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All athletes went hard during recess 😂 (via igrind47/Instagram) @SportsCenter's photo on Deion
22 Sep, 04:30 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Deion Sanders denies the report that his Jackson State coaching staff included TO, Warren Sapp and others @BleacherReport's photo on Deion
22 Sep, 06:26 PM UTC
Barstool Sports
Deion Sanders staff at Jackson State will have over 84 years of NFL experience. Rumors (via @JoeCookSports) include Terrell Owens & Warren Sapp as coaches 👀
22 Sep, 06:03 PM UTC
Brett McMurphy
New Jackson State coach Deion Sanders’ staff includes OC Jason Phillips, WR coach Terrell Owens, DL coach Warren Sapp, DC Dennis Thurman & DB coach Mario Edwards Sr., @JoeCookSports reports. Sanders said his staff will have combined 84 years of NFL playing & coaching experience
22 Sep, 06:13 PM UTC
Coach Deion Sanders has reportedly added Terrell Owens and Warren Sapp to his Jackson State staff
22 Sep, 06:23 PM UTC
BREAKING: According to sources Deion Sanders coaching will be Steve Spurrier-Off. Coordinator Michael Irvin WR Coach Michael Strahan When He’s Not On TV Def. Line Coach Bill Belichick-Def. Coordinator Ed Reed-Defensive Backs Coach The Greg Jennings Madden guy also on staff
22 Sep, 06:41 PM UTC
Southwestern Athletic Conference
.@GoJSUTigers Head Coach Deion Sanders spoke with @TXSOTigers Michael Strahan live on Good Morning America today about the opportunity to lead the Jackson State University Tigers football program #BuildingChampionsForLife @theswac's photo on Deion
22 Sep, 01:33 PM UTC
Craig Haley
New college coach Deion Sanders answers “Why HBCU/Jackson State?” on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” #CoachPrime #JacksonStateUniversity #GMA
22 Sep, 12:38 PM UTC
Highly Questionable
.@bomani_jones asks Deion Sanders to prioritize players over Prime Time. "I don't care if HBCU's are ever good at football. I do care if they take care of the players they get and make them into bigger men." @HQonESPN's photo on Deion
22 Sep, 06:59 PM UTC
@DeionSanders According to MY sources, the coaching staff will be: Deion Sanders-Off. Coordinator Deion Sanders-WR Coach Deion Sanders-Def. Lin Coach Deion Sanders-Def. Coordinator Deion Sanders-Defensive Backs Coach Deion Sanders also on staff
22 Sep, 06:34 PM UTC
NCAAF Nation
Deion Sanders will have former 4⭐ and Florida Gator Jalon Jones as his QB for Jackson State. Last season Jones played late in the season as a Freshman.
22 Sep, 07:01 PM UTC
Dee Holt ❄️➏
JSU was just on Good Morning America for a block party like a week ago and now they got Deion on there shedding some good light. That’s range Lmaooooooooo
22 Sep, 04:53 PM UTC
El Presidente of Griselda Records
HBCU’s have hired former NFL guys to run their programs before. I think Deion will be fine. Just gotta make sure his staff is all in and is following all the rules because people are waiting for them to slip
22 Sep, 06:21 PM UTC
Nicole Auerbach 😷
The Dallas Morning News in 2016: The spectacular collapse of Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy:
22 Sep, 06:21 PM UTC
Evan Sowards
Warren Sapp, known asshole, Terrell Owens, large personality, Deion Sanders, god tier large personality. What could ever go wrong
22 Sep, 06:13 PM UTC
Deion Sanders turned down a ESPN deal to help his friend Jamie Duke get the job
22 Sep, 08:27 AM UTC
Update: Deion is furious, says JSU coaching staff report is 'ABSOLUTELY WRONG.' Sapp & T.O. say reporter is fake news:
22 Sep, 07:02 PM UTC
Deion Sanders explains why he chose to coach a HBCU football team ✊🏽
22 Sep, 03:59 PM UTC
HBCU Gameday
#coachprime swatted away the rumored list of his coaching staff like he was still wearing #21
22 Sep, 07:42 PM UTC
Veteran Freshman - #PapaYuie
Imagine Deion Sanders as your head coach. Sapp on defense and Terrell Owens apart of offense. If more NFL legends go to coach at HBCU's and win. The NFL can not continue to deny them. A change is happening, this is historic.
22 Sep, 06:07 PM UTC
#Bucs legend Warren Sapp will NOT be joining Deion Sanders' coaching staff.
22 Sep, 07:40 PM UTC
Steven J. Gaither
Written between flights in 15 minutes. Lord give me strength.
22 Sep, 08:02 PM UTC
Steven J. Gaither
As you can see from his Twitter, Deion and B*rstool are a package deal.
22 Sep, 07:57 PM UTC
Scott Garrard
I asked Gary Andersen about the rumors that WR coach Jason Phillips is leaving to take the OC job at Jackson State with Deion Sanders. He said he has been informed that there is no truth to those reports.
22 Sep, 08:01 PM UTC
Ashlie Weeks
I wish I could enter my work meetings like Deion Sanders entered his press conference announcing his JaxState job. Seems a bit unfair tbh.
22 Sep, 08:03 PM UTC
No Smut on My Rep
@Mr_Goodnite It should be good for recruiting and I hope it is, it would be nice for HBCU's to get the talent they constantly lose to D1 schools. I've never been a fan of Deion's outside of football he is a bit of an asshole, but hey they say with age come wisdom
22 Sep, 08:04 PM UTC
D. McCray ⚡️
Grambling By Whatever Deion Sanders Number Was In College 🤷🏾‍♂️ #StayWoke
22 Sep, 08:01 PM UTC
When I’m on staff with Deion in 2022😂😂
22 Sep, 08:02 PM UTC
TariqTouré طارق تورى
Deion Sanders is messing with the money now...
22 Sep, 08:01 PM UTC

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