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Geetika Swami
Dhoni for India. India for Dhoni! MS Dhoni, An absolute legend. His records speak for himself. #DhoniInBillionHearts #FridayFeeling @SwamiGeetika's photo on dhoni
12 Jul, 02:36 AM UTC
Javed Akhtar
As a middle order batsman or a WK M S Dhoni is a totally dependable n trustworthy. Virat is graceful enough to accept that Dhoni’s understanding of game is an advantage for the team .One can see that a lot of cricket is still left in Him . Why even talk about his retirement
12 Jul, 10:39 AM UTC
MS Dhoni Fans Official
Here's our Friday motivation from one & only MS Dhoni!💙 "Process is more important than the Results." Video Courtesy : @iamkash_kr #MSDhoni #Dhoni #TeamIndia @msdfansofficial's photo on dhoni
12 Jul, 05:43 AM UTC
DHONIsm™ ❤️
DHONI Spotted with a SMILE in ENGLAND 😍❤️ #DhoniInBillionHearts https://t.co/udSSTvzejJ
12 Jul, 05:54 AM UTC
#TeamIndia fans, do you agree? https://t.co/72xDU4toWd @ESPNcricinfo's photo on dhoni
12 Jul, 07:56 AM UTC
MS Dhoni Fans Official
Then, Now & Forever - Our Captain! Retweet if you Agree💙😍 #DhoniAtCWC19 #MSDhoni #Dhoni @msdfansofficial's photo on dhoni
12 Jul, 03:09 PM UTC
MS Dhoni Fans Official
It hurts to see him like this. . . 😔 Recent click of MS Dhoni from Manchester! #Dhoni #MSDhoni #TeamIndia @msdfansofficial's photo on dhoni
12 Jul, 03:51 AM UTC
DHONIsm™ ❤️
“It’s not fair all the time to expect Dhoni to come and finish the game. He has done it time and again,” Tendulkar @DHONIism's photo on dhoni
12 Jul, 03:10 AM UTC
Broken Cricket
Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvnehwar Kumar likely to rested for the West Indies series. Rohit Sharma expected to lead the team.
12 Jul, 01:36 PM UTC
AKDFA Official
All Kerala Dhoni Fans Association members are ready to do a Multi Language TWITTER TREND on Tomorrow at 8pm @DHONIism Divided By Languages United By DHONI ❣ https://t.co/lfTJ7FoQNr
12 Jul, 03:01 PM UTC
MS Dhoni Fans Official
"Infact, MS Dhoni has injured the hand again off delivery he was run out against New Zealand. The selectors will look to give him some rest, looking at the packed international calendar for next year.” - BCCI official #TeamIndia #MSDhoni #Dhoni
12 Jul, 11:33 AM UTC
#WorldCupReview | World Cup | Steve Waugh's huge MS Dhoni statement: He's chased ‘better than anyone in the history of the game’. https://t.co/PQslrlDFyJ
12 Jul, 04:34 PM UTC
Retweet if you support MS Dhoni https://t.co/LtytV7kpiy
12 Jul, 05:03 AM UTC
DHONIsm™ ❤️
"All of others are Federer fan, but im a NADAL Fan" - DHONI ❤️ #Wimbledon https://t.co/4ccjUwWEqf
12 Jul, 06:15 PM UTC
News7 Tamil
#நியூஸ்கராத்தே | தல தோனி கராத்தே..! Youtube Subscribe ➤ https://t.co/VbbiKldHHT https://t.co/5wMBD3FLqB | @MSDhoni | #Dhoni | #NewsKarate | #DhoniKarate @news7tamil's photo on dhoni
12 Jul, 02:03 PM UTC
Ra_Bies 2.0
Yet again it’s Nadal versus Federer. It’s difficult to decide whom to support - Nadal or Federer, both are so likeable, adored and admired. But what I have learnt from my experience and the knowledge about the sport, support the experience. Thus I’m supporting MSD. Hail Dhoni
12 Jul, 03:40 PM UTC
AKDFA Official
“Dhoni is the best captain I have played under.”- Sachin Tendulkar @msdhoni #Dhoni #SachinTendulkar https://t.co/oMkU7vJlsc
12 Jul, 05:32 PM UTC
The Bad Doctor
Federer won the match in the 4th set itself and did not stretch the match to the 5th set tiebreaker and lose it. He's still not as great as Dhoni
12 Jul, 06:53 PM UTC
History Of India
*Why Dhoni doesn't retire? He not wants to lose Advertisements; criticism he has to face is v small price *Why Celeb RWs don't criticise Modi? Because they not wants to lose money from IT cell; Hindutva only for RTs
12 Jul, 04:42 PM UTC
MSD Zealot!!
"I think it’s pretty unfair. MS Dhoni has won so many games for India, and he’s played the same way over a long period of time. Without him, there wouldn’t be a chance to win a game and of course, you’re not going to win every time" - Steve Waugh 1/2
12 Jul, 05:13 PM UTC
M S Dhoni Army
MS Dhoni carried a finger injury in the second half of the tournament & has injured his hand off delivery he was run out against New Zealand. The selectors will look to give him some rest, looking at the packed international calendar for next year.” - BCCI official #MSDhoni https://t.co/pU00DcUTMI
12 Jul, 11:51 AM UTC
Who is the Best Indian captain of all time? Like - Dhoni (short - hair) Retweet - Dhoni (Long - hair) Comment - Both 😂 #DhoniInBillionHearts https://t.co/to41vucSNA
12 Jul, 06:51 AM UTC
N. Ram
It was perfectly legal; there were only five, not six, fielders outside the 30-yard circle: “Fact-checking Dhoni run-out in WC 2019 semi-final: Was there a violation of fielding restrictions? - Alt News” https://t.co/VKUv7Dn5F7
12 Jul, 09:41 PM UTC
Shivam yadav
👉T20 World cup. 👉Test Match Rank 1. 👉1 World Cup 👉3 IPL Trophy 👉2 CLT20 👉1 Champion Trophy. 👉2 Asia cup. 👉10000+ Runs. 👉100+ stumping. Don't go anywhere we need you till 2023 👍😓 One man...The name is Dhoni♥♥♥♥ #DhoniInBillionHearts https://t.co/eyTfvD9ipy
12 Jul, 03:21 PM UTC
World Cup | Watch: ICC's 'Terminator' take at MS Dhoni's run out in the semifinal against New Zealand doesn't impress Indians https://t.co/zy4r5ix7wB
12 Jul, 10:30 PM UTC
No name
@RaviShastriOfc 5/3 and u expect layman Dinesh Kartik to hold the innings under pressure wen u have dhoni.are u a goat?what kind of coach u r.after the top 3 fell only dhoni could have handled.5/3 the match was already lost so y not dhoni given the chance?dirty politics
12 Jul, 10:37 PM UTC
@ESPNcricinfo My Lineup: 1. Rohit Sharma 2. Shikhar Dhawan/Mayank Agarwal 3. King Kohli 4. KL Rahul 5. Ravendra Jadeja 6. Hardik Pandya 7. MS Dhoni 8. M.Shami 9. Jasprit Bumrah 10. Bhuvneshwar Kumar 11. Yuzvendra Chahal
12 Jul, 10:28 PM UTC
Pradeep Raj Takhar
12 Jul, 10:27 PM UTC
मेरा CM नल्ला है
@inquisitiver7 @Kupun_ @sachin_rt @imjadeja @msdhoni @BLACKCAPS For Indian side he was highest scorer And Promoting Dhoni in batting order was his idea too
12 Jul, 10:46 PM UTC
@yadavdimples Ha....Ha....Ha.....Dhoni is going to retire, what about Akhilesh Yadav?
12 Jul, 10:46 PM UTC
Crucial time M. S. Dhoni run out. Look at the third umpire face reaction... That is dhoni... https://t.co/0kSfpPDmzG
12 Jul, 10:45 PM UTC
Vishwakranth Kumar
Do not retire Dhoni is good # ... But I am for his retirement.. I want him back as a coach ... Don't write him off guys even after retirement. .. he might not play I reckon he still has a big role in Indian cricket left... # should be Dhoni for coach . Might be too early
12 Jul, 10:45 PM UTC
Global Indian
@ImRo45 Persisting with Dhoni was wrong completely wrong. But if he was being played. He couldn’t be a finisher as he became too slow. So he became a liability at any number if batted long unless he had Pandya types at other end
12 Jul, 10:45 PM UTC
@ESPNcricinfo Drop Dhoni..Most of the problems will be solved. Drop DK and bring in mayank, shubhman ,shreyas
12 Jul, 10:44 PM UTC
No name
@bcci 5/3 india coach @RaviShastriOfc and @imVkohli still thinking dhoni is better off at 7. game was already lost so y wasn’t dhoni an experienced player sent much before inexperienced pant,Dinesh and hardik?????simply dirty politics.which batsman of Dhoni’s calibre bats at 7?
12 Jul, 10:43 PM UTC
@DOCTORATLARGE Doc cut down on the rant about Dhoni. Criticisms are fair but comparing a solo/doubles sport player to 1 member of a 11 squad. Still, out of the 50 finals, Federer has lost in 22 at the highest level. Roger's winning % is = Dhoni's (as captain) winning % in limited overs at 56%.
12 Jul, 10:41 PM UTC
amresh kumar
#1.Why raydu had kept as reserve player??? #2.In a team there were 3 wicket keeper and all were playing 11..???? #3. Why dhoni not came when it was 5/3..???? From die hard fan of #IND #MSD #KOHLI
12 Jul, 10:41 PM UTC
Gaurav Sharma
@sumiA37 @PariSharma22_ @sachya2002 @imVkohli @AskRishabh bhai agr baat probability m hi krni h to hone ko to kch bhi ho skta h....in case dhoni 4 no p khelta or reality ye h ki dhoni apni us form nhi tha pure wc...jo actually dhoni ki ability h ...ye bhi to ho skta dhoni bhi jldi out ho jata...phr kya hota bhot buri tarah harte
12 Jul, 10:40 PM UTC
Vaidehi Dhume
@ICC This post is in such bad taste! Applauding the winning team for their good performance is one thing but this tweet mocks the legend that is M S Dhoni. Big thumbs down @ICC 👎👎👎👎
12 Jul, 10:37 PM UTC
Alisha ❤#Salmanholic die heart fan of Salman
@raj_skdhoni @msdhoni Dhoni
12 Jul, 10:33 PM UTC
Pradeep Raj Takhar
@BCCI @msdhoni My pick is from Dhoni in pic..2019 . @PradeepRajTak10
12 Jul, 10:31 PM UTC
Rohan Singh
@cricketworldcup The direct throw dismissing Dhoni may have given New Zealand the chance to win the world cup though. Thanks to Martin Guptill.
12 Jul, 10:31 PM UTC
Sivanarayana Reddy
Not able to see dhoni tears @@@ ❤dhoni don't give retirement ,no body can replace you https://t.co/fmA33NGLKd
12 Jul, 10:29 PM UTC
Pradeep Raj Takhar
@BCCI @msdhoni Many Happy Returns Of The Day MS Dhoni Sahib : @PradeepRajTak10
12 Jul, 10:27 PM UTC
dabangg investor
Honest stuff with a straight face! #PoliteEnquiries: Roy v Dharmasena, Psychic Jofra, is MS Dhoni finished? https://t.co/yea126eggL
12 Jul, 10:27 PM UTC
M Whittington
@MailSport Great Article, although being an American, I had look up who MS Dhoni was
12 Jul, 10:25 PM UTC
Vinod Kumar
@republic People falsely think that the result would have been different, had Dhoni been at #4. Nothing exceptional would have happened except a bit more of his dragged on took, took and took!
12 Jul, 10:24 PM UTC
Krish Patel
6 fielders were outside of the circle when Dhoni’s Wicket was taken. That powerplay only allows 5 such players to do that. You screwed India out of a spot in the Final. #TeamIndia 💔 https://t.co/S7rdsfmX9T
12 Jul, 10:22 PM UTC