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Daniel Goldman
Even if Dershowitz is right on the law — which he’s not — he has NO idea what evidence the FBI had when they sought the search warrant. So there is simply no basis to make this claim unless you believe that every lawyer in the country is immune from search warrants.
03 May, 12:54 AM UTC
Elie Honig
When I was in law school, you had to win a lottery to get into Prof. Dershowitz’s class - literally, you’d have to list it as your first pick and hope for the best. I tried every semester and never got in. I feel very differently about that random stroke of fortune now.
03 May, 12:47 PM UTC
Bernard B. Kerik
Alan Dershowitz slams FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani as 'unconstitutional'
03 May, 01:47 AM UTC
🖕🏻Aunt Crabby Calls Bullshit 🖕🏻
For years, Americans were told Donald Trump was a great businessman, Rudy Giuliani was America's Mayor, and Alan Dershowitz was a brilliant lawyer Trump was the product of NBC Marketing Rudy stumbled into 9/11 Dershowitz believed his own hype & nobody had the guts to challenge
03 May, 11:20 AM UTC
Richard W. Painter
The search warrant was invalid because, so long as Rudy was wearing his underwear at all relevant times, he couldn't possibly have done anything wrong. Right? Alan Dershowitz slams FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani's apartment via @nypost
03 May, 04:28 AM UTC
Jason Miller
Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Giuliani Raid 'Unconstitutional' #Newsmax via @Newsmax
03 May, 02:01 AM UTC
Tim Hannan
Alan Dershowitz slammed the FBI raid on Giuliani which means Rudy is completely fucked.
03 May, 11:06 AM UTC
Agolf Twitler Slayer
Alan Dershowitz thinks lawyers in this country are above the law and search warrants should not be served. Sorry Alan, Wrong again. Rudy's going down! #GuiltyAF
03 May, 12:58 PM UTC
Amy Lynn ✡️🐝
Alan Dershowitz always keeps his underwear the shower, when he goes to the bathroom, during massages with underage girls🙄.
03 May, 11:51 AM UTC
Dershowitz on new client Giuliani: "Who knows who is going to be next?"
03 May, 01:18 PM UTC
🖤🦋Rowan Moon🦋🖤
Alan Dershowitz saying the FBI raid on Giuliani was unconstitutional because a "search warrant to a lawyer" should only be done "if there’s great evidence that the lawyer, is in the process of destroying it" Did he go to Trump University?
03 May, 12:15 PM UTC
"Damning Satan to Hell is unconstitutional. This is an irresponsible and illegal act by God." -Alan Dershowitz on Paradise Lost
03 May, 05:49 AM UTC
Alan Dershowitz is full of shit.
03 May, 05:29 AM UTC
Dr. Bill Jiden
Millennials were raised to believe that Donald Trump was a great businessman, Alan Dershowitz was a brilliant lawyer, and Rudy Giuliani was America's Mayor, and then you wonder why we don't trust your ass.
03 May, 02:10 AM UTC
Laura Ingraham's Adam's Apple
@bobtheretired @AndrewFeinberg How funny that two of the most famous and experienced attorneys in the country are two of the biggest crooks and fraud. Dershowitz and Giuliani are going down.
03 May, 01:26 AM UTC
Monty 🇺🇸Lincoln's Speeches🇺🇸 Boa
@AndrewFeinberg How does Alan Dershowitz propose that investigators discover that a lawyer is in the process of destroying evidence if they can't get a search warrant to establish the fact? He proposes a Catch-22. Total nonsense.
03 May, 02:59 AM UTC
Hana Perez🌊
Accused Pedophile Alan Dershowitz agreed to help and advise Rudy Giuliani following Wednesday's raid by FBI Dershowitz has got his own problems. That Epstein shit stain is really hard to get off.
03 May, 08:20 AM UTC
Judy Evers
@danielsgoldman Dershowitz is talking BS again. A lawyer is a human being. Human beings are subject to prosecution for breaking the laws of the land. Therefore lawyers get served search warrants for prosecutable evidence if there is good reason, just like everybody else.
03 May, 01:22 AM UTC
@AndrewFeinberg Judge: are you sure he is in the process of destroying evidence? Prosecutor: It is now 3:07 pm. He announced on OANN he would start destroying it at 9:30 pm. Judge: I can’t sign off on this yet. It is premature. A. Dershowitz says he needs *to be in the process* of destroying it.
03 May, 01:17 AM UTC
Palmer Report
Here comes Alan Dershowitz to make Giuliani’s life even more difficult
03 May, 05:17 AM UTC
Alan Dershowitz breaks down the 'outrageous' raid on Rudy Giuliani's home:
03 May, 02:30 PM UTC
~𝓣𝓮𝓷𝓪𝓬𝓲𝓸𝓾𝓼 𝓣𝓮𝓪𝓱~
This is all you need to know abut Dershowitz.
03 May, 08:33 AM UTC
Mr. Newberger
I think Alan Dershowitz is mistaking Rudy Giuliani's book Leadership for the US Constitution, in the same way he mistook wearing his underwear during a massage on Jeffrey Epstein's Island, for a spa day.
03 May, 11:25 AM UTC
Exploding Space Pillow Singh, MD 🌊
Alan Dershowitz says he is willing to lawyer for Rudy Giuliani. When asked as to what he would be bringing to the table, he said he will bring his underwear.
03 May, 01:39 PM UTC
Barbara Malmet
When Dershowitz is your lawyer, he just makes stuff up.
03 May, 11:58 AM UTC
Hana Perez🌊
Alan Dershowitz? the sexual predator named by Epstein's victims?
03 May, 08:13 AM UTC
Dan Pereira
Alan Dershowitz is upset that the FBI raided #RudyGiuliani's home & office. Of course, he has agreed to help with Rudy's legal defense. These are two of the slimiest looking public figures!! Lock them both up!! #FBI #Dershowitz
03 May, 02:25 PM UTC
cαηα∂α нαтεs тя☭мρ
Wonder why Alan Dershowitz believes search warrants should not be issued on lawyers?
03 May, 02:26 PM UTC
NC Vates
@JoyceWhiteVance @morgfair Trump and the GOP know that once they give birth to a lie, the lie can be refuted and debunked but its existence can't be reversed. And it will be believed by enough people to have done its job for them. That's how/why people like Dershowitz, Hawley & Cruz make blatant errors.
03 May, 04:01 AM UTC
Richard Signorelli
During a Q&A w/ Dershowitz in the 1980s, I asked him whether it would be proper for an atty to lie to the press on behalf of a client. He did not directly answer this but did not say no. There was a reason I asked him this Q at that time so long ago. The signs were already there.
03 May, 01:54 PM UTC