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I don't know who I'm voting for yet in the primary, but I'm really not happy with the coverage of @ewarren today on @DeadlineWH - the panelists think she may have "an authenticity problem" in the general. Have they *seen* who she'd be running against? #DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:56 PM UTC
Deb 'Vote Blue No Matter Who' Vermaas
Farm-state Republican blasts Trump administration: 'They screwed us' https://t.co/E1G79Famf0 #deadlinewh #mtpdaily #thebeat #hardball
19 Aug, 08:30 PM UTC
#MSNBC #DeadLineWH Fact that ANYONE other than the “Moron In Chief’s” still talking bout Sen Warren’s ethnicity is ridiculous & only eggs Trump on to continue his racist rants. MEDIA NEEDS TO GET ITS SH#T TOGETHER AND STOP FEEDING THAT DISGUSTING BEAST BY AMPLIFYING HIS FILTH 😡
19 Aug, 08:32 PM UTC
Terry Grams
Who gives a shit if trump calls her names. With everything going on in this country you’re talking like this. WHERES NICOLE? I hate this show when she’s gone. #deadlinewh
19 Aug, 08:34 PM UTC
Seeker of the Truth
Oh please! Trump trying to cast Elizabeth Warren as unauthentic & not trustworthy is ridiculous! This coming from the man who spewed 10,000 lies in 2 years would truly be rich! #DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:35 PM UTC
When they vote low, we vote high
Why do white dudes like John Heilemann still believe trump knows what the hell he is doing? Does John honestly think trump knows a damn thing about how the Federal Reserve works? trump essentially gets his ideas from the comment sections of 8chan. #deadlinewh
19 Aug, 08:16 PM UTC
@LaurenBaratzL @ewarren @DeadlineWH I know! Trump is the most inauthentic person ever in office! He’s a con, a fraud, he lies about every aspect of his life! First in his class, worth $10 billion, fraudulent charity and university, it’s all lies! #deadlinewh #MTPDaily #msnbc
19 Aug, 09:02 PM UTC
Ashley 🌱🐝
On Mike Pompeo— “He’s like a heat seeking missile for Trump’s ass.” I cackled so loud in my office. 😂😂😂 #DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:48 PM UTC
#DeadlineWH This should be Warren's last apology. She has apologized to the people who needed to hear it. The last person she needs to reply to is Trump with his schoolyard bully taunts. Media should stop stoking this. Trump owes her an apology.
19 Aug, 08:27 PM UTC
Can we just be frank. A woman has to be perfect, no controversies or missteps at all, to even compete with a man on a world stage. Women aren’t allowed to have flaws. They’re hysterical, too kind hearted, unqualified. It’s unfair but reality. That said #Warren2020 #DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:34 PM UTC
The Lord Goddess Bey 💙🙏🏾🌎
Trump hasn’t even filled his current cabinet with senate confirmed people! He is incompetent and wants to be a dictator! #deadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:45 PM UTC
Authentic Upstream
@DeadlineWH @jheil Surprise: the “i alone can fix it” Trump blames everyone but himself for anything & everything... polling, economy, trade, income inequality, recession, infrastructure, white supremacy, gun control, climate change, swamp etc. #deadlinewh @NicolleDWallace @JonLemire @K_JeanPierre
19 Aug, 08:15 PM UTC
American 🇺🇸 Patriot
#MondayMood of #PromisesMadePromisesKept Leads To #Trump2020LandslideVictory 👏👏👏 #DeadlineWH @POTUS 51% Poll Rating👏👏👏 https://t.co/HURqLesKN7
19 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
#DeadlineWH Further, she agreed with Bernie Sanders that the DNC "rigged" the 2016 contest for HRC. I will never forget that. Still further, she is NOT the only candidate with "plans", tho that is a catchy sound bite for her. I do NOT think she is authentic.
19 Aug, 08:33 PM UTC
Yvonne Smith
No @BillKristol! In 2016 it WAS outrageous to expect Trump to change & become Presidential. He unabashedly showed us who he was. Only privileged white folks had the luxury of ignoring their instincts & giving Trump the benefit of the doubt as they did for Bill Barr.#DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:49 PM UTC
Anita Murie
Trump sounds very scared of Elizabeth #Warren. He should be. #DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:49 PM UTC
It’s no coincidence Noah Rothman pops up whenever Steve Kornacki is hosting #MTPDaily or #DeadlineWH.
19 Aug, 09:15 PM UTC
Annette Fields
@NancyCarol56 Thank you. They treated mass shooters better. Even took one of them to Burger King because he was hungry. WTAF? #DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 09:00 PM UTC
Deb 'Vote Blue No Matter Who' Vermaas
Trump's simply too repugnant for most Americans to rally around, even in a crisis https://t.co/YMPTxlf0e3 #deadlinewh #mtpdaily #thebeat #hardball
19 Aug, 08:25 PM UTC
JAMES #TreasonousTrump #TRE45ON #RedactedJames
I WANNA PULL MY FUKIN HAIR OUT BY THE ROOTS when I hear @JonLemire & others says " @realDonaldTrump 's RACISM NOW" like Trump is more egregious NOW than he was before in his racism. #DeadlineWH #MSNBC
19 Aug, 08:47 PM UTC
@wolfiemouse @K_JeanPierre @MSNBC Great idea. Our weekdays could improve exponentially if Karine had a show M-F right after #DeadlineWH. Leave Chuck Todd to Meet The Press on the weekends if he must have a show.
19 Aug, 09:17 PM UTC
#deadlinewh ... and then there is this too #BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/gxlhhCknL9
19 Aug, 08:55 PM UTC
Nancy farzad
A man lost his life for selling loose cigarettes. SELLING LOOSE CIGARETTES!! EXCESSIVE FORCE! #DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:57 PM UTC
Terry Grams
@jheil instead of talking about stupid shit you need to be talking about things like this. Grow up or get off! #deadlinewh https://t.co/vJYBCBKRnn
19 Aug, 08:41 PM UTC
Finally, a @jheil I can synchronize my watch to! Everyday this week on @DeadlineWH. Love @NicolleDWallace, but a week of Heilemann offers a week of unexpected surprises, humor and the unique perspective & brutal honesty I love from John. #deadlinewh #msnbc
19 Aug, 09:45 PM UTC
#Brokeahontas is back using the racial slurs against Liz Warrren. Trump lost $1 billion over 10 years. So much for Trump’s brand as a savvy, self-made business leader. #deadlinewh https://t.co/yq9fdYRjhT
19 Aug, 08:38 PM UTC
We’re police called to the Eric Gardner site because of him supposedly selling cigarettes? Wasn’t there a fight he was trying to break up that was the cause? Was there any indication that he was selling cigarettes? @mayawiley #msnbc #DeadlineWH
19 Aug, 08:57 PM UTC
JAMES #TreasonousTrump #TRE45ON #RedactedJames
Lmaoooooooooo Hahahahahahahaha 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 @SecPompeo is an obsequious, sycophantic, heat seeking missile for @realDonaldTrump 's ASS. #KissAss #BrownNoser #DeadlineWH #MSNBC
19 Aug, 08:50 PM UTC
Scaramucci wants a tv show like @DonnyDeutsch got. #deadlinewh
19 Aug, 08:47 PM UTC