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Big Cat
Playing DePaul at WinTrust Arena is like being a sandwich on Jack Nicholson’s boat. You’re gonna have a bad time @JonRothstein @BarstoolBigCat's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 04:15 AM UTC
Dave Portnoy
I’m not gambling but DePaul is stealing tonight. They are the real deal.
04 Dec, 09:25 PM UTC
Jon Rothstein
A dream season is unfolding in Chicago for DePaul. Blue Demons are now 9-0 after tonight's OT win over Texas Tech. Bedlam in the 312.
05 Dec, 04:11 AM UTC
Barstool Chicago
Club Dub at DePaul 😈 @barstoolchicago's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 04:55 AM UTC
Marty Mush
Someone Print me out a bracket. I’m writing in DePaul straight to the Final Four
05 Dec, 04:11 AM UTC
Between the Bulls, Bears and DePaul is any sports city more back than Chicago?
05 Dec, 04:14 AM UTC
Barstool Chicago
DePaul is the REAL DEAL! Rank them! @barstoolchicago's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 04:00 AM UTC
Red Line Radio
05 Dec, 04:13 AM UTC
Laurence Holmes
There are only 17 undefeated teams in the country. DePaul is one of them! #BlueDemons 9-0 with wins against 2 Big Ten teams on the road and last year’s National runner-up! @LaurenceWHolmes's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 04:11 AM UTC
Red Line Radio
DePaul: Great at basketball but not storming the court @RedLineRadio's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 04:38 AM UTC
Barstool Chicago
DePaul is SOOO back! 9-0 #RankDePaul 😈 @barstoolchicago's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 04:15 AM UTC
Andy Katz
DePaul is no joke. @DePaulHoops is a legit @marchmadness team. We had them safely in our bracket as a 9 seed. They would be moving up!!! There's no reason DePaul can't finish in the top four in the @BIGEASTMBB.
05 Dec, 04:18 AM UTC
Chicago Tribune
In a back-and-forth thriller, DePaul defeated Texas Tech, last season’s NCAA runner-up, 65-60 in overtime and played themselves into national relevancy. The Blue Demons improved to 9-0 for the first time in 33 years.
05 Dec, 04:32 AM UTC
Jeff Goodman
Northwestern beats BC last night. DePaul gets Texas Tech and Chicago State on verge of knocking off SIU-Edwardsville. Nothing like college hoops in the Windy City in the last 24 hours.
05 Dec, 04:17 AM UTC
Texas Tech Barstool
It’s hard to understand these announcers with DePaul’s dick in their mouths
05 Dec, 02:17 AM UTC
DePaul Athletics
There was no quit in @DePaulHoops Wednesday night. The Blue Demons came roaring back twice to stay undefeated in a 65-60 win over Texas Tech at @WintrustArena. 📰: 🔵👿 | #PlayingPossessed @DePaulAthletics's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 05:57 AM UTC
Samantha Rivera
#DePaul REALLY beat #TexasTech and they’re REALLY 9-0🥺💙 #dpubb @SamanthaSports's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 04:15 AM UTC
Everything I posted is hitting today, and OSU looks fucking beautiful. Does DoorDash do hookers & blow? Bet: ✅Canisius +2.5 1H Conditionals: ✅N Alabama +0.5 1H ❔OSU +3.5 Leans: ❔UCR +4.5 ✅DePaul +2 ✅SDSU -5.5 ❌Merrimack +6 ✅Air Force -2 ✅St. Francis PA -5 ✅Tulane -2
05 Dec, 04:14 AM UTC
Zach Zaidman
DePaul stays unbeaten, beating Texas Tech 65-60 in OT. Jalen Coleman-Lands with 20. Blue Demons are 9-0! They host Buffalo Sunday. @ZachZaidman's photo on DePaul
05 Dec, 04:15 AM UTC
DePaul is 9-0. Shout out to the OGs! Just cause.
05 Dec, 05:33 AM UTC
Hoop Fiends 🏀💉
9-0 Depaul beats Texas Tech and is still unbeaten! Rank them.
05 Dec, 07:18 AM UTC
Seth Davis
If you call me while DePaul is playing your ass is going to straight to voicemail
05 Dec, 01:31 AM UTC
Official attendance tonight was 5,493. Seemed like more. A very loud intense crowd. Great college basketball atmosphere. #dpubb #depaul #playingpossessed
05 Dec, 04:38 AM UTC
Joel ODonnell
@BarstoolBigCat @JonRothstein DePaul basketball is like a kite in a thunderstorm. Electric
05 Dec, 04:18 AM UTC
Viva the Matadors
Texas Tech falls to DePaul in OT, 65-60.
05 Dec, 04:12 AM UTC
Jeff Goodman
Never been so intrigued watching the end of a DePaul game. The Fighting Dave Leitao’s just sent this one to overtime against Texas Tech.
05 Dec, 03:46 AM UTC
Kerry Miller
There have been more tweets about DePaul men’s basketball in the past 2 hours than there were in the previous 8 seasons combined. And it’s awesome.
05 Dec, 03:48 AM UTC
Stephen F. Austin Student
05 Dec, 04:25 AM UTC
Kim Adams
“DePaul is going to be in the NCAA Tournament. It’s just a matter of what the seed will be.” - @SteveLavin64 👀
05 Dec, 04:22 AM UTC

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