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Statman Dave
Declan Rice’s first half by numbers vs. Germany: 100% long balls completed 100% dribbles completed 94% pass accuracy 5/5 ground duels won 4/4 tackles won 1 interception Impressive defensive display. 🍚 @StatmanDave's photo on Declan Rice
26 Sep, 07:38 PM UTC
Dan Woffenden
Declan Rice’s first half by numbers vs. Germany: 100% ground duels won (5/5) 100% long passes completed 94.1% pass accuracy 7 recoveries 2/4 tackles won Superb. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 https://t.co/MiQ9Hn6NJM
26 Sep, 07:38 PM UTC
Hawa vijana ya England like Declan Rice mii huona ni overrated... Kimmich is so good buanaa...
26 Sep, 07:40 PM UTC
Dan Woffenden
Declan Rice’s game by numbers vs. Germany: 95.1% pass accuracy 61 total touches 13 ball recoveries 7/10 ground duels won 2/3 long passes completed 2 interceptions 0x dribbled past Class. 👏🏼 https://t.co/tgKFFxWO47
26 Sep, 08:44 PM UTC
Alexis’ Kavkas View 🇦🇿🇬🇪
Declan Rice & Mason Mount are pure passion merchants 🤣 This is friendly basically and they are flying into tackles
26 Sep, 08:24 PM UTC
Colin Shortall*🇮🇪
Declan Rice belting out God save the King, make ya vomit, turncoat bastard!! #ENGGER
26 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC
Austine Woode
Ramsdale Reece James Shaw Stones White Declan Rice Bellingham Mount Sterling Saka Kane Southgate should experiment with this and prepare for Qatar
26 Sep, 08:38 PM UTC
Dallington Asingwire
The midfield of Jude Bellingham and Declan Rice is 🔥🔥🔥 But what a player Jude Bellingham is!
26 Sep, 08:27 PM UTC
ronan fagan
someone please explain to Brian Kerr that Declan Rice is a defensive midfielder - his job is not to spray 50/60 yard passes but essentially break up the play and start possession transition..
26 Sep, 08:36 PM UTC
lewis wood
Declan Rice and Jude Bellingham in England’s centre midfield for the next 10 years 😍😍😍
26 Sep, 08:30 PM UTC
John Gotti
Which 1 out of United or Chelsea will be conned into buying Declan Rice?
26 Sep, 08:03 PM UTC
I'm KHALIL🇸🇳⭐️
Declan Rice il joue tous les matchs avec l’Angleterre et tous les matchs avec West Ham quel joueur🤌🏾🔥
26 Sep, 08:37 PM UTC
kleiner chiller
@BrdsLikeJulio declan rice nur als stürmer
26 Sep, 08:36 PM UTC
Tamacti Jun
Shun, Declan Rice na baller
26 Sep, 08:26 PM UTC
Gary Smith
I don’t get the hype about Declan rice..good player,that’s about it..nothing special
26 Sep, 08:41 PM UTC
Can the Declan rice lovers tell me something he’s good at. Looks as basic as you can get as a cm
26 Sep, 08:40 PM UTC
Olha @cornetaeuropa ;se o Declan Rice tivesse nascido em Lavras/MG,ele estaria trabalhando como auxiliar administrativo numa transportadora.
26 Sep, 07:40 PM UTC
it's Nambala🇳🇦
Declan Rice yoh guys ♨️♨️♨️♨️
26 Sep, 08:28 PM UTC
Dexter Jokes
If Thomas Muller shoots and it deflects off Declan Rice over the bar...would it be a Muller Rice corner?? 😁 #ENGGER
26 Sep, 08:26 PM UTC
Maguire will eventually send England to trenches, kudos to Havertz, Reece James, Mason Mount, Declan Rice and Saka.
26 Sep, 08:27 PM UTC
Paul Robbo
@KopAce74 @MarkBu15091985 Said there Declan rice would be great for us some engine on him mate
26 Sep, 08:26 PM UTC
declan rice does it for the badge i love it
26 Sep, 08:24 PM UTC
declan rice and kai widdrington https://t.co/dVDatAf4dI
26 Sep, 08:44 PM UTC
Matheus Belato
Declan Rice não amarra a chuteira dos mlks brasileiros, André, João Gomes e Danilo, se tivesse nascido no RJ era motorista de Uber é só ter um nome inglês que fica mais fácil se exaltado @cornetaeuropa
26 Sep, 08:40 PM UTC
MOTM #ENGGER is between Declan Rice and Musaila 🔥
26 Sep, 08:33 PM UTC
Alan Donnachie
@TommyQ81 If they win 4 - 2 it’ll mirror the ‘66 World Cup Final… the players will all get Knighthoods..apart from Declan Rice… he’s Irish….
26 Sep, 08:32 PM UTC
owen 🌙
Et ça veux faire passer declan rice pour un joueur lambda…
26 Sep, 08:31 PM UTC
They got Declan Rice wearing number 7
26 Sep, 08:29 PM UTC
Declan Rice moves me
26 Sep, 08:29 PM UTC
Murtala Mohammed
So this is Declan Rice, English media want to sell for 100M plus 😂😂😂😂😂... England and their overhyped players #ENGGER
26 Sep, 08:27 PM UTC