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Destiny 2
The Deep Stone Crypt awaits. Good luck on the Race to World First, Guardians. @DestinyTheGame's photo on Deep Stone Crypt
21 Nov, 06:02 PM UTC
DestinyTracker 🚀❄️
Reminder: Deep Stone Crypt launches today! 10AM PT / 1PM PT 🔺Contest Mode will cap all players at 20 Power below 🔺Artifact Power will be disabled 🔺1230 Power is the cap during Contest Mode 🔺1230+ will not provide any advantage in the final fight @destinytrack's photo on Deep Stone Crypt
21 Nov, 01:21 PM UTC
DestinyTracker 🚀❄️
Deep Stone Crypt is LIVE! Raid Race begins. Good luck! @destinytrack's photo on Deep Stone Crypt
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
🟢 LIVE NOW Redeem World First Raid Race - Deep Stone Crypt! Today is the DAY! @Gladd's photo on Deep Stone Crypt
21 Nov, 03:43 PM UTC
Tom Warren
Destiny 2's new Deep Stone Crypt raid pulling in some seriously big views on Twitch right now. Raids are Bungie at its best @tomwarren's photo on Deep Stone Crypt
21 Nov, 06:25 PM UTC
Evan today taking notes for his Deep Stone Crypt raid video. @evanf1997
21 Nov, 05:03 PM UTC
Eliksni Go: OowoO
@DestinyTheGame Exo Guardians when they finish the Deep Stone Crypt see this instead of the normal pop up
21 Nov, 06:06 PM UTC
Windows Central Gaming
The Deep Stone Crypt raid is now available in #Destiny2 to all owners of the #BeyondLight expansion! Get in there, Guardians!
21 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
Comic Book Resources
#Destiny 2: Exploring the Deep Stone Crypt @CBR's photo on Deep Stone Crypt
21 Nov, 07:54 PM UTC
Anyone else watching deep stone crypt worlds first race in destiny 2? Who’s got the best perspective so far
21 Nov, 07:43 PM UTC
We're 2 hours into the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt raid. How far have we gotten? Join to find out. @DestinLegarie's photo on Deep Stone Crypt
21 Nov, 08:00 PM UTC
Destiny Raid Report
We are not seeing Deep Stone Crypt data from Bungie yet. If you have loaded into the raid and orbited, please respond with a link to your page. Thank you
21 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC
Maddie ❄️
Destiny 2: Deep Stone Crypt Day 1 attempt with the Elusivity clan
21 Nov, 05:58 PM UTC
aza ☾ commissions
21 Nov, 07:42 PM UTC
God the Deep Stone Crypt looks so cool, raid team really stepped it up for this one.
21 Nov, 07:32 PM UTC
OnR | Shyphlosion
ATTENTION, CREAKYVERSE DENIZENS it's raid race day >:3 IN AN HOUR WE DO FINAL PREP FOR WORLD'S FIRST FOR DEEP STONE CRYPT I'M RUNNING WITH @ItsKBAlpha, @LunarOnyx_, @Ventras_, @shadow_ragnarok (OreoMVP) AND @FireFloofJax for the bid for World's First! COME CHEER US ON :D
21 Nov, 03:51 PM UTC
neopets girl online
absolutely losing my mind at deep stone crypt can’t even remember eating chipotle thank god i have terminal adhd to process 12 peoples voices at once
21 Nov, 07:46 PM UTC
Black Label
Today is the day! Deep Stone Crypt raid day! I'm live right now and for the whole thing, and I can't wait to see what Bungie has done for us this time!
21 Nov, 03:06 PM UTC
Black lives still matter!
Hey friends of my streams and destiny players alike! We will be live in 30 minutes to do Day 1 DEep Stone Crypt Come watch at
21 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
Destiny 2 ANZ
Good luck today ANZ raiders! Show us how you're representing ANZ in Deep Stone Crypt today by using #TeamFANZ. The first 30 ANZ raiders who complete the raid will receive an exclusive commemorative t-shirt! Registration your completion here:
21 Nov, 08:00 PM UTC
Syrup 🥞
My friend Gurns is streaming our Deep Stone Crypt day one raid experience here. Come hang out!
21 Nov, 07:12 PM UTC
deep stone crypt really rocks!
21 Nov, 07:41 PM UTC
Maddie ❄️
First encounter of Deep Stone Crypt is really fucking cool
21 Nov, 07:39 PM UTC
DEEP STONE CRYPT IS LIVE! Join me and the team as we try and figure out wtf we're supposed to do... #twitch #gaming #gamer #twitchstreamer #streamer #twitchaffiliate #twitchtv #videogames #pc #stream #streaming #Destiny2 #DeepStoneCrypt #raid
21 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
Liliana Lisbeth Rivas (English VTuber)
stream is live, starting in four minute. Destiny 2. checking out the Deep Stone Crypt
21 Nov, 06:56 PM UTC
Traveling Beebop🐜
RARE STREAM ALERT! OTMU is Attempting the Deep Stone Crypt Come check us out @RIPWAVESGOD @ch0senking
21 Nov, 06:40 PM UTC
Dallas - Playing Trails of Cold Steel 4
Raid Day! Deep Stone Crypt! !freebits !newemote !prime
21 Nov, 04:45 PM UTC
Streaming Deep Stone Crypt RAID today. Might do 24 hour stream. 💀
21 Nov, 04:55 PM UTC

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