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Sanjay Raut
ECI has imposed a ban on Mamta didi for 24 hours. This is clearly done at the behest of BJP, ruling party in India. It is a direct attack on democracy and sovereignty of independent institutions of India. solidarity with Bengal Tigress, @MamataOfficial @derekobrienmp @rautsanjay61's photo on Didi
13 Apr, 03:36 AM UTC
Amit Shah
People of Bengal are desperately waiting to bid farewell to Mamata Didi. Some glimpses from Bidhannagar. #BanglayEbarBJPAsche https://t.co/zrLRdhx46k
13 Apr, 03:16 PM UTC
Mohammed Zubair
"Didi..Ooo Didi" keh ke Modi ji sambodhit kar sakte hai kya Smriti ji? 😏 https://t.co/26n6t43Qcw
13 Apr, 10:22 AM UTC
Saket Gokhale
To have a sexist RSS incel who keeps saying “Didi o Didi” like a roadside goon sitting in the most esteemed chair of the country says volumes about how low our political discourse has gotten.
13 Apr, 07:44 AM UTC
Greeshma Shukla🏹🚜
🇺🇲: Planning to increase vaccination 🇨🇦: Focusing on fighting covid 🇩🇪: Focusing on boosting economy 🇮🇳: Didi....OOO....didi...
13 Apr, 05:45 AM UTC
#WATCH: HM-BJP leader Amit Shah says, "Didi calls me an outsider. She calls PM an outsider. Didi, I'll tell you who's outsider. Communists' ideology is outsider, brought from China-Russia. Congress' leadership is outsider, came from Italy. TMC vote bank is outsider, infiltrators" @ANI's photo on Didi
13 Apr, 08:54 AM UTC
Didi @priyankac19, please focus on most ill managed state MAHARASHTRA than poking your nose in other places. @erbmjha's photo on Didi
13 Apr, 08:33 AM UTC
This is my leader. This is Bengal's Didi. She will smile in the face of adversity & tackle all challenges in her way bravely #BlackDayForDemocracy #MamataBanerjee #BanglaNijerMeyekeiChay #BanglarGorboMamata https://t.co/cCOSpT1ddT
13 Apr, 10:12 AM UTC
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13 Apr, 08:03 AM UTC
Neta Ji
“Didi” behen ko bolte hain bey... aur hamare idhar behen koi si bhi ho, hamesha behen hi rehti hai. Samjha ❤️☀️ ke fact checker! https://t.co/xEiUbTObtK
13 Apr, 01:30 PM UTC
Didi Ke Bolo
Didi: Smiling in the face of adversity forever. #BlackDayForDemocracy @DidiKeBolo's photo on Didi
13 Apr, 07:56 AM UTC
เร้กเดินเตาะแตะจะหมุนไปไหนก็ม่ายรู้ พี่กิ้นจับๆพีมาตรงนี้ๆ @_muffinp's photo on Didi
13 Apr, 03:13 PM UTC
Didi O Didi @MamataOfficial match dekha 🤣
13 Apr, 05:46 PM UTC
Didi calls us outsiders. Are the PM and HM of this country outsiders? Didi, the left ideology is outsider. It has been brought from China and Russia! Congress' leadership is outsider. And TMC's votebank is also outsider, they are all infiltrators! - Shri @AmitShah
13 Apr, 08:57 AM UTC
Ministerio de Salud
Informe #COVID19 l 13 de abril: 📍Procesamos 6.363 muestras, 2.599 positivos, todos casos comunitarios. 📍Lamentamos informar 89 fallecidos. Total: 4.978. 📍2.888 internados, 485 en UTI. 📍1.731 recuperados, sumando así 196.718. 📍Total de confirmados: 240.141. @msaludpy's photo on Didi
14 Apr, 12:48 AM UTC
Partha Chatterjee
When Didi speaks the truth, she's shown a red card. When @DilipGhoshBJP, @RahulSinhaBJP, @SuvenduWB & BJP leaders openly incite violence & genocide in broad daylight, they're let off lightly! What is this partisan refereeing, @ECISVEEP? #KhelaHobe #BlackDayForDemocracy
13 Apr, 10:27 AM UTC
If things continue the same way, Kolkata will face the problem of infiltration as well sometime soon. Communists, Congress and Mamata Didi all have vote banks in these infiltrators. Only BJP can stop infiltration in Bengal. - Shri @AmitShah #BanglayEbarBJPAsche
13 Apr, 12:57 PM UTC
Meme Farmer
Didi....O....Didi 😂😂 https://t.co/6wtZHKAwEw
13 Apr, 09:06 AM UTC
Gujarat ke 3 baar reh chuke CM aur 2 baar bane,desh ke PM, WB mei Didi oooo Didi, kar rahe hai. https://t.co/3u3nwnz4ZN
13 Apr, 11:37 AM UTC
Don't miss @BaylorWBB star DiDi Richards (@Deauzya) on TNT Tuesday tonight 👀 @NBAonTNT's photo on Didi
13 Apr, 11:43 PM UTC
Mahesh Vikram Hegde
The way how Didi's Kolkata lost a winning match to Ambani's Mumbai, I can find Modi's conspiracy behind it! IPL is hijacked by Modi-Ambani #MIvsKKR
13 Apr, 06:00 PM UTC
DaaruBaaz Mehta
1️⃣8️⃣5️⃣1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ NEW CASES IN INDIA IN LAST 24 HOURS Modi busy with : Didi...O.. Didi !!
13 Apr, 07:06 PM UTC
Tushar Kant Naik ॐ♫₹
2 May, Didi gayi 😂🤣😂 https://t.co/0y0n6aqCwO
13 Apr, 02:58 PM UTC
NBC News
U.K. police say they are searching for one of the world's largest rabbits, if not the largest, which went missing over the weekend. https://t.co/k7eVIPSsXq
14 Apr, 12:50 AM UTC
Amandeep Singh
Dear @withoutthemind and @shwetasinghkirt Didi... Please stop these idiots... They're making movie on our beloved Sushi... Without your consent or permission... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Ban PR Movies On Sushant
13 Apr, 04:47 PM UTC
Nainika ❤💕💓
@zoo_bear Humare yahan Badi behan ko didi bolte respect se Tumhari biradari mein Iska kuch matlab ho to pata nhi
13 Apr, 12:00 PM UTC
this gege with this didi #เคอแพท #CHUANG2021 https://t.co/WvB09byXKZ
13 Apr, 05:38 AM UTC
como eu pude um dia me apaixonar por você como eu pude um dia me envolver com alguém assim tão diferente de mim tão nem aí pra sonha por que tem que ser assim bem q podia mudar
13 Apr, 02:23 PM UTC
@zoo_bear Didi ka matlab hum logo me sirf Didi hota hai. Aap logo ki baat aur hai. 😂😂🤣🤣😂
13 Apr, 12:06 PM UTC