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ringo △ 🍎
blazer shima rin ~💙 #ゆるキャンΔ ⛺️クリック推奨 ~ full view for a small surprise!
03 Aug, 03:00 AM UTC
This track has been a beautiful release of emotions for me during this time. Such a pleasure to work with you @BurnaBoy. @samsmith's photo on Debbie
02 Aug, 06:45 PM UTC
Daily Mail Online
Finland's prime minister Sanna Marin marries her partner of 16 years Markus Raikkonen
02 Aug, 02:02 PM UTC
I had this idea running through my mind for a while, so I did what I had to and I illustrated it #danganronpa #art #meme #fanart #digitalart #kokichi #kiibo #comic
02 Aug, 06:48 PM UTC
Erin K
The devil works hard but Debbie works harder #90DayFiance @Ms_Kelly888's photo on Debbie
03 Aug, 01:00 AM UTC
Roger Kumble
So many of you requested, so here's Debbie's reaction to the @aftermovie trailer. It was made out of love for the greatest, most patient fandom in the world, who deserve some silliness during these CoVid times.
03 Aug, 05:01 AM UTC
Peter Andre
My beautiful sister Debbie. Happy Birthday 🥳 Nothing in life is stronger than family. I miss you and mum and dad so much and wish I was in Oz with you to celebrate. Be happy and love to all:)))) #australia #family 🇦🇺 🇨🇾 🇬🇧 @MrPeterAndre's photo on Debbie
02 Aug, 09:33 AM UTC
Kay Yu
oh snap sneak preview of my next hololive simping animation, full color animated wallpaper edition (deleting this tweet later)
03 Aug, 05:41 AM UTC
Puddy Tat
I want to get this trending so that Dan knows Victorians are behind him. #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan #IStandWithDan Pls RT
02 Aug, 08:55 AM UTC
some immaculate fibers
Debbie after making Jess angry #90DayFiance
03 Aug, 01:05 AM UTC
Debbie is not gonna let Jess take her man #90DayFiance
03 Aug, 01:03 AM UTC
kaylie 🌱
Ang cute 🥺 Debbie and Naddie
03 Aug, 02:07 AM UTC
Corbin Jackson
Debbie dialing 911 once they land in America to get Jess deported so Colt can’t marry her. #90DayFiance #90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter #90DayFiancePillowTalk
03 Aug, 12:29 AM UTC
Bill Bowtell AO
Numbers do not lie. Strategies formulated at beginning of this and followed by Australian government (but not NZ) have not worked well and in Victoria resulted in lockdown 2. Why keep implementing policies heading us in the wrong direction? Change policies, change outcomes.
03 Aug, 01:15 AM UTC
May mga tao nga nmn talaga🤦🏻‍♀️ buti nalang good vibes tong si debbie😅❤️
03 Aug, 05:08 AM UTC
Mark Harris
This dance number from Give a Girl a Break (1953) is insane and a great stunt. I still can't process Debbie Reynolds and Bob Fosse in the same universe.
02 Aug, 09:19 PM UTC
Ignoble Jim Houghton
If you want to know just how much influence Murdoch and IPA have over our government, look here. via @theage
03 Aug, 12:02 AM UTC
Thomas Nguyen
The transparency of Dan Andrews' offer of detailed briefings to media is quite groundbreaking (and appropriate!). #stage4lockdown
03 Aug, 05:34 AM UTC
Debbie starts work on Wednesday 🥴 who can help her?
03 Aug, 03:40 AM UTC
Debbie is the real MVP #Pillowtalk #90DayFiance
03 Aug, 03:32 AM UTC
Royal Stein 💫
Debbie Does WestWorld
02 Aug, 06:03 PM UTC
Sharon Godbolt
#90DayFianceHappilyEverAfter Tania does not like Syngin being happy at all. What a fu*kin Debbie Downer..
03 Aug, 05:48 AM UTC
Debbie is MESSYYYY #90DayFiance
03 Aug, 05:50 AM UTC
Jelly Bean 🤠
@DrRonBaumann @northway_debbie @ScottMorrisonMP Yup, they have cut funding of @abcnews. So it can't do much coverage like the last time. @newscorpaus will play it's part by denying that there are any bushfires, if someone see any smoke den that's just liberals having barbecue. So all planned. #newscorpviru #AuspolSoCorrupt
03 Aug, 05:52 AM UTC
debbie ryan
Las chavas que pasan diciendo que los hombres son una mierda cuando entre chavas somos una mierda.
03 Aug, 05:57 AM UTC
Gun Club Music
#GoodMorning Stiv Bators and Debbie Harry #MondayMorning
03 Aug, 05:57 AM UTC
@TimSmithMP is covered in blood #IStandWithDan
03 Aug, 05:41 AM UTC

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