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Duchess Goldblatt
It’s the Duchess Goldblatt Dog Show: Surprise Edition! Let’s go. Wake up the dogs. Primp! Preen! Use #DGDS so everyone can find you.
08 Nov, 12:57 PM UTC
Connie Schultz
@duchessgoldblat One of Walter’s favorite spots is on top of our First Amendment pillow. Coincidence? We think not. #dgds @ConnieSchultz's photo on #DGDS
08 Nov, 01:05 PM UTC
Emma Mitchell
@duchessgoldblat To hell with the black dog, here’s the orange one #DGDS https://t.co/LWbsxuZYky
08 Nov, 01:24 PM UTC
Elizabeth Hackett
@duchessgoldblat Girl, let's tear apart a sheep together. #DGDS https://t.co/NGM0V7KKxL
08 Nov, 03:42 PM UTC
Paul Travis Klein 🏳️‍🌈
@NathanDunbar @duchessgoldblat Oh this lil buddy? ☺️ #DGDS https://t.co/GJ2FHHwVSJ
08 Nov, 01:46 PM UTC
Rebecca Makkai
@duchessgoldblat For the talent portion: Matilda has chewed through her new toy! #DGDS @rebeccamakkai's photo on #DGDS
08 Nov, 04:04 PM UTC
Victoria Weinstein
@duchessgoldblat Your Grace! May I present Maxfield First Parish in argyle #DGDS https://t.co/CUKIOmexBe
08 Nov, 02:20 PM UTC
Krystle J
Zoe says good morning, dear. #DGDS https://t.co/dynGiBAKNI
08 Nov, 02:20 PM UTC
@duchessgoldblat Hellooooo from your biggest fans, including honorary-dog Frankles ❤️ #DGDS https://t.co/XNXDHwooyH
08 Nov, 05:10 PM UTC
@duchessgoldblat Roscoe is joining us in spirit. He passed away in May after being with us for 11 years. He was full grown when we got him, so it was a good long life. #DGDS https://t.co/bwWJamTf8v
08 Nov, 03:35 PM UTC
Elizabeth Crane
@duchessgoldblat Percy at his Percyest. #DGDS @Elizabeth_Crane's photo on #DGDS
08 Nov, 02:05 PM UTC
@duchessgoldblat Oliver and Leonard say “you drive, Duchess!”#DGDS https://t.co/5pKV8dUyjW
08 Nov, 02:04 PM UTC
Charlie Smith SRST
#dgds Max is playing coy. I explained it was at the request of @duchessgoldblat , and he relented but said, "I simply refuse to pose...how do I look?" https://t.co/CqJd64oOSc
08 Nov, 02:49 PM UTC
Janet Somerville
Garp, on the tear. #DGDS @Bksandauthors 📷 Alex Burns https://t.co/hIDkmI0Alh
08 Nov, 04:21 PM UTC
Savage Jean Provost 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🍑🏳️‍🌈
@duchessgoldblat My brilliant granddog, Sandy. #DGDS https://t.co/zEHzL0Jxlb
08 Nov, 02:12 PM UTC
Double K
@duchessgoldblat Miss Ivie, pre-beauty routine. Good morning, everyone! #DGDS https://t.co/yKyEwWEjAe
08 Nov, 02:08 PM UTC
TK Roach-Kaminski
@duchessgoldblat Lucy is ready for a surprise dog show. #DGDS https://t.co/3N9HC3ug4i
08 Nov, 04:46 PM UTC
Anne Margaret Daniel
@duchessgoldblat Hammond and Mavis are longtime participants in the #DGDS and are shaking the sleep from their eyes, preparing to parade. They have explained the procedure to Beauty, who is very excited. Thank you, your grace (deep curtseys, and a bow, from their person and all dogs here) ❤️🐾 https://t.co/PcuNeDcURe
08 Nov, 02:27 PM UTC
The Bethie Jo
@duchessgoldblat #dgds Foster dog Vinnie is dressed like the Duchess today https://t.co/rJjfk4JfAs
08 Nov, 02:31 PM UTC
Dr. StephanieB
@duchessgoldblat Gracie the Great is very excited to be considered for the #DGDS, Your Grace. For her, this event is right up there with sleeping, chasing the cat and barking at strangers as her fave thing to do! https://t.co/fi06DJxpAE
08 Nov, 02:26 PM UTC
Carolyn Woods
@duchessgoldblat Fia is checking her appointment calendar to be sure she can squeeze this new excitement into her busy day. #DGDS https://t.co/BLyq4eZkh8
08 Nov, 02:23 PM UTC
The Bethie Jo
#DGDS Vinnie the foster dog went camping by Mille Lacs .@ruffstartrescue https://t.co/Ys1JGwNw8P
08 Nov, 02:09 PM UTC
Steve Himmer
@duchessgoldblat Bosco can hardly contain himself. #dgds https://t.co/YdX4jrfUOy
08 Nov, 02:04 PM UTC
@duchessgoldblat #DGDS, former foster puppies edition https://t.co/UU5J5JGAZq
08 Nov, 05:13 PM UTC
Carolyn Parkhurst
@duchessgoldblat Yuli loves to go out for a "walk" on a sunny fall day. (Also, please note the very genteel way she crosses her paws.) #DGDS @CParkhurst1's photo on #DGDS
08 Nov, 03:26 PM UTC

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