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Atiku Abubakar
June 12 is at the soul of our democratic struggle; a threshold in our national life. #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 09:30 AM UTC
Ayò Bánkólé
This was MKO Abiola speaking 25years ago about the issues of corruption, nepotism, opacity of the NNPC, over-dependence on oil, etc. 2&half decades later, we are still here, probably worse. Those who clapped & stood with him then are the ones enslaving us today. #DemocracyDay 1/2 @AyoBankole's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 05:25 AM UTC
Cuppy (Ms Abena)
Happy #DemocracyDay Nigeria! 🇳🇬 Let’s take care of our great country! ✊🏾
12 Jun, 10:21 AM UTC
Presidency Nigeria
“The National Stadium in Abuja shall henceforth be known as the Moshood Abiola National Stadium.” — President @MBuhari, June 12, 2019 #2019DemocracyDay #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 11:38 AM UTC
Malam Adamu Hayatu™
Northwest - President Southwest - Vice President Northeast - Senate President South south - Deputy SP Southwest - Speaker North Central - Deputy Speaker South East - Atiku Happy #democracyday
12 Jun, 07:31 AM UTC
Channels Television
As Nigeria marks Democracy Day today, how will you describe the nation's democracy in one word? #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 05:23 AM UTC
Microphone Goddess🤰🏻
I’ve not gotten over the migraine I had when I interviewed this man last year 😩 At some point I was confused and didn’t realize what I asked him again 😂😂😂 Help RT Happy #DemocracyDay https://t.co/df5AnXsrju
12 Jun, 08:44 AM UTC
Bashir Ahmad
Happy #DemocracyDay Nigeria!🇳🇬 @BashirAhmaad's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 09:50 AM UTC
EiE Nigeria
June 12: The key actors👇 #DemocracyDay @EiENigeria's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 04:55 AM UTC
Rauf Aregbesola
As we celebrate #democracyDay, we remember Chief MKO and the many unnamed freedom fighters who gave it all in the struggle for the actualization of the #June12 Special appreciation goes to president @MBuhari for standing on the side of history, justice and equity.
12 Jun, 09:28 AM UTC
tolu ogunlesi
On this day 26 years ago, Nigerians elected Moshood Kashimawo Olawale (MKO) Abiola President. #DemocracyDay #DemocracyAt20 @toluogunlesi's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 08:13 AM UTC
Ayò Bánkólé
2/2 Those who cheered as he promised an end to tyranny & corruption are today cheering tyranny, looting & impoverishing our citizens. Nigerians must unite against the stagnation of the majority by a few as was in ‘93. “We are one nation under God, or aren’t we?” #DemocracyDay https://t.co/meqanuKV53
12 Jun, 05:26 AM UTC
Bashir Ahmad
“Ladies and gentlemen, my optimism for a better Nigeria is unshakable.” – President @MBuhari. #DemocracyDay @BashirAhmaad's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 11:25 AM UTC
Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki
#DemocracyDay is a sombre commemoration of our nation’s history. It is a reminder that a government for, of, and by the people is and must be Nigeria’s only recourse.
12 Jun, 01:07 PM UTC
Olubadan of Lagos
A rare clip of Basorun MKO Abiola. Did Burnaboy take a cue from this? #DemocracyDay https://t.co/avsqxlnUoO
12 Jun, 09:42 AM UTC
Sahara Reporters
BREAKING: All Former Heads Of State, Including @GEJonathan , Obasanjo Absent At Inaugural June 12 Democracy Day | Sahara Reporters There are no reasons yet for their absence. #DemocracyDay #June12 READ MORE: https://t.co/eR1zybHW2x FOLLOW LIVE UPDATE: https://t.co/ZlVra1Vw6E @SaharaReporters's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 10:50 AM UTC
Moyo of Lagos
At 35 our graduates are considered old for jobs. But at 70 our leaders are still contesting for posts. 🤔 #DemocracyDay ✌🏽
12 Jun, 08:38 AM UTC
Olufunke Lawson
This man is Yoruba. He ruled for eight years, but he never acknowledged the role of Abiola/June 12 in his emergence as President. He even traveled out & told the world that MKO ABIOLA was not the messiah that Nigeria needed! His name is OLUSEGUN OBASANJO 👇 #DemocracyDay https://t.co/HvxDIdHEXY
12 Jun, 11:05 AM UTC
Channels Television
We shouldn't, after '26 years of June 12', be battling with those who are being detained without trial in our country. ~Femi Falana. #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 08:36 AM UTC
BREAKING: @MBuhari names #Abuja national stadium after #MKOAbiola @thecableng on DemocracyDay">https://t.co/gajJMLYGcX via @thecableng #MKOAbiola #DemocracyDay #June12
12 Jun, 11:36 AM UTC
Nigeria Fact Zone
While October 1st is the day Nigeria became a republic after her first democratic process, May 29th is the official date for celebrating democracy as it is the day them military ruler Gen. Abdusalam Abubakar handed over power to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. #DemocracyDay 🇳🇬
12 Jun, 07:13 AM UTC
Young Otutu
MKO Abiola was the 1st Nigeria to loot the nation on a grand scale & this was the genesis of his fortune. As an accountant representing ITT, he, Obasanjo & the hierachy of the military, inflated the ITT contract to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 09:52 AM UTC
Abdul 🇳🇬🇳
All former Head of State absent in Eagles Square for #DemocracyDay June 12 celebration. So shall they be absent henceforth in every facet of Nigerian politics. They'll remain irrelevant forever and ever Amen. @tfx47 @JohnFanimokun @ishakaa @AHayatu @iameneji https://t.co/CPL3xrh2Rj
12 Jun, 11:13 AM UTC
Born Sinner 🌹
Raise your hands if you grew up believing in vision 2020 🤧 #DemocracyDay https://t.co/b4PyHd7RFD
12 Jun, 09:28 AM UTC
Asiwaju Oladimeji
One President tried to narrow down the importance of June 12 by renaming UNILAG to one funny name. June 12 was a struggle for a New - Nigeria. It was a struggle that united the North-South. June 12 was even bigger than MKO. We missed that golden chance. #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 06:15 AM UTC
Hakeem Adesanya
Adams Oshoimohle "Mr talk and do" I will retire Saraki; ✅ I will retire Atiku; ✅ I will retire Obasanjo; ✅ I will ensure APC produces Senate President+Speaker; ✅ Achieving Activism via politics Respect the Warrior of Afemai & the Ozhakuza of Benin Kingdom #DemocracyDay https://t.co/wO6pqDBv27
12 Jun, 10:31 AM UTC
Cinderella Man
Happy #DemocracyDay Nigeria. At this time let's not forget MKO Abiola and others that fought and gave their lives to see democracy entrenched in Nigeria. https://t.co/Y8EUnqpOwF
12 Jun, 08:10 AM UTC
Udom Emmanuel
Our democracy has grown by leaps and bounds in the past 20 years, and Nigerians deserve a pat on the back. Today, calls for re- dedication of ourselves to pursuing those issues that promote national unity and peaceful co- existence. #DemocracyDay @MrUdomEmmanuel's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 11:56 AM UTC
For those of us that sleep ALONE in this COLD WEATHER, our reward is in HEAVEN #Goodmorning #DemocracyDay https://t.co/Z1HsyQWgH0
12 Jun, 07:00 AM UTC
Undisputed Introvert😇
All of you forming foreign accent in this country, pronouncing God as guard, all your prayers goes straight to the Security men. I swear to Guard #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 08:44 AM UTC
Bashir Ahmad
READ and SHARE: President Muhammadu Buhari’s full National #DemocracyDay Speech at the Eagles Square, Abuja. https://t.co/o7M6Ija1th
12 Jun, 01:20 PM UTC
APC Nigeria
"Our GDP is expected to grow by 2.7% this year. We can afford to be proud Nigerians." -@MBuhari #democracyday #MKOAbiola #June12
12 Jun, 11:13 AM UTC
Social Investment - NGR
Happy #DemocracyDay everyone! "Our Social Intervention Programmes are now a model for other nations" - President @MBuhari speaking on the @NSIP_NG in his Democracy Day address #NSIP @NSIP_NG's media on #DemocracyDay">https://t.co/os55vjtSwl
12 Jun, 12:59 PM UTC
NTA News
#DemocracyDay JUNE 12: President Buhari’s Speech at 2019 Democracy Day https://t.co/yDlYSs38OO @NTANewsNow's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 12:18 PM UTC
MTN Nigeria
We all have our roles to play in preserving our great nation, let us search within and be the heroes we desire. Today, we stand with and for democracy. Happy #DemocracyDay Fam! @MTNNG's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 09:36 AM UTC
King 👑 Legacyfied 🇳🇬 🇬🇧❁
I have realized that Nigerians don’t really hate corruption, what they hate is when they don’t benefit from it. 🤔🤔 #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 06:40 AM UTC
Sahara Reporters
President @MBuhari leaves eagle square as inaugural June 12 Democracy Day commemoration is brought to a close. #June12 #DemocracyDay #MKOAbiola FOLLOW LIVE: https://t.co/ZlVra1Vw6E @SaharaReporters's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 12:00 PM UTC
Young Otutu
He financed Abacha's Coup against Shonekan He financed IBB Coup against Buhari He financed Ugandan Museveni against Indi Amin He laundered $800m for S. Doe of Liberia. He got rich from stealing Nigeria's money with ITT That we immortalise MKO Abiola amazes me #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 01:21 PM UTC
As Nigerians celebrate Democracy Day, some FCT indigenes have called on President @MBuhari to take proactive steps in addressing resettlement issues and infrastructure development. #DemocracyDay #MKOAbiola #June12 https://t.co/fPyGQ21BYZ
12 Jun, 11:58 AM UTC
Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa
Today, as we commemorate the oft-forgotten significance of our nation’s young democracy, we also remember the patriots — men and women — who fought hard and sacrificed in defence of our freedom. #DemocracyDay https://t.co/7CrKGPvKIl
12 Jun, 01:21 PM UTC
Property Transact
Tastefully Finished 5bedroom Duplex on Land measuring 877sqm in a nice area at SARS Road, Rukpoku. Selling for ₦50m ☎ 07083738885 #DemocracyDay #PropertyTransact https://t.co/C82mqA33uD
12 Jun, 12:55 PM UTC
In my first term, we put Nigeria back on its feet. We are working again despite a difficult environment in oil on which we depend too much for our exports. We encountered huge resistance from vested interests who do not want CHANGE, But CHANGE has come... ~PMB #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 01:42 PM UTC
Jubril A. Gawat
“Observing May 29 as #DemocracyDay delinks the country’s democratic experience since 1999 from the protracted and bitter struggle against military dictatorship from #June12, 1993, till the forced exit of the military in 1999” - @AsiwajuTinubu https://t.co/A2rPSojtxc
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
PwC Nigeria
Happy Democracy Day! #DemocracyDay #Nigeria @PwC_Nigeria's photo on #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 12:22 PM UTC
Ezenwa Opara
We Pray For Leaders Who Will Stand In The Gap, Who Will Lift Our Nation Nigeria & Good People Of Nigerians Irrespective Of Tribes With All It Favors And Faults Before God & Nations, And Pray to God Never To Cease His Blessings On This Country Nigeria #DemocracyDay #MyPrayer https://t.co/rUsf8zuaNg
12 Jun, 12:13 PM UTC
Boomplay Music NG
Here's to creating a better Nigeria we will be proud of! #HappyDemocracyDay Listen to the #DemocracyDay playlist on Boomplay 👉🏽 https://t.co/sV3cyQ1jdQ #Boomplaymusic https://t.co/AYBI8RTYX7
12 Jun, 01:39 PM UTC
Hassan Abubakar JibreeL
May we achieve more democratic dividends ahead. #DemocracyDay #June12 #Nigeria https://t.co/rhVzOpDO8a
12 Jun, 01:43 PM UTC
We are proud of our country. We are proud because we know that we will soon be led to the light, and we are sure we will soon get there. We have faith that with this present administration things will turn out for the better. Happy democracy day! . #democracyday #freedom #Nigeria https://t.co/uYyApkO5iv
12 Jun, 07:00 AM UTC
Boomplay Music NG
15. Dagrin - Democracy 16. @falzthebahdguy - This Is Nigeria 17. 2face Idibia - One Love 18. @MI_Abaga - Wild Wild West 19. Tony Tetuila - E Go Better Listen to the #DemocracyDay playlist on Boomplay 👉🏽 https://t.co/sV3cyQ1jdQ #Boomplaymusic #Playlist https://t.co/t87izsimqb
12 Jun, 01:39 PM UTC
Boomplay Music NG
10. Solidstar - One Nigeria 11. 2face Idibia - Power Of Naija 12. 2face Idibia - Freedom Is Life 13. Sound Sultan - Motherland ft. Ada 14. @MAVINRECORDS - Arise ft. @DONJAZZY, Dija & @ReekadoBanks Press play 👉🏽 https://t.co/sV3cyQ1jdQ #Boomplaymusic #DemocracyDay https://t.co/lbbZNMfCef
12 Jun, 01:39 PM UTC
Lai Security Services
Happy Democracy Day to a great Nation 🇳🇬. #security #safety #service is the order of the day. #LasisSecurity #securityyoucantrust . . . . . . . . . . #DemocracyDay https://t.co/6QZ2cv3Yh5
12 Jun, 12:59 PM UTC
Aquifer Congress
One of the problems we have in Nigeria is our non-ideological politics. We have to be ideological #AquiferCongress #DemocracyDay -@tadepen
12 Jun, 01:34 PM UTC
Ripples Nigeria
Shehu Sani, the immediate past senator representing Kaduna Central in the National Assembly, has dared the incumbent governor, Nasir @Elrufai to send his body bag assassins after him. READ MORE: https://t.co/rUAZcrMlfc #DemocracyDay https://t.co/k1yH5YyyCN
12 Jun, 12:39 PM UTC
Ripples Nigeria
Femi Fani-Kayode, @realFFK, has expressed appreciation over President @MBuhari’s courage to declare June 12 authentic #DemocracyDay, but says Nigeria will not know peace until the killers of MKO Abiola are brought to justice. READ MORE: https://t.co/hkkLBqwoe1 #Nigeria https://t.co/h3lCqusuzr
12 Jun, 12:42 PM UTC
Aquifer Congress
If the society reforms, even cultists will fill the reforms. And not all cult groups are bad. Many of them have a positive agenda #AquiferCongress #DemocracyDay -@eobilo
12 Jun, 01:32 PM UTC
Semiu Okanlawon
I trust my people! Lagos was also home to some good celebrations of #DemocracyDay today as @FemiHamzat represented @jidesanwoolu joining many of those true soldiers for Democratic fights of the IBB/Sanni Abacha/AbdulSalami Era. #June12DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Stephen Akintayo
Define what you want to be and break it down - Eizu Uwouma #upgradeconference2019 #upgradeconference #DemocracyDay #June12 #NASSelection #stepheneakintayo
12 Jun, 01:40 PM UTC
MAX Okada
Happy Democracy Day Nigeria! #DemocracyDay https://t.co/R3Kt2RaMDL
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
Aquifer Congress
Africa needs to recraft it's definition of democracy. #AquiferCongress #DemocracyDay -@eobilo
12 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
African Movement for Democracy
The African Movement for Democracy (AMD), joins fellow Nigerians to celebrate Democracy Day. Applause to Local Civil Society Organizations who have worked relentless over the last 20 years to sustain this change. #DemocracyDay #Nigeria https://t.co/Z2Xb6MFeAK
12 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
Kpajie Onicha Ado n'idu
C'mon girls!!!! Make Nigerians happy #Soarsuperfalcons #Democracyday #NGAKOR
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
@Funkemyfun @iamremraj Hmmnnn... It has Tey we have been having 3million+ differences oo.. This is worth studying.. #June12 #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Darling Fm Owerri
#NowPlaying📻: Lovin - @SympLySimi On #LovinaWednesday With @Mazinnaamen & @iamRadio_taata #LipStickWednesday #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Stephen Akintayo
Have Do Be Is a wrong way of thinking!!!- Eizu Uwouma #upgradeconference2019 #upgradeconference #DemocracyDay #June12 #NASSelection #stepheneakintayo
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
Stears Business
Today’s #NewArticle by @seunonigbinde marks 20 years of the 4th Republic. What next for Nigeria? #DemocracyDay https://t.co/lJI0TP35Xq
12 Jun, 01:45 PM UTC
#UnityTrain: with @BelloLukman14 & @Pam1980Kwis : “Despite a Muslim-Muslim ticket, the Abiola SDP party won in Anambra |Plateau |Ondo |Benue |Akwa Ibom |Cross River|Edo | Taraba | Kano |Abuja | Jigawa| Kaduna.”. #UnityTrainNugget 👉12|06|19 . . . #History #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
I'm Badmus🇳🇬
Happy Democracy Day to all of us But Let remember, It's when we regained the value of the principal main colour (Green i.e Agriculture) of our country that is when we can sustain the white colour (Peace) because "An hungry man is an angry man" #DemocracyDay https://t.co/CATK4B9eXJ
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
#MiddadyShowAbj w. @NnekaOtubo ▶️📻 Fela In Versace |@akaworldwide ft @KIDDOMINANT #BeatTheImpossible #DemocracyDay #HipHopWednesday
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
Ifeanyi Onyeocha
Why am I seeing @MBuhari 's speech on the TL? Was there no audio during the live broadcast? #democracyday
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
13 Warrior 4 Nigeria
Happy Democracy day Nigeria, Happy new Democracy day.....We pray that the grace of this new day bring about the honoring of both #Democracy #GoodGovernance in this our blessed nation.....Nigeria is too blessed. #rescuenigeria #DemocracyDay https://t.co/USy7g58aJY
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
Nwaoboshi Faces Prison Term As Presidential Panel Moves For Prosecution #firstclassamebo #amebonews #DemocracyDay #WednesdayWisdom #iKON #wednesdaythoughts https://t.co/t0uAneF5V7
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
Governor @jidesanwoolu of Lagos State at the Eagles’ Square Abuja for the #June12 #DemocracyDay Celebration. #Democracyat20 #DemocracyDay https://t.co/VNihWXLu1a
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
Afolabi Oluwatomisin
It's #DemocracyDay, Wishing Nigeria blissful reign of this day! #echoes https://t.co/8i9aiXwZ1k
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
Toyin Eleniyan
Happy Democracy Day to all Nigerians on Twitter!!!! Viva June 12th 👍💥🙌💫 #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
First time #NGA have scored a goal in the first half of a fifa women world cup final match since 1999 when they were quarter finalist #NGAKOR #DemocracyDay
12 Jun, 01:44 PM UTC
Naija News
Democracy Day: Fani-Kayode Tells President Buhari How To Honour MKO Abiola #DemocracyDay MKO Abiola Abuja National Stadium Moshood Abiola Stadium https://t.co/uWNlLA1Rgw https://t.co/nSL6boIui9
12 Jun, 01:43 PM UTC