuse 1H Dayton 1H Marist under 1st Period under Hurricanes
02 Mar, 12:52 AM UTC
Under 4 minutes left in Richmond-Saint Joe's, with SJU up 64-61. If Richmond wins, the Bonnies will get the winner of Dayton vs. Duquesne. If Saint Joe's wins, they'll get the winner of Richmond vs. Duquesne.
02 Mar, 12:45 AM UTC
Shawn Harnish
There’s a kid at this bar/restaurant that is trying to tell me that every CBB game goes under. I’m to the point where I’ve turned my back at stopped looking at him He continues to rattle off the same 3 scores from today He has a $16 Parlay pays 2700 Umass ml,Dayton ml,St Joe’s ml
02 Mar, 12:26 AM UTC
CBB Recap🏀 St Joe’s 1H +8 (-130) 1u✅ Dayton +8 (-120) 1u✅ Umass +11 (-115) 1u✖️ 2-1 +.6 units 🔥 Started off the week and the month of March with profit in CBB! Only took underdogs today in honor of March Madness 😂😂 hope y’all enjoyed two outright winners🥱🥱
02 Mar, 12:58 AM UTC
Rachel Lenzi 😷
Quick gamer from St. Bonaventure -- on a somber day on campus, the Bonnies drop their regular-season finale to Dayton.
02 Mar, 12:09 AM UTC
Calvary Christian Athletics
Cougars win in the first round of the NKAC tournament against Dayton. Final 52-42.
02 Mar, 12:13 AM UTC
Michael David Savage
@dagreatest33 Anthony Grant - Current head coach at Dayton and Miami native
02 Mar, 12:52 AM UTC
Seamus Garrity
I live blocks from Dayton Heights. This is a world class thread.
02 Mar, 12:50 AM UTC
Matt Rhein
Dayton Flyers: Agent of Chaos
02 Mar, 12:47 AM UTC
VCU Papa🐏🖤💛🖤💛
What if a Dayton player tests positive, and by contact tracing both Dayton and Bona is out of the tournament. 😳
02 Mar, 12:42 AM UTC

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