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I think I’ll do a super long episode of Dear Nero for the 9 year anniversary of the channel. Leave your questions below using #DearNero, I’ll try to include as many as possible in the video
29 Jun, 10:44 PM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero — going back 9 years, did you ever see yourself getting to where you are now?
29 Jun, 10:49 PM UTC
I Talk Blaze
@NerosCinema #DearNero Did you ever think talking about your favorite game franchise would land you where you are now after 9 years of being on YouTube? Been a fan since MW3. Keep up the great content!
29 Jun, 10:45 PM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero Do you miss Dear Nero as a weekly series? I do!
29 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC
@NerosCinema Have you EVER been invited to an official Call of Duty event ? #DearNero
29 Jun, 10:47 PM UTC
DJ Cook (825k)
@NerosCinema #DearNero —— What are the most important things you want to accomplish in your life? Any places you want to go, food you want to try, things you want to do? Stuff like that.
29 Jun, 11:38 PM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero if I use the MP5 in MW do you think the Seattle Surge will notice me?
29 Jun, 10:59 PM UTC
Deeper Jungle 🚀
@NerosCinema #DearNero, if you could remaster ANY past Call of Duty title, which one would it be and why? 😊 (P.S. 'been watching your channel since 2014, and you inspired me to create my own channel the following year, also congrats on 9 years!)
29 Jun, 10:57 PM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero What is the one thing Activision could do wrong that would cause you to quit playing new Call of Duty's for good?
29 Jun, 10:48 PM UTC
💜 cat kitty 💜
@NerosCinema #DearNero have you ever thought of playing siege or apex legends on the channel? They seem like things that could produce more content until CoD 2020! Been a super long fan of yours and always love the videos c:
29 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC
Grant Chatterton
@NerosCinema #DearNero Do you like Green Day??
30 Jun, 12:27 AM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero People are always asking why I so good! Autonomy is an illusion!
30 Jun, 12:26 AM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero is MW the worst call of duty of all time? What do you not like about it?
30 Jun, 12:19 AM UTC
Window Walter
What values are most important to you? #DearNero 06-29-2020 • 20:15:12 https://t.co/lp1BKmAUxD
30 Jun, 12:15 AM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero, what did you mean when u said youd have played infinite warfare if it wasn't titled under the cod name,
30 Jun, 12:14 AM UTC
Window Walter
What were you completely certain of until you found out you were wrong? #DearNero 06-29-2020 • 20:09:04 https://t.co/rfasg3UBCZ
30 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero, if COD wasnt your thing, what other games would you make youtube videos on??
30 Jun, 12:04 AM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero congrats on the nine years. I miss the series, my favorite one was the Christmas one you did a while back while playing custom zombies. #superfan but my question is on the whole ordeal at activison, should they keep sledgehammer in rotation or go back to the old cycle?
30 Jun, 12:03 AM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero Where do you work now?
29 Jun, 11:57 PM UTC
Roberto Lenin
@NerosCinema #DearNero thanks for being honest for years, Cod is evolving next Treyarchs game is gonna be great
29 Jun, 11:53 PM UTC
Kaleb Lowery
@NerosCinema #DearNero Do you think YouTube is slowly dying or will continue to remain strong for years to come?
29 Jun, 11:53 PM UTC
Nate Schlueb
@NerosCinema #DearNero do you miss YouTube as much after getting a "real job?" Or are you still pretty well in the loop on things?
29 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero Do you think raven software should be given a shot for a stand-alone CoD title?
29 Jun, 11:48 PM UTC
@NerosCinema Do you think CoD will ever be as good as it was back in the day? #DearNero
29 Jun, 11:47 PM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero Are you circumcised?
29 Jun, 11:47 PM UTC
Robert Rasey
@NerosCinema #DearNero if zombies comeback for cod 2020 what would you like to see
29 Jun, 11:41 PM UTC
Elmer Hernandez
@NerosCinema #DearNero what inspired you to do YouTube in the first place. Do you do anything else besides YT
29 Jun, 11:39 PM UTC
The Hopeful Crab
@NerosCinema #DearNero how much has your life improved since quitting smoking (if it has) and how has it affected your YouTube career?
29 Jun, 11:38 PM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero While you have primarily been a "Call of Duty channel", do you ever see yourself growing out of that label and leaving CoD entirely? I haven't kept up with gaming at college, but I still watch your videos after all this time. Here's to nine years!! -Zach from Ohio.
29 Jun, 11:28 PM UTC
@NerosCinema #DearNero do you play Destiny? If not would you consider playing it especially since it's free to play now
29 Jun, 11:27 PM UTC

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