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Push Square
Dead Space PS5 Remake Won't Have Microtransactions #EA #PS5 #DeadSpace @pushsquare's photo on Dead Space
23 Jul, 11:45 AM UTC
Horror Game Aesthetics
Dead Space Remake
24 Jul, 12:48 AM UTC
Game Informer
New Dead Space remake details revealed, including no loading screens, enhanced limb dismemberment, and EA's learning from past mistakes when it comes to microtransactions and the Dead Space franchise: @gameinformer's photo on Dead Space
23 Jul, 01:43 PM UTC
Dead Space
Take a zero-gravity dive into #DeadSpace with devs from @MotiveStudio in this exclusive @IGN interview.
23 Jul, 08:01 PM UTC
【閲覧注意】おついちの『Dead Space(デッドスペース)』【OTL】 @YouTubeより
24 Jul, 09:29 AM UTC
Maggie J Evans
EA has announced a Dead Space remake. That’s nice. Hey remember when EA forced both co-op and micro transactions into Dead Space 3 and then cancelled the series when that game didn’t meet their inflated expectations? Remember when Visceral Games still existed?
23 Jul, 01:15 PM UTC
Le remake de Dead Space n'aura aucune micro-transaction ! EA a indiqué avoir "appris de certaines erreurs". @JVCom's photo on Dead Space
24 Jul, 08:20 AM UTC
Terror Luca
#scumcast will be live Saturday at 7PM CST (8PM EST) where we will be discussing my hype for the Dead Space remake teaser and the Activision/Blizzard Allegations along with other gaming corpos being accused of encouraging weirdo behavior
23 Jul, 12:06 PM UTC
Hobby Consolas
Electronic Arts ha confirmado que Dead Space Remake no tendrá microtransacciones y tampoco pantallas de carga. @hobby_consolas's photo on Dead Space
24 Jul, 08:22 AM UTC
24 Jul, 06:09 AM UTC
supernerds gaming
🕹 gamer question for the day? 🕹 With us getting a dead space remake what other games would you like to see remade I’ll start id love to see soul reaver remade #gamerquestion #GamersUnite
24 Jul, 04:16 AM UTC
Video Game Remakes are RULING 🔥 Out ✅ Final Fantasy VII Remake ✅ Resident Evil 2 ✅ Resident Evil 3 ✅ Demon’s Souls Upcoming ✅ Dead Space ✅ Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Rumored ✅ Resident Evil 4 What other games do you wanna see remade? #PS5 #REBHFun #Gaming
23 Jul, 05:21 PM UTC
Heute gibt es Augen, Beine und Geschreie? auf dem Tisch! Denn um 14 Uhr werde ich und @KisuchenDE einige Viecher zerhaeckseln in Dead Space 3! 😏 #Vtuber #GERVtuber #VTuberUprising #ブラスライブ
24 Jul, 09:36 AM UTC
Ismael Marín
Con ganas de que anuncien la fecha oficial de lanzamiento del remake de Dead Space. El primero es de los survival más redondos de Ps3/X360.
24 Jul, 09:32 AM UTC
Hobby Consolas
La reacción del creador de Dead Space al anuncio del remake y la respuesta de EA Motive @hobby_consolas's photo on Dead Space
24 Jul, 09:47 AM UTC
【Dead Space】まさかの全施設禁止殴り縛り01【翻訳・解説付】withブロント デッドスペースで殴りだけで攻略するマジキチ縛り。本当頭おかしくて好き。復活記念にまた見返そう。
24 Jul, 09:37 AM UTC
Hashem Habibian
به نسل ریمیک‌ها خوش اومدین😂
24 Jul, 09:48 AM UTC
Thank you everyone who came to the stream yesterday!! I'll be streaming more Dead Space at 6pm GMT today!!
24 Jul, 09:47 AM UTC
Renzo Ciafardone
@michaelmalice Dead Space is all about atmosphere.
24 Jul, 09:50 AM UTC
@pushsquare Dead space 2 remake might
24 Jul, 09:49 AM UTC
Cross Platform Games
Blizzard lawsuit, Dead Space, Respawn, Dragon Age 4, and more | GB Decides 206
24 Jul, 09:48 AM UTC
24 Jul, 09:47 AM UTC
Alyx² 💉💉
HOW CAN DEAD SPACE 1 BE SO BROKEN? - The movement speed is tied to the framerate, the more frames you have, the slower you move - Mouse Speed is tied to the framerate, the more fps, the faster the mouse - Ragdolls are tied to the framerate... iont explain that one
24 Jul, 09:42 AM UTC
@LiaraLestrange No no, nada de remaster, es remake, hecho de 0 osea que podrían cambiar varias cosas, del primero espero que no, quiero que cambien a partir del 2 y sobretodo el 3 que fue bazofia por culpa de EA de querer convertirlo en un shooter, sea como sea, Dead space ha vuelto y to feliz😍
24 Jul, 09:41 AM UTC
@CalihanJohn @RedeemedBateman >not tryna start beef >deliberately goes into a dead space thread to say you don't like it >not tryna start beef you might be retarded not tryna start beef, that's just plain facts
24 Jul, 09:39 AM UTC
𝕺𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖌 | 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐢𝐬 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞
that being said the visuals in dead space are already incredible and i’m gassed to see the art direction with the graphics of frostbite. although idk if i’m gonna be able to handle photorealistic necromorphs lmao
24 Jul, 09:38 AM UTC
THM Magazine
Le remake de Dead Space d'accord... mais n'oubliez pas que tous les Dead Space sont à (re)jouer dès maintenant via le Xbox Game Pass hein 😇 N'est-ce-pas @XboxGamePassFR ? #DeadSpace #Xbox
24 Jul, 09:38 AM UTC
POKO A POKO(イツセ、Ithuse Mona)
【閲覧注意】おついちの『Dead Space(デッドスペース)』【OTL】 @YouTubeより
24 Jul, 09:38 AM UTC
𝕺𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖌 | 𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐢𝐬 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞
the last time i remember a third person shooter was made with frostbite was mass effect andromeda which god damn i hope we don’t get a repeat of that but with dead space
24 Jul, 09:36 AM UTC