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Texas Rangers
Good morning, Jacob deGrom is a Ranger.
03 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC
Steve Gelbs
It’s weird seeing people downplay deGrom’s accomplishments & legacy as a Met. At his apex, he was the greatest pitcher I’ve ever seen. He won ROY, Cy Youngs & was nails in the ‘15 playoffs. It’s ok to think the Mets will be fine, while still acknowledging his monstrous impact.
03 Dec, 03:45 PM UTC
SNY Mets
What do you think Jacob deGrom's Mets legacy will be? @SNY_Mets's photo on DeGrom
03 Dec, 02:00 PM UTC
Mike Puma
After Buck Showalter was named Manager of the Year recently, he received a heartfelt message from Jacob deGrom telling him how much the pitcher enjoyed playing for him and praising Showalter for the improved team culture. In the end, this was a business decision for deGrom.
03 Dec, 01:54 PM UTC
SNY Mets
"Probably gonna give him a call and cuss him out or something" 😂 Donovan Mitchell discusses Jacob deGrom signing with the Rangers and how he "hates to see a guy like that go" @SNY_Mets's photo on DeGrom
03 Dec, 06:02 PM UTC
Eddie Kraus
Jacob deGrom on the Rangers: https://t.co/Vv1VbHrq79
03 Dec, 05:17 PM UTC
David Vassegh
Last 2 Seasons… Clayton Kershaw 44 Starts Jacob deGrom 26 Starts
03 Dec, 03:01 PM UTC
These are all FACTS: 1) degrom best SP when he pitches 2) he is an injury prone enigma 3) NYM better with him but ‘22 proved can be good w/o him 4) NYM made a HUGE offer w/ correct yrs, then didn’t get to counter 5) Jake wanted money & TX All that = can’t be mad at either side
03 Dec, 06:17 PM UTC
GENY Mets Report
Donovan Mitchell said he might call Jacob deGrom and “cuss him out.” 🤣 #LGM https://t.co/Oxuoqpc79f
03 Dec, 07:06 PM UTC
Pat Ragazzo
One of the most disappointing aspects of deGrom leaving the Mets is that deGrom-Scherzer in the same rotation was so short lived
03 Dec, 05:15 PM UTC
I don’t get why the Rangers are getting so bashed on the feed. We always say “wish teams would try” vs tank etc, & the rangers have committed big money (still looking at more) to be a better team Two seasons they have added Degrom, and Gray. Semien and Seager. And not done?
03 Dec, 10:49 PM UTC
Joel Sherman
NYM plan is to add 2 SP. Best scenario land Rodon or Verlander to replace deGrom, then get a second from among group of Bassitt, Walker, Senga, Eovaldi, Taillon, Heaney, etc. In worst case, add 2 from 2nd group and intensify trying to retain Nimmo or add more bats. https://t.co/h8I7B6iu2O
04 Dec, 01:56 AM UTC
New York Porch Sports
Pete Alonso calls Jacob deGrom liar after Mets departure for Rangers. https://t.co/cDrdto3N78
03 Dec, 03:37 PM UTC
Evan Grant
I saw a lot of NL East fans - and teams - expressing great relief that deGrom is out of division now. The Rangers open the 2023 season against the Phillies.
03 Dec, 01:48 PM UTC
The Prospect Times
Thank you Mets for Kumar Rocker and Jacob deGrom! 🔥 https://t.co/TrXfN84pTy
03 Dec, 11:58 PM UTC
The Prospect Times
Happy Saturday! Jacob deGrom is a Texas Ranger! @ProspectTimes's photo on DeGrom
03 Dec, 07:35 PM UTC
So now, Jacob deGrom is an overpaid, overrated pitcher who has no leadership qualities, and absolutely does not like winning. This is news to me 🤣
03 Dec, 08:49 PM UTC
Adam Samuels
If deGrom signed with the Mets, everyone would be saying “This guy wants to win. He’s the best pitcher in the league & if he’s healthy, could lead the Mets to a championship” But since he went to Texas it’s “hes injury prone. 5 years is too much. All he cares about is the money”
03 Dec, 08:51 PM UTC
Jonathan Chernin
There is a difference. Seaver never wanted to leave, deGrom did . It’s heartbreaking it had to be this way. Jake had the world and he gave it away for money https://t.co/Kmza2NudEl
03 Dec, 02:04 PM UTC
MLB Trade Rumors
Details on Jacob deGrom's five-year deal with the #Rangers, plus the conditional option for a sixth year: https://t.co/1g1TYt6ZV3 https://t.co/fFCuWRjlF4
04 Dec, 01:37 AM UTC
Texas Rangers News
Jacob deGrom is a Ranger! 5 years, $185M contract 💰 what a time to be alive.
03 Dec, 12:33 PM UTC
En el 2023 inicia un NUEVO CAPÍTULO en la trayectoria de Jacob deGrom. 📜 ¡Repasamos su LEGADO con los Mets! ⚡ @LasMayores's photo on DeGrom
03 Dec, 06:48 PM UTC
On @Honda SportsNite, @Todd_Zeile joins @mmargaux8 to talk Mets pitching, including Jacob deGrom leaving for the Rangers, if he prefers Justin Verlander or Carlos Rodón, and if a Chris Bassitt return is a good idea https://t.co/HSbcyNVvTs @SNYtv's photo on DeGrom
04 Dec, 04:45 AM UTC
New York BBWAA
‘Mets' Winter Meetings agenda shifts after deGrom signs with Texas’ by @AnthonyDiComo for @MLB: The Winter Meetings will take on a different tone… https://t.co/VPcvJwbykZ #Mets https://t.co/RpTUw6pcwA
03 Dec, 07:12 PM UTC
New York Post
Jacob deGrom joins long list of NY sports stars who will look odd in new uniform https://t.co/6kHSmRNC6f @nypost's photo on DeGrom
04 Dec, 06:03 AM UTC
deMarte Parte
Knowing the Mets luck, deGrom will go on to play the next 6 years injury free
04 Dec, 01:05 AM UTC
deMarte Parte
Syndergaard to the Angels last year, now deGrom to the Rangers this year. Mets free agent pitchers do their absolute best to get as far away from the Mets as possible, and the AL West is as far as it gets.
03 Dec, 07:40 PM UTC
Delusional Mets Fan
If the Mets lose deGrom its only fair the Yankees lose Judge
04 Dec, 09:04 AM UTC
🏳️‍🌈 Mr. Schuninio
#funfact Letzten Sonntag ist von meiner geliebten "Alsonso/deGrom 2020"-Tasse der Henkel abgebrochen. Da hätte ich es schon ahnen müssen. #deGrom #becherorakel https://t.co/aFfyYGiVmi
04 Dec, 10:37 AM UTC
Xaviera Dillon
Surprise team could spoil Mets’ Plan A to replace Jacob deGrom https://t.co/6m75z67pjj
04 Dec, 11:00 AM UTC