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Trending Worldwide


Stephen Curry
🙏🏽🙏🏽 For @gordonhayward. Come back stronger!
18 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC


Salman Khan
Diwali Gift.... pasand aaya? Ab Christmas pe milna... #tigerzindahai
18 Oct, 05:00 AM UTC


Niall Horan
Bit of practice down at the lovely wentworth , Love this place .#putting #Wentworth @TaylorMadeGolf
18 Oct, 02:31 PM UTC


その場で当たる! #ハーゲンダッツジャポネ新作 発売記念キャンペーン!2日目♪ フォロー&RTで毎日5千名様、総計2万名様にハーゲンダッツ新商品3品のうちいずれか1つに使用できる100円割引クーポンが当たる!10/20 7:59迄… https://t.co/7e5NQ8qw9I
18 Oct, 11:00 PM UTC


خبر عاجل
رئيس مجلس الأمة الكويتي البطل #مرزوق_الغانم يُهاجم رئيس وفد الكيان الصهيوني في مؤتمر عالمي: "اخرج من القاعة يا مُحت… https://t.co/E6xQWCuRdT
18 Oct, 11:58 AM UTC


紙好きの人なら、絶対買ってほしいこのコレクション。紙好き私は「マジか!」となりました。使うのもったいないと思う人は保存用と使う用2セットずつ買えばいい。。。。紙の専門商社 竹尾が選ぶ 500種類の紙セットの会|フェリシモ… https://t.co/30ymximo2C
18 Oct, 02:44 AM UTC


Sir Didi Gregorius
#StartSpreadingTheNews yankees win great start by Tanaka⏱ going 7strong and bullpen 🦑 with the solo hr and a couple RBI’S... WHAT A GAME!!!
19 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC


Tim Cato
western conference vs. eastern conference https://t.co/AT59ZRW8CT
18 Oct, 03:08 AM UTC


Marcus Rashford
Happy with the 3 points @ManUtd ❤️
18 Oct, 09:53 PM UTC

Top Trends in USA


Donald J. Trump
Wow, FBI confirms report that James Comey drafted letter exonerating Crooked Hillary Clinton long before investigation was complete. Many..
18 Oct, 10:21 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Democrat Congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad!
18 Oct, 11:25 AM UTC


i wish we could be strangers again
18 Oct, 08:27 AM UTC

Aaron Gordon

Boston Celtics
Gordon Hayward has a message for Celtics Nation.
18 Oct, 11:50 PM UTC

John Wall

John Wall letting out some pent-up feelings. #SCtop10
18 Oct, 11:42 PM UTC

Chris Long

Eagles DE Chris Long is donating the rest of his year's salary to increase educational equality. https://t.co/kL3amoBp84
18 Oct, 01:56 PM UTC


Niall Horan
Join me today on @RecordingAcad's #DistrictAdvocate day and take action to support music : https://t.co/63gWrDrsjG
18 Oct, 08:02 PM UTC

Astros 5-0

New York Yankees
#StartSpreadingTheNews, we’re heading to Houston with a 3-2 lead! Final: Yankees 5, Astros 0.
19 Oct, 12:29 AM UTC

Rep. Wilson

Philip Rucker
Just got off phone with Rep. Frederica Wilson, who overheard Trump's call with widow. Said she wanted to curse POTUS out for making her cry.
18 Oct, 02:39 AM UTC

Top Trends in Japan


動画版「若者言葉でニュースを読んだら」 JK用語とアナウンサーのギャップがヤバい。 「みんなのテレビ(UHB:北海道文化放送)」より
18 Oct, 06:45 AM UTC


Champions League
When you love the #UCL so much that you sing the anthem 😀🎶 @Cristiano 👏👏👏
18 Oct, 10:00 AM UTC


【江戸城潜入調査開催中!】 本日メンテナンス終了後より、『江戸城潜入調査』を開催しております。 報酬として新刀剣男士「大般若長光」を登場いたしました。 江戸城内にある、鍵を探し宝箱をあけることで大般若長光や極の修行道具を手に入れる… https://t.co/FwCJtRAWoy
18 Oct, 09:27 AM UTC


欅坂46初のゲームアプリ「欅のキセキ」がリリースいたしました‼️ 是非遊んでみてください🎮 #欅坂46 #欅のキセキ #ケヤキセ https://t.co/uiDGiMofHM
18 Oct, 06:32 AM UTC


#72時間ホンネテレビ では皆さんの応援メッセージを募集しています! 【#ホンネテレビ応援してます】 と書いてツイートして下さい。 放送中に3人のTwitterから返信が届くかも?!😳 応援、宜しくお願いします! https://t.co/JkKgquZ2EA
18 Oct, 09:00 AM UTC


ミリオンライブ! シアターデイズ【公式】
#ミリシタ 公式Twitterをフォロー&このツイートをRTした方の中から抽選で3名様に、「運営100日突破サンキューニコ生」出演者のサイン色紙が当たります!詳細はこちら→https://t.co/zcUfmjYkYN
18 Oct, 01:30 PM UTC


「マカロン食べてる私かわいい」って最高じゃねえか、それを食べるだけで自分のことかわいいって肯定できる食べ物なんて素晴らしい マカロンでもレコードでもロックンロールでも、それに接してるだけで自己肯定できるものはかけがえがない 沢山みつけて人生を豊かにしていきたい
18 Oct, 02:43 AM UTC

God knows

カラオケバトル決勝戦で涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱『"God knows"』が聞けるとは感激
18 Oct, 02:13 PM UTC


【解禁】 12/9公開の #平ジェネFINAL のポスタービジュアル解禁! ゲスト出演するキャストに、人類消滅計画を企む科学者、最上魁星に大槻ケンヂさん、『フォーゼ』よりJK(ジェイク)役に土屋シオンさん、大杉忠太役で田中卓志さ… https://t.co/Ja5LoUesMK
18 Oct, 08:32 AM UTC

Top Technology Tweets

Donald J. Trump
The most important truth our FOUNDERS understood was: FREEDOM is NOT a gift from Govt. FREEDOM is a GIFT from GOD.… https://t.co/cBgDuOtAXF
18 Oct, 02:21 AM UTC
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I still think there should be a dinosaur named the Thesaurus. And I imagine Thesaurus Rex would be badass with wordplay.
19 Oct, 12:53 AM UTC
J.K. Rowling
Following space accounts on here is good for your mental health. Soothing glimpses of vastness, beauty & mystery. https://t.co/7vn1yc9z6i
18 Oct, 09:48 AM UTC
Beau Willimon
To support Trump is to believe that compassion & even the most basic understanding of human nature are not required… https://t.co/QElru9IJrW
18 Oct, 04:13 AM UTC
Retweet this to give a friend a tour of the Amazon in Brazil. https://t.co/raYt8fqnSK
18 Oct, 04:42 PM UTC
Neil deGrasse Tyson
The four most populous cities in the US are in the @MLB playoffs: NY @Yankees, LA @Dodgers, Chicago @Cubs, & Houston @Astros
18 Oct, 11:55 AM UTC
Need space? Update your desktop or mobile wallpaper w/ these space pics, all sent recently by our planetary mission… https://t.co/NJKrAEcFKT
18 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
@androidcentral They’ve corrected it 🤓
18 Oct, 02:39 PM UTC
Marques Brownlee
Looks like @AndroidCentral didn’t see the DxOMark video. Or look it up. Not sure how this is real… https://t.co/tO2kgoGTiM
18 Oct, 02:24 PM UTC

Top Business Tweets

Elon Musk
The world's most boring hat https://t.co/rnHPgyhx4Z
18 Oct, 02:50 AM UTC
Jeanine Pirro
Jim Comey violated all the rules and the integrity of the FBI to protect Obama and Hillary. https://t.co/QHPozdNFi1
18 Oct, 03:22 PM UTC
Eric Bolling
GDP x Markets (labor, housing, equities)= Economy. Thank you @realDonaldTrump for rolling back of regs + pending tax reforms #magaEconomy
18 Oct, 01:41 PM UTC
Katie Hopkins
We failed to protect Europe this way. Now we build walls on bridges, at towers & around our Christmas markets. #MAGA
18 Oct, 03:42 AM UTC
NBC Politics
JUST IN: House Oversight Committee threatens to subpoena Jeff Sessions over Trump administration's use of air travel
18 Oct, 07:47 PM UTC
CNN Politics
BREAKING: A Maryland federal judge blocks the President’s new travel ban, a day after a Hawaii judge did the same https://t.co/OFQ5joxLgu
18 Oct, 01:10 PM UTC
PAPER: Stunning cover-up... https://t.co/JNNfky0Vxo
18 Oct, 11:16 AM UTC
CNN Politics
John McCain says the Trump administration is not being up front about the Niger attack that left 4 US soldiers dead… https://t.co/zvFoMPC6SP
18 Oct, 11:09 PM UTC
ABC News Politics
.@MeghanMcCain "exhausted" by attacks on father, says no threat could possibly be more painful to her family than f… https://t.co/5F83R0SG3P
18 Oct, 11:13 AM UTC

Top Culture Tweets

お仕事のあとに少しだけ♪ #TWICE #東京ディズニーランド #TDL
18 Oct, 09:55 AM UTC
Sean Don
Made it down for Gucci n Keyshia wedding. https://t.co/HhjoOW5DYC
18 Oct, 04:35 AM UTC
初日32000枚、オリコンデイリー2位でした!!!!!こんな売れたの初めてだよ!?!?すごいぞ!!!?! 嵐という最強のグループの下にしれっとまふまふがいるのめっちゃおもしろい。 まだの方はぜひお迎えに行ってあげてください!!ウ… https://t.co/eeJY5BwECb
18 Oct, 10:42 AM UTC
Ethan Dolan
**scrolling on explore page on IG** **scrolls past photo of random girl** My grandma- is that your girlfriend???
18 Oct, 10:30 PM UTC
Kim Kardashian West
Yeezy Wave Runner 700 🌊
18 Oct, 04:30 PM UTC

Top Sports Tweets

Stephen Curry
🙏🏽🙏🏽 For @gordonhayward. Come back stronger!
18 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Sarah Silverman
Kneeling at a football game has nothing to do w disrespecting our military— THIS — this has EVERYTHING to do w it https://t.co/meAV3remSV
18 Oct, 05:04 AM UTC
Cristiano Ronaldo
18 Oct, 05:28 PM UTC
Neymar Jr
Que Deus nos abençoe e nos proteja 🙏🏽⚽️ God bless and protect us 🙏🏽⚽️
18 Oct, 05:07 PM UTC
Stephen Curry
Lock in! #DubNation 💍
18 Oct, 01:51 AM UTC
New season. Same LeBron.
18 Oct, 02:40 AM UTC
James Harden
Prayers up @gordonhayward. Wishing you a healthy recovery. 🙏🏾
18 Oct, 07:41 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Cavs win! Still king.
18 Oct, 02:32 AM UTC
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