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Wert “Captain Trips” Garcia
I dont give a fuck if you dont know Van Halen, but if you dont know DIAMOND DAVE David Lee Roth get the FUCK outta here!!!!! https://t.co/eQt5C3Pg3E
02 Dec, 07:08 PM UTC
David Lee Roth is trending, my first though is: "Fuck I hope Diamond Dave isn't dead." Second though is: "Man Sammy Hagar sucks ass." #diamonddaveforever https://t.co/OXAqVrnRBC
02 Dec, 10:20 PM UTC
Joan LeMay
Feel like this is a fine time to re-share the Diamond Dave painting I did last year for the greats @SteveKandell + @MeganDonis https://t.co/qzdM6agO8U
02 Dec, 09:36 PM UTC
Anna Dorfman 🥯🌵
Look, I love Van Halen, but is my generation really going to insist on doing a public dissertation on Diamond Dave just to own someone born almost two decades after their peak? C’mon
02 Dec, 08:56 PM UTC
Jay Dav-O
Y'all don't got no love for Diamond Dave? Not the best singer but... His charisma? Showmanship? Wow... #DavidLeeRoth https://t.co/X5PpqSB7lf
02 Dec, 10:43 PM UTC
I just saw that Van Halen was trending and immediately got a bad feeling. Luckily it’s nothing. Therefore, here’s Diamond Dave with an explanation of the Brown M&Ms: https://t.co/aWYuDOLhvv
02 Dec, 11:06 PM UTC
@debbiemillman @QueenOliviaStR Diamond Dave used to volunteer at the pelican harbor marina in Miami. My friend used to work there & once asked if I knew a "David Roth who was in a band?" which is weird cuz we were both the same age. Anyhoo, he'd kayak over from Mia Beach which was about 8 miles or so.
02 Dec, 09:41 PM UTC
Seth Galitzer
@jonrosenberg Van Halen doesn't exist without Diamond Dave. Sammy was OK, but he's no DLR. I will die on this hill.
02 Dec, 08:12 PM UTC
Performance Chino
Speaking of Van Halen, this is a great time to reshare when Diamond Dave did a BLUEGRASS COVER OF 'JUMP' on Leno. https://t.co/woZ7DkIToa
02 Dec, 09:46 PM UTC
@ablesolomon88 @RollingStone she woulda been just three when i had to suffer diamond dave getting all mincey ..country mince to boot . https://t.co/ho9l3ShG3g
02 Dec, 09:42 PM UTC
🎄Jolly 🌟 Old 🎅 Jemal ☃️ Cole 🎄
I like Van Halen, but mostly for reasons of nostalgia. To be honest, Billie Eilish is really only missing out on how amazing Diamond Dave is, and she could just watch the video for Panama with the sound off.
02 Dec, 09:33 PM UTC
almond joy division
...at the time, they were HUGE. I spend some of my formative years living near Honolulu, and I can tell you, *all* I heard from radios at Waikiki was Van Halen. Literally *every* kid could draw the Van Halen logo. The world collapsed when Diamond Dave left.
02 Dec, 09:29 PM UTC
pic of me cordially inviting you all to exclude my all-time favorite himbo aka mr diamond dave from your misguided defense of the famous teenager and suggesting you focus your ire on the famous adult man texting her and other teen girls https://t.co/lSJlTHMY4w
02 Dec, 08:23 PM UTC
@MissusMelnee @TheSandmanEsq @MalDrogo There is nothing dad rock about Diamond Dave For shame you guys For shame
02 Dec, 08:14 PM UTC
The Tominator
I saw that David Lee Roth was trending on Twitter and I thought Diamond Dave might have kicked the ol bucket. So glad to see that he didn't. 🤘
02 Dec, 11:10 PM UTC
Notorious B A Bs 🌻
@MizzzAlia LOL!! People have been ripping on ol' Diamond Dave for one reason or another since 1983. XD
02 Dec, 11:09 PM UTC
I want proof of life from Diamond Dave
02 Dec, 10:55 PM UTC
We Are Patriot Cane
Holy shit.. I saw David Lee Roth trending and my heart stopped. Baddest ass front man ever to exist is Diamond Dave! Sorry Houston, I know y'all are Sammy fans but he's no Diamond Dave!
02 Dec, 10:49 PM UTC
@kurtmschiller @RealJeffTidwell 👀 going there w the spicy pro Sammy not so diamond dave take I told you madness is afoot
02 Dec, 10:41 PM UTC
@amaditalks Diamond Dave was an excellent showman.
02 Dec, 10:41 PM UTC
Yngwie J. Mall of America
Maybe my favorite underrated song: "Can't Get This Stuff No More." And to quote diamond Dave: "Got me a date with a supermodel. Ha ha ha I know, I know I figured "Fuck it" Dinner at the hotel, champagne bottle Steak and potatoes, a feather in a bucket"
02 Dec, 10:40 PM UTC
🙌COACH M🙌🏈🏀🏋️
@bomani_jones Diamond Dave was an entertainer... Singer not so much... https://t.co/QpG75MDMWB
02 Dec, 10:27 PM UTC
Mike Dawson 🦊
Diamond Dave in the Diamond Dustbin of History
02 Dec, 10:26 PM UTC
@MacDara It's a bit lumpen but the riff is catchy enough, misses the Diamond Dave energy. Weren't most hard rock bands still considered 'album' bands in the UK in the mid eighties? Like pre Def Leppard's Hysteria?
02 Dec, 10:26 PM UTC
Rayna James Dio
Apparently there is more than one Very Big Van Halen fan out there who is searching for tweets about Diamond Dave. Dear lord.
02 Dec, 10:22 PM UTC
Dorsey Shaw
@al3xth3writ3r Diamond Dave gotta get paid my man
02 Dec, 10:19 PM UTC
nice fiancée
@listenupnerds I have a preference of course, but that's mostly because I have a diamond dave sound board on my phone
02 Dec, 10:18 PM UTC
There’s something Karl Lagerfeld-esque about Diamond Dave here... https://t.co/jcE1evgRtz
02 Dec, 10:18 PM UTC
Mike Suade
@jonnyblackout Yeah. Diamond Dave will always be the crazed front man who gets my vote!
02 Dec, 10:15 PM UTC
Situationist International Man Of Mystery
@MasterMastermnd This is hard for people to understand. Without Diamond Dave they're no more exciting that Yngve Malsteim's groups.
02 Dec, 09:56 PM UTC

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