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OMG Eye of a Crocodile! @TheFigen's photo on Deji
31 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC
Perfect camouflage… @TansuYegen's photo on Deji
31 Jul, 07:25 AM UTC
INDIYAHS MUM CALLING DAMI DEJI AS WELL 😭😭😭 #loveisland https://t.co/vQDWhPF0iu
31 Jul, 08:29 PM UTC
世界平和統一家庭連合(旧統一教会)と政界の関わりについて実態解明の「必要がある」は80・6%、「必要はない」は16・8% https://t.co/9gHMjYXUmh 実態解明のためには、統一教会からお金をもらってる自民党の末松信介文科大臣が宗教法人法78条の調査・報告の権限を使う必要があります。
31 Jul, 02:14 PM UTC
31 Jul, 01:22 PM UTC
deji morafa
It’s high time things got heated up. My name is Deji Big Brother Naija season 7 Housemate I’ll sincerely appreciate your full support on this new journey to level up. #BBNaija #BBNaijaS7 https://t.co/1rVkJNTTpj
31 Jul, 06:46 PM UTC
日本は現状維持のままでは衰退する一方です。 ただ、変化を起こすと敵を作ります。 敵を作る覚悟のある揉め事大好きな首長の方々。 というわけで、おいらの上司も出ています。 https://t.co/CX81S4y3on
31 Jul, 05:56 PM UTC
Pamilerin Adegoke
Deji is that you 🥰🥰 @Deji_Morafa https://t.co/KcFBhPs4lx
31 Jul, 06:23 PM UTC
明石市長 泉 房穂(いずみ ふさほ)
市長になって最初の5年間は、ほぼ総スカン状態。 子育て層が地元でお金を使い出し、商店街が儲かり、税収が増え、高齢者の無料化も実施して初めて、市民の多くが賛成に転じた。 明石の11年間の軌跡(奇跡?)を語る『ダイジェスト動画』、どうぞ! #明石市長 #新R25 #動画 https://t.co/imc2N0TFPq
31 Jul, 03:25 PM UTC
𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐤 ✨
Any babe wey don crush on Deji the perfume guy will think he’s God-scent😭
31 Jul, 07:09 PM UTC
SP 🇸🇱
INDIYAH AND HER MUM CALLING DAMI DEJI 😂😂😂😂😂!!! #loveisland @septimusajprime's photo on Deji
31 Jul, 08:29 PM UTC
DEJI Updates
What's good my people. My name is Deji. Its finally time. Level up with me 🧡 #BBNaija #BBNaijaLevelUp #BBNaijaS7 https://t.co/pL5vkaDuU4
31 Jul, 06:39 PM UTC
Deji Adeniyi
Indiyahs mum even saying Deji instead of Dami 👀 #LoveIsland https://t.co/8jQ90TR508
31 Jul, 08:31 PM UTC
Rinu Oduala 🔥🔫
Hello Deji. You will go far in life 🥹 You must go far. 🥺🥺
31 Jul, 06:48 PM UTC
DStv Nigeria
Deji and Modella are FAKE housemates 👁 #BBNaija
31 Jul, 07:01 PM UTC
that was no accident, Indiyah’s mum called him Deji on purpose 😭 #LoveIsland https://t.co/IuvWVjnzA4
31 Jul, 08:31 PM UTC
「旧統一教会と認識せず」沖縄知事選立候補予定の佐喜真氏、関連団体会合への出席で声明 - 琉球新報デジタル|沖縄のニュース速報・情報サイト https://t.co/reXroVQoud 「知らなかった」という言い訳は、それだけで当人が政治家に値しないことを意味している
31 Jul, 02:39 AM UTC
First Agenda. Deji is now the hottest and finest man in the house, look at his entrance, his confidence, poise, panache and finesse is the best thing in the house right now. A yoruba king that I shall stan. 🙏🏿
31 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC
Field Marshal ⚡️
When will @verified verify our VP candidate @dattibabaahmed? Hasn’t he met the requirements? If you guys are running out of verification marks, please remove Deji’s verification and give to our VP. He is one of the most important men in Nigeria
31 Jul, 01:30 PM UTC
Happy Punch
KSI coming through with a hot take on Fousey vs Deji 😳 @HappyPunchPromo's photo on Deji
31 Jul, 04:58 PM UTC
Daniel Regha
@coco_mide Ekaete keep in mind that BBNaija Deji has been in many people's DM before going into the house, he's a free-spirited person from what I can tell so don't get overly excited cos he sent u a DM (which u snubbed). Focus on ur focus, & move on cos I d¤ubt he will even remember u.
31 Jul, 08:03 PM UTC
Dr. Chinonso Egemba
Deji na my personal person... so we move!
31 Jul, 07:57 PM UTC
Temitope O.
Small hand kiss from Deji, Sheggs eyes dey turn You never see anything bro, that man finished from LUTH 😂
31 Jul, 06:41 PM UTC
Peter OBI Volunteer Network (PVN)
We are all Peter Obi and we are running for president to take back our country. Highlights of #ObiStructure launch by PVN yesterday in Port Harcourt. #PeterObi4President @PeterObi @NgLabour @Chude__ @comradephils @firstladyship @doyinokupe | Deji | Bella Shmurda | Modella @PeterObiVol's media on Deji">https://t.co/ADxW9V0T3t
31 Jul, 07:04 PM UTC
Bella BBNaija
Ya'll know bella is super drop dead gorgeous right?? Cus wtf is this beautiful even without makeup 🤩🥰 #BBNaija #sheggz #Deji https://t.co/TC5i4c1IUl
31 Jul, 06:45 PM UTC
indiyah apologist 🏝
31 Jul, 08:31 PM UTC
Parle Of Lagos
Need Deji to stress Sheggz
31 Jul, 06:29 PM UTC
Ada Ide
Let's settle this, who is more cute Like for Deji retweet for Sheggz #BBNaija #BBNajia https://t.co/tyNW34FKCk
31 Jul, 08:19 PM UTC
What Award should we give this Corper 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Femi Adebayo | #GistLoverStory | Wizkid | Kelly | #BBNaija | #Machala | Deji | Messi and Neymar | https://t.co/kW7eJsnx3O
31 Jul, 07:34 PM UTC
This is Dotun and that is Deji, are you people seeing what I’m seeing? 😳😳 #BBNaija https://t.co/fkSTwhLHSl
31 Jul, 07:15 PM UTC