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العلاقه الي اطمح لها بعد ٥٠ سنه : https://t.co/C3TG6VBrbA
07 Aug, 06:02 PM UTC
Anthony Albanese
This is the incredible moment The Diamonds claimed Australia's 1000th Commonwealth Games gold medal. Congratulations to all our athletes competing in Birmingham. Australia is so proud of you. @AlboMP's photo on Diamonds
08 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
Australian Diamonds
WE’VE DONE IT! The Australian Diamonds have won gold🥇 Well done to @NetballJamaica on a fantastic tournament 👏 #GoDiamonds #ShineBright #BoldInGold | @CommGamesAUS @AussieDiamonds's photo on Diamonds
07 Aug, 09:03 PM UTC
IT'S GOLD!!! The Aussie Diamonds have won Australia our 1000TH GOLD! You beauty! 💛💚 #B2022 @7Sport's photo on Diamonds
07 Aug, 08:57 PM UTC
🥇🥇 The Aussie Diamonds won Australia's 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣th Commonwealth Games gold medal!! 🤯🤯 Broadcast Partner @Toyota_Aus | #OhWhatAFeeling @7Sport's photo on Diamonds
07 Aug, 11:33 PM UTC
There it is. There is GOLD number 1000.😍 And how nice does it look around the necks of our Aussie Diamonds!! #B2022 @7Sport's photo on Diamonds
07 Aug, 09:30 PM UTC
Black cat🐈‍⬛
#FNF_Diamonds_AU_ 😄😄😄 https://t.co/YT5OryeyZP
07 Aug, 06:35 PM UTC
Australian Diamonds
The Diamonds have made history winning Australia's 1000th Commonwealth Games gold medal with a victory against Jamaica 💎🥇💚 Match Report 📝 https://t.co/uzWb5CYao6 #GoDiamonds #ShineBright #BoldInGold | @CommGamesAUS https://t.co/ynbwyv1L4p
08 Aug, 12:25 AM UTC
Vivek Sengupta
“Patriotism can’t be our final spiritual shelter. I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds and I will never allow patriotism to triumph over humanity as long as I live.” #Tagore #Tiranga 2/n
07 Aug, 11:30 AM UTC
Continue your summer extravagance with the alluring #BulgariBulgari rose gold rings. Each set with exquisite diamonds, these iconic engravings are reminiscent of ancient Roman coins. https://t.co/XU5kSGXn6H #Bulgari #BulgariJewelry #SunsetInEden #BulgariResortCollection @Bulgariofficial's photo on Diamonds
08 Aug, 07:00 AM UTC
9News Australia
The Diamonds have claimed Australia's 1,000th Commonwealth Games gold, beating Jamaica 55-51 in a thrilling netball final. Australia becomes the first nation to reach the medal milestone. #9News LATEST: https://t.co/OzL5tFYPDj @9NewsAUS's photo on Diamonds
07 Aug, 11:40 PM UTC
Infinite 🥇
#SHIB Trading activity over the past 24h on @coinbase is: 🟩 93% Buy & 🟥 7% Sell No One Sells Their Diamonds 💎 https://t.co/Xa3CKikQxq
08 Aug, 05:25 AM UTC
Pi Chain Mall Nigeria 🇳🇬
Pi is the new treasure. More than gold, ruby and diamonds. #StopSellingPi https://t.co/4owMVvKvxG
08 Aug, 03:33 AM UTC
Ituro 🦋✨🇸🇸
Feed your diamonds and Pearls 🦋🥰 #SSOT https://t.co/a4tFXvyitC
07 Aug, 06:44 PM UTC
Among the diamonds, you sparkle the most💕 This look is soooo pretty hayeee💘 Pyaar ek baar nahi har baar hota hai aapko dekhke to🥺 #yrkkh #Abhira #AksharaBirla #AksharaGoenka #PranaliRathod https://t.co/Tsvz5aZN3f
08 Aug, 06:45 AM UTC
부싯돌 f l i n t
💎💎 10K DIAMONDS GIVEAWAY! 💎💎 first royal high giveaway 🙀 rules: follow me like retweet ends: ??? extras: follow CocoTheDog_9 on roblox <3 #royalehigh #royalehightrades #royalehighselling #royalehightradings #royalehighgivaways #royalehighgiveaway #royalehighgw #robloxgw https://t.co/h7M1jI3WQk
07 Aug, 07:28 PM UTC
Diana Edobor 💎
It is a new week. No contact, No contact with any evil shall befall y'all Diamonds 💎. Work those muscles like Lady Diana and get ready for a new and blissful first day of the week. #BBNaija #LadyDiana https://t.co/RRGOPvYLpd
08 Aug, 06:54 AM UTC
Okay - QLD round up!! Who is keen for the Gold Coast or Brisbane Diamonds games and wants to sit as a group? @YaThinkN et al, @_alliemi, @annieexcuse, @northcoasteels, @cweboto, @jawjartopp, @SCLightning_fan did I miss anyone?
08 Aug, 07:10 AM UTC
HFR Wine Boutique Resort
True Friends are like Diamonds Bright Beautiful Valuable And always in Style Thank you for being our Friend https://t.co/XjQtB0XML3 Herdade Foz da Represa keeping Style & Tradition together #Alentejo #Hotel https://t.co/5YObn4SYi4
08 Aug, 04:59 AM UTC
Lady of Crypto
@cryptoaladeen Without diamonds on a man, with diamonds on a woman.
08 Aug, 07:08 AM UTC
• ~ ❀ 𝐀𝐢𝐤𝐨 ❀ ~•
Trading hal19/ Diamonds for A twitter acc! Must be: - Over 1k followers -No scam reports - NOT a giveaway acc - Has some moots, mostly lf art moots - Actives I can offer 1mil-3mil depending on the Acc :) Kw: mlf nlf halo Halloween 2019 19 valentines halo val winter robux rbx
08 Aug, 07:12 AM UTC
Joseph McCormack
Away days are 𝐁𝐀𝐂𝐊 on Radio Diamonds ! 📻 🆚 @Basfordutdfc 📆 Saturday 13 August 2022 🏟️ Greenwich Avenue 🏆 Southern League Premier Central 🎙 https://t.co/EtzIQgDoud ⌚️ Coverage from 14:45 (KO: 15:00) #rushden #basford #nonleague #football https://t.co/RbB1Av4baS
08 Aug, 07:07 AM UTC
Vidya Bellur Dip Hyp, GQHP, CNHC
@sphoenix78 Good morning and happy birthday. Keep finding the diamonds ☺️♥️
08 Aug, 07:04 AM UTC
amazing performance by the diamonds and i am so happy for Jamaica winning the silver!! Very very shocked that nz beat england though??
08 Aug, 07:03 AM UTC
حروف المطر
@Diamonds_91 @daa_hoda اي والله الله يهديهم ويرد لهم عقولهم ولا يبلانا بمثل مابلاهم
08 Aug, 07:15 AM UTC
my brother got his girl real diamonds on her necklace for her birthday and he said these ain't cz's shawty 😭😭😭
08 Aug, 07:15 AM UTC
Pressure makes diamonds.
08 Aug, 07:14 AM UTC
@phethani4 They dont rape nor do they steal, nor do they kill, they employ. You are lucky to be where you are today because of these diamonds, If you are POES dom, rather stfu than say stupid things.
08 Aug, 07:13 AM UTC
Are you joking me?! The Diamonds are the Gem matriarchs!
08 Aug, 07:13 AM UTC