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In Kenya, The Citizens have to be the Investigator, Law Enforcers, Law Abiders, Surveyors, Tax Payers & Whistle blowers. The Government is the Biggest Enemy of the Country and the Main Stream media just sanitizes Fraud. The media really promoted #DiamondPropertiesScam. Shame!
12 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
Kenyans trust too much. When will people ever understand that the only person you can trust is yourself. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
Mukami Wa Embu 🇰🇪
The problem is that our local media is also controlled by cartels to run adverts for such conmen like #DiamondPropertiesScam and others
12 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
Maina and King'ang'i wherever they are, are feeling the shame. How can the Diamond properties use them like that. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:35 AM UTC
Agribusiness is a Good Business Venture. However, it should not be used as an avenue by Companies to Scam Innocent Kenyans. Many Kenyans have Lost Millions to Diamond Properties who haven't compensated them for a Failed Project. #DiamondPropertiesScam https://t.co/rcKEvBoFJ2
12 Feb, 02:57 AM UTC
If you'd have down your homework you would have noticed that the GH was over priced, for starters. Then, if they could guarantee a certain amount per yr, why didn't they farm profitably for themselves? Why do you, stranger, a favor? You were warned!! #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
.@DCI_Kenya can You guys please look into the #DiamondPropertiesScam? This is a Project that was overhyped by the Media only to turn out to be one of the Greatest agri-business scams of the decade. https://t.co/a9zNYTFfYY
12 Feb, 03:14 AM UTC
Lesson learnt "Never be ashamed of your hustle, no one will feed you if you are broke. Be dirty to get your food instead of clean and hungry. #DiamondPropertiesScam NAIROBI FINEST CHANNEL's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 05:55 AM UTC
Diamond Properties investors are crying foul after losing millions in a joint agribusiness venture. The investors were promised to earn 200K every season. #DiamondPropertiesScam ORAPAK™ 🇰🇪's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 03:13 AM UTC
This is the Advertisement that was carried out by Diamond Properties on the Bethany 4 projects in Kajiado. Promising Kenyans great returns. #DiamondPropertiesScam Video Courtesy :Diamond Properties BRAVIN™'s photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 03:47 AM UTC
Wainaina Mwaura
#DiamondPropertiesScam The company should be shut down. However its chairman is Josphat Kabeabea MP for Tigania East and he's formed a very close rship with @WilliamsRuto . If you know you know Wainaina Mwaura's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 05:38 AM UTC
Rafiki_ke 🇰🇪
I want to Differ with Those person's blaming @ItsMainaKageni And @MwalimChurchill for advertising and giving a hype on DiamondProperties. The duo were doing their job. Keep them off of the scam #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 06:30 AM UTC
Ms Jepkurui 💎🌸🇰🇪
Sometime last year My Dad called me telling me that he met one of my classmates from Highschool on this Nairobi streets tu who introduced herself to him and told him that She had a good business idea that he can invest in. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 05:15 AM UTC
Hey @ItsMainaKageni wewe ukona kaploti huku ama ulieka watu kwa moto na ukajitoa 😎 #DiamondPropertiesScam ORAPAK™ 🇰🇪's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 05:54 AM UTC
When you invest millions on a project and you are assured to get returns, who is to blame if the projects backfires? The company you paid for or the contractor given the mandate to deliver? #DiamondPropertiesScam ORAPAK™ 🇰🇪's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 03:27 AM UTC
Very many people have taken advantage of Kenyans urge to make income and being unemployed to scam them. Many Kenyans applied for Loans to invest in the Diamond Properties Project which never materialized and they haven't been compensated. It sad! #DiamondPropertiesScam https://t.co/zg99HmxElq
12 Feb, 05:00 AM UTC
This should be enough to warn Kenyans that Maina Kageni is on a payroll from those dark investors who invest on the ignorance and desperation of the middle class. @mainakageni #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
Scandals involving land in kenya are on the rise. How many companies have been established in the recent years to sale plots? Almost each one of them has a scandal. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
Equipped for greatness
The day I bought land in the wilderness (marketed as kitengela near a bypass) is when i learnt my lesson @ 955n for half acre . The market price is 300k an acre. @sicsafaricom mungu anawaona. 6yrs later it's still wild animals roaming there. Scam nation #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
The contractors was hired by the investors to work on greenhouses are pulling out of the projects, #DiamondPropertiesScam Soita's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 03:20 AM UTC
Nathelly Cris😘
So after Banda Homes its Diamond Propertied. Maina Kingang'i is part of the whole scam. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 06:54 AM UTC
Samuel Munene
It's funny how you expected someone to farm for you and pay you....What were you plants again?? #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 03:52 AM UTC
Kwale Gunner 🇰🇪
How to advertise SCAM businesses! 🔥👏 Maina made his $$$ and left. #DiamondPropertiesScamKwale Gunner 🇰🇪's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 05:51 AM UTC
Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come, not even a strong army. And the idea is, Dr. Ruto is the next president of Kenya whether Daily nation and those Australopithecuses like it or not. #DiamondPropertiesScam #TuesdayThoughts #AMLive
12 Feb, 05:56 AM UTC
SEKEBPundit. 🇰🇪
The best investment in Kajiado County is animal farming which Masai have done since time immemorial, why be scammed with far fetched stories if crop farming #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 03:47 AM UTC
Food Ninja
RE: #DiamondPropertiesScam Farming is one of the riskiest businesses you can ever engage in in this country. The returns can be good but highly unpredictable. NEVER trust anyone who guarantees you returns per season. Jiulize why they are not leasing to do it themselves. RISKS!
12 Feb, 06:54 AM UTC
16th GΞMINI ◢◤
More than 1,000 investors have filed complaints with the consumer federation of Kenya. Diamond properties has failed to deliver what they promised to Kenyans even after such a costly investment #DiamondPropertiesScam 16th GΞMINI ◢◤'s photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 03:55 AM UTC
I wonder if there was any agreement signed before the clients invested their money. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:25 AM UTC
The buyer was to purchase the plot, pay for the greenhouse and become an urban farmer. They bought the land but are yet to get the promised returns. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 03:56 AM UTC
Muthui Mkenya 🇰🇪
Shocking revelations Inside the #DiamondPropertiesScam Diamond Property Merchants are the masters of deception when it comes to real estate. You'll never hear of the negative stories because... https://t.co/A7QrJCcCN1
12 Feb, 07:12 AM UTC
Japhe 🇰🇪 Fx
I still don't understand how a scam like Diamond property won Top 100 mid-sized Companies Award annual survey by KPMG..Compromised? i don't know!!... But with this, what did you expect from aquisitive media personalities like Maina Kageni...He had to.... #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
On Bethany Phase 4, Investors we promised a Return of 500k per year if they invested on an 1/8 Acre piece of land and a a Single greenhouse was worth 320k. This only remained a Dream to many who are now counting loses. #DiamondPropertiesScam https://t.co/CXQflIZuHc
12 Feb, 04:10 AM UTC
Introvert Nextdoor🇰🇪
There's is this obsession with the middle class and even hustlers to buy a piece of land/plot. Cons are taking advantage of this. Who said to be successful you must own a plot. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:28 AM UTC
Kwale Gunner 🇰🇪
Their Greenhouse contractor just pulled out. This scam is heavier than any sort of online pyramid scheme ever! That weighty load is unbearable. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:15 AM UTC
Kwale Gunner 🇰🇪
Currently, bunches of investors lament that the multi billion project I'm Kajiado failed to pay back their dues. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:03 AM UTC
Ms Jepkurui 💎🌸🇰🇪
Too much sad news this week! #FindCarolineMwatha #FindBillianOjiwa Let's Pray they will be found safe. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 04:32 AM UTC
David Ndung'u 🇰🇪
Complete P.O.S software @ 15,000. Manage your inventory system & stock wherever you are at your convenience. Call 0712581561 #AllInOneMonthlyBundles #DiamondPropertiesScam #FindBillianOjiwa #KaraSecurityForum Juventus #AlexNaJalas #MainaAndKingangi #TuesdayThoughts #BillyNaTricky https://t.co/YLRhFiwLoN
12 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
Karùri wa Nyaga.
At least @mainakageni went to Miami with the proceeds of the advert. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 06:02 AM UTC
#DiamondPropertiesScam ur Hasol ni yako tu usiabikee @BarakaFmKe @CaptainLui1 #MzikiMzuka #ClassTuesday@edudee254 its true KenB's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:19 AM UTC
Amiran Kenya
#KOT the only way to get returns from a greenhouse is if you buy yours and establish it in your own land... You can do it yourself. For more information contact us for free on 0800720720. #DiamondPropertiesScam https://t.co/KZby044MQW
12 Feb, 07:29 AM UTC
Fredrick Horrace
Kenyans Play too much😅😄😂😂😂😂 hapo kwa brakes aki🙌🙌 ayam tired #DiamondPropertiesScam Fredrick Horrace's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:28 AM UTC
Alphaxard Ng'ang'a
Real Estate industry should be highly regulated. Companies selling 50x100 plots in Baragoi, Magadi, and everywhere. This is a recipe for slums. The government should come up with minimum land mutations in every region. @HonAdenDuale #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
David Ndung'u 🇰🇪
4 cctv camera system complete package sale on offer at only 25000. contact 0712581561 #AllInOneMonthlyBundles #DiamondPropertiesScam #FindBillianOjiwa #KaraSecurityForum Juventus #AlexNaJalas #MainaAndKingangi #TuesdayThoughts #BillyNaTricky #GMITM https://t.co/OYr108rv4A
12 Feb, 07:30 AM UTC
Naff Maina
@I_am_Gathoni @AfricaTrees - Goldenscape and Tunda sth are now guaranteeing returns. Why can they eat the whole pie themselves. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:07 AM UTC
David Ndung'u 🇰🇪
Complete desktop @ 10,000. with 2GB ram, 3.2GHZ, 160 GB Hard disk, 19 inch monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables 1 yr warranty 📞 0712581561 #AllInOneMonthlyBundles #DiamondPropertiesScam #FindBillianOjiwa #KaraSecurityForum Juventus #AlexNaJalas #MainaAndKingangi #TuesdayThoughts https://t.co/nZmnZfqWOf
12 Feb, 07:24 AM UTC
Girlfriend Snatcher
ubaya ya kuDate boi wa ghetto ni ati unaenda kumpea io kitu unatoka na kunguni kama zawadi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #FindBillianOjiwa #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation #DiamondPropertiesScam Champions League
12 Feb, 07:32 AM UTC
Cardi B #GMITM #FindBillianOjiwa #DiamondPropertiesScam #TuesdayMotivation Imagine mtoto wako anaosha vyombo, analima, anakula na anaskiza ngoma akisoma Transpiration, Types, significance, the joy of parents & Students https://t.co/pJ8leHZFl5
12 Feb, 07:31 AM UTC
Joshua Thirinja
As as if #DiamondPropertiesScam aren't satisfied with what they have conned Kenyans, they're here with us again. They want to rob us our valentines savings. #ResistScammers Joshua Thirinja's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:30 AM UTC
@TipsterHenry sasa ona hawa..whats thw difference between you and these #DiamondPropertiesScam ? why dont you invest all your money na become billionaires ama you people to be rich too?haha
12 Feb, 07:30 AM UTC
People scam the public and become politicians, in politics they're protected by the state from those they have scammed. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:30 AM UTC
Japhet Ruto
Nandi farmer makes over Sh1.5m a season from tomato, tea and cabbage sales https://t.co/gBBcocoUaU #DiamondPropertiesScam @choge_robert Japhet Ruto's photo on #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:30 AM UTC
Antony Tito Sammy
High class people will always think you are low class for listening to Mbusii and lion teke teke or to King Kafu and Bonoko instead of the trendy #MainaAndKingangi.. But when the sh*t hits the fan, they come crying on twitter. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:29 AM UTC
cosmas mpenda-AMANI
maina kageni can even run adverts on how you will be able buy plots in heaven while you are a resident in hell #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:29 AM UTC
Observation from the recurring scams: advertisers have no obligation to believe what they sell, as long as they get to hook the audience. It doesn't matter who's selling it, question it from the onset, not later point out I-knew-it #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:29 AM UTC
Sir Festus.
Some one tells you that an eith 1/8 of land will yield 250 k per seaso is in three months !!!after all expenses!!......and you buy that story nkt!!!! Come I give you an 1/8 and just give me 50k per season #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:28 AM UTC
Jefferson Edward O.
It means there's no due diligence done when choosing and awarding top 100 mid-sized companies in Kenya. How did Diamond Property Merchants make it? #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:28 AM UTC
what do you think when another person promises you income of extra 200k for a piece of land you buy at 500k, when the deal is too good,think twice. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:27 AM UTC
Erick Omondi
You cannot blame @ItsMainaKageni and @MwalimChurchill for ignorance. You don't pay to listern to Radio so they get their revenues through adverts. As an investor it is your responsibility doing due deligence #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:26 AM UTC
kennedy kennan
@ItsMainaKageni she told me to invest in #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:26 AM UTC
Ole Kilerai
So Maina and King'ang'i were just overhyping the whole thing like a scoop of gold treasure? #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:26 AM UTC
#MainaAndKingangi were busy advertising air like gold. How much were they paid to dupe innocent Kenyans? The DPP and DCI need to probe this guys #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
Mheshimiwa Ndei Njogu
Many #Kenyans are falling victim to scammers like Gakuyo and the likes. I wonder what @NPSOfficial_KE and @DCI_Kenya are doing to avert such henious crimes and bring the perpetrators to book. On the other hand #kenyans should be careful when investing. #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
Trevor Holden
Nailed it! The government is infact an accomplice in all these scams. Mainstream media houses along with their half baked "journalists" are basically just prostitutes selling visibility and sanitization to the highest bidder. #DiamondPropertiesScam https://t.co/jY1SziR6cS
12 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
Kelvin Muhindi
Is an opportunity for the budding entrepreneur #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:24 AM UTC
bencharles mumaraki
For me both @ItsMainaKageni and @MwalimChurchill are accomplices to the scam, @Classic105Kenya. @ODPP_KE should investigate and prosecute #DiamondPropertiesScam
12 Feb, 07:23 AM UTC

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