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Mac Coughlin
Blessed to have earned my first FCS football offer from Marist College. #DefendTheDen @CoachParady @Marist_Football https://t.co/eFjbrrLVFw
16 Jan, 11:35 PM UTC
Let me see the best team in the state‼️🗣 What’s that you say?? THAT’S RIGHT BABY, CHAP IS BACK ON TOP😤🔛🔝After a crushing 66-48 victory against the team formerly known as 1st in state, Your Boys are back in their rightful place😈💪 The crowd was HYPE tonight!🤩🙌 #DEFENDTHEDEN CHAP RED BLUE CREW's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 05:52 AM UTC
Um... sorry to say this but I think you mixed up #1 and #2 😬🤷‍♂️ #DefendTheDen https://t.co/tZIDTy7BnS
16 Jan, 05:37 AM UTC
Moncton Wildcats
🚨GOAL | BUT🚨 Dylan Seitz, 3-0 Wildcats 🍏 - Adam Capannelli 🍎 - Jacob Hudson ⏰ - 5:03 #DefendTheDen #GoCatsGo Moncton Wildcats's photo on #defendtheden
17 Jan, 12:07 AM UTC
John Morrison
Always excited to see #WildWillie . Especially excited for the @monctonwildcats game tonight ! #gocatsgo #DefendTheDen John Morrison's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 10:28 PM UTC
The Motorleague
Everyone has that one friend. 1-0 @monctonwildcats #defendtheden The Motorleague's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 11:17 PM UTC
Moncton Wildcats
Tonight’s lineup vs. Cape Breton. Alignement contre les Screaming Eagles. Pelletier - Cyr - Pataki Giguère - Khovanov - McKenna Seitz - Capannelli - Hudson Foreman - Desnoyers - King Aspirot - Spence Anttalainen - Sylvestre Huntley - DeJong Leclerc Lavallée #DefendTheDen
16 Jan, 10:36 PM UTC
NoVa Caps
Minor disagreement between Tyler Lewington and Devil's Brandon Baddock. Still scoreless with 4:49 left in middle frame. #HBH #DefendTheDen NoVa Caps's photo on #defendtheden
17 Jan, 01:20 AM UTC
Moncton Wildcats
🚨GOAL | BUT🚨 Jakob Pelletier, 1-0 Wildcats 🍏 - Jordan Spence 🍎 - Brady Pataki ⏰ - 6:00 #DefendTheDen #GoCatsGo Moncton Wildcats's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 11:18 PM UTC
Moncton Wildcats
Wildcats defeat @CBSEHockey 4-3 at the @AvenirCentre. Victoire des Wildcats 4-3 contre les Screaming Eagles. 🚨 - Pelletier | Seitz | Sylvestre | Giguère 🍏 - McKenna | Khovanov | Spence | Pataki | Capannelli | Hudson Shots | Lancers ➡️ 31-25 CB #DefendTheDen #GoCatsGo Moncton Wildcats's photo on #defendtheden
17 Jan, 01:29 AM UTC
Moncton Wildcats
Here's a look at Pelts tip in on the point shot from Spence to give the Cats a 1-0 lead after the opening 20 minutes. #DefendTheDen Moncton Wildcats's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 11:56 PM UTC
Neil Hodge
The @monctonwildcats will play their 1st game under new head coach John Torchetti on Wednesday night at the @AvenirCentre . Here's a preview. @GGreenMachine @PQMiramichi @Eags37 @MrCDobson @JennerRyan #defendtheden https://t.co/6LLV8u4X8D
16 Jan, 03:54 PM UTC
🎙Moncton Wildcast 🎧
Tonight’s lineup vs. Eagles Pelts-Cyr-Pataki Giggy-Khovanov-McKenna Seitzy-Cap-Huddy Foreman-Desnoyers-King Aspirot-Spence Antty-Sly Hunts-DeJong Frank in 🥅 #DefendTheDen #Moncton #MonctonWildcats #QMJHL #DefendTheDen #BeatEagles 🎙Moncton Wildcast 🎧's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 10:40 PM UTC
Moncton Wildcats
Just under 4 hours to puck drop at the @AvenirCentre. #5 @CBSEHockey vs #6 Wildcats. Both teams with 55 points. Buy your tickets online, save money & avoid box office lineups: https://t.co/UGXShoqL2M #DefendTheDen #BuyOnline Moncton Wildcats's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 07:13 PM UTC
Parkside Rangers
Parkside Preview time!! Get up to date with everything in Ranger Athletics right here! Big weekends for @UWPMBB, @RangersWBB and @PsideWrestling. Home event for @ParksideTFXC on Friday! #DefendTheDen https://t.co/K3TqVlnZVJ
16 Jan, 10:18 PM UTC
Emmanuel Lions Hoops
🚨It’s GAMEDAY🚨Big conference-rival game tonight as your Lions take on @SWUWarriors ❗️Your Lions are looking to push their streak to 7 wins in a row‼️ #DEFENDTHEDEN #LIONPRIDE ⏰: 7:30pm 🎥: https://t.co/WWlHEKXFic
16 Jan, 06:28 PM UTC
Got no plans tonight? We’ve got you covered!! Come show your support for @Chap_Wrestling as they take on Highlands Ranch at 6:30‼️💪 This is their last hole duel of the year and we need you there🙌🤼‍♂️ #DefendTheDen CHAP RED BLUE CREW's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 11:18 PM UTC
Tim Roszell
GAME DAY! Your @monctonwildcats host @CBSEHockey @AvenirCentre! Catch my call on 105.1 #HarvestersFM #CITA pregame 6:45p #DefendTheDen Tim Roszell's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 07:30 PM UTC
Gordon J. Milliard
We're ready for another @monctonwildcats win. Welcome back Torch. Go Cats Go!!!!! #DefendTheDen Gordon J. Milliard's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Puck 'Er Up - A Hockey Podcast
Fisty McFisticuffs! WE STAN. #DefendTheDen https://t.co/1ZMSu7vS2B
17 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC
Charlotte Flewelling
Welcome back Coach Torch @monctonwildcats tonight is a good night to #DefendTheDen Charlotte Flewelling's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 10:47 PM UTC
Tim Roszell
Join me on @monctonwildcats Instagram at 6:25p for a LIVE preview of tonight's game vs. @CBSEHockey! #DefendTheDen Tim Roszell's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 10:07 PM UTC
Wildcat Nation
HOME WRESTLING MEET TOMORROW NIGHT (1/17)‼️🚨 Let’s get people to come out and support the wrestlers in the Wildcat Den🐾 Wear blue and gold💙💛 #GoCats #DefendTheDen
17 Jan, 01:40 AM UTC
Brent Daborn
Here @AvenirCentre getting ready for Head coach John To make his @monctonwildcats 1st game as our @monctonwildcats head coach @IamBryanO come on Moncton I want you loud because @monctonwildcats are gonna take to the ice in a few minutes #DefendTheDen
16 Jan, 10:58 PM UTC
🎙Moncton Wildcast 🎧
GAMEDAY! Less then 2 hrs away from the Torchetti Era! This a big 4pt game vs the Eagles tonight, Wildcats look to keep up the up winnings ways as they begin 3 games in 4 nights! #Moncton #MonctonWildcats #QMJHL #DefendTheDen #BeatEagles 🎙Moncton Wildcast 🎧's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 09:31 PM UTC
🎙Moncton Wildcast 🎧
Warmups are done, Anthems are sung...It’s TIIIIIME!! #Moncton #MonctonWildcats #QMJHL #DefendTheDen #BeatEagles 🎙Moncton Wildcast 🎧's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 11:40 PM UTC
Scott Carroll
First Wild Cats game! #DefendTheDen Scott Carroll's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Tonight's jersey to watch the cats #DefendTheDen and #Torch the eagles and #Getjiggywithit #NoJerseyTwice #CollectTheBest Chappy's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 09:36 PM UTC
Molloy Lions
@MolloyWBB Edged by UDC, 75-70 #DefendTheDen https://t.co/rFaWYpRXG9
17 Jan, 12:59 AM UTC
🎙Moncton Wildcast 🎧
After 40, the Cats are up 3-2 but let’s be honest its a worrisome lead..Cats were in their heals as the Eagles are coming! Look for a strong push from the Cats in final 20 to get the W #Moncton #MonctonWildcats #QMJHL #DefendTheDen #BeatEagles 🎙Moncton Wildcast 🎧's photo on #defendtheden
17 Jan, 12:50 AM UTC
Alex Simpson
#DefendTheDen #gocatsgo Alex Simpson's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 10:47 PM UTC
Wayne W Toole
@monctonwildcats first game to welcome Coach Torchetti. Make us proud. #DefendTheDen Wayne W Toole's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 10:40 PM UTC
dave dupuis
@monctonwildcats here to watch John take his first game tonight behind wildcats bench for first time in 12 years good luck boys #DefendTheDen go cats go
16 Jan, 10:30 PM UTC
#DefendTheDen. Go cats Go
16 Jan, 10:16 PM UTC
16 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
@monctonwildcats Section 103, Row 6 seat 14 #Defendtheden
16 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
It’s Game Day! #defendtheden leonlionsbasketball's photo on #defendtheden
16 Jan, 08:48 PM UTC

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