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Andrés Muñoz Araneda
Me representa… https://t.co/W6rlOPM9HH
29 Jun, 03:23 PM UTC
Cassandra B.C.
I see a bifurcated labor market developing as unskilled and semi-skilled remain in short supply, but white collar workers, having proven their redundancy during COVID, will find gross excess in the labor market, pressuring wages at the end. https://t.co/jak9utVRKM
29 Jun, 02:05 AM UTC
Tottenham Hotspur
🗣 “It’s been a real education for me" Eric Dier looks back on his 2021/22 season ⤵️
29 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
Pauline van Rijsoort
2/6 Wij boeren, maar ook de politici, weten al jaren dat de huidige situatie niet houdbaar is. Dat er niet te veel boeren, maar wel degelijk te veel vee is in grote delen van ons kleine landje. Ongezond voor mens, dier en natuur. Maar geen regering die zich eraan wilde branden.
29 Jun, 08:06 AM UTC
Be like Barcelona wan hijack the Raphinha to Chelsea deal. We dier we dey😂😂😂😂if them hijack we laugh Chelsea and Arsenal, if them nor hijack too we laugh them🤲🏽
29 Jun, 03:09 PM UTC
Spurs International
Lenglet helps our depth. Better then both Tanganga and Rodon. Especially on ball. I don’t think he is our LCB upgrade — I think he is our Dier backup. We WILL spend big on LCB. Free, short term, experienced and Conte approved. We should welcome him. Let’s GO! #COYS #THFC https://t.co/rPqLjjBDCK
29 Jun, 08:57 PM UTC
I’ve seen Conte turn two bad CBs in Davies and Dier into two great, reliable CBs. I have enough faith he can turn an average CB in Lenglet into an amazing one
29 Jun, 09:05 PM UTC
Mempeasem President
Okponglo Harvard nkoaaa dier eno dey rain for there , your sins bunch too much
29 Jun, 09:04 PM UTC
LCB : ? / Davies CCB : Dier / Lenglet RCB : Romero / Sanchez Just need to spend on that LCB and our defence looks sorted
29 Jun, 09:42 PM UTC
Lenglet ball playing abilities are absolutely underrated. And that's the biggest attributes of Conte's CCBs. Bonucci, David Luiz, De Vrij, Dier have all in common great ball playing abilities, but no one excell for defensive attributes. Lenglet is exactly that type of player.
29 Jun, 11:38 PM UTC
Paul O Keefe
@MrDaxs @ha_llows They still want another CB. They go for Dier cover probably because they can’t get the LCB they want yet hence Lenglet. That’s why he’s on loan
29 Jun, 09:21 PM UTC
Papo de Tottenham
Lloris/Forster Royal/Doherty Romero/Sanchez Dier/Rodon Lenglet/Ben Davies Perisic/Reguilon/Sessegnon Hojbjerg/Skipp Bentancur/Bissouma Kulusevski/Lucas Kane/Richarlison Son/Bergwijn (se ficar) Não é o melhor elenco do mundo, mas é um elenco com boas opções para o Conte https://t.co/9u3gG93518
30 Jun, 01:26 AM UTC
Visionary 🌟
Fucking hell, let’s all get behind lenglet. Davies, dier, Bentancur, kulusevski and Doherty were all flops until they worked with Conte. This guy was a top 10 cb at one point. I have faith in Conte let’s back Lenglet
30 Jun, 01:05 AM UTC
That shola guy dier he make boys vex paa o 😹
29 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC
Mr. Gadede Selorm 🇬🇭
Me, i think I will go to hell. Because i challenge pastor when they're preaching nonsense. I don't hold pastor in high esteem like most Christian do.I'm not a regular Church goer. As for sins dier, i won't even go there. I think I've already built a 4 bedroom house in hell ooo😪
29 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC
Marc Trainis
@fadetoblack777 @JacoCats Rodon going out (loan/sell) means it won’t just be one.. if Lenglet is LCB cover with Davies, and Rodon goes, we have no CCB cover for Dier, and no Tanganga or Sanchez are not it!! Tanganga needs PL loan, Sanchez covers Romero (as he did quite well last 3 games of the season)
30 Jun, 01:12 AM UTC
@BenDaviesFC @tottenbloop Dier is very good in the air
30 Jun, 12:48 AM UTC
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Brandon W
@holder_leo @Romeroattheback That’s like saying Dier is an option for striker if Kane Richarlison Son are all out. Plus we’d still have Doherty for LWB as well
30 Jun, 12:25 AM UTC
@RyanTHFC27priv i know it’s partly recency bias for me but even when he was highly rated that largest gaps in his game were defensive, he’s good on the ball but if he’s supposed to be a cover from dier id rather him stronger suited defensively
29 Jun, 11:55 PM UTC
@JacoCats On the ball no body can’t doubt his abilities there’s a reason why he played for Barcelona but defensively I worry about but this time last year I was worried about Dier and Davies defending so it’s a lot less Conte need to fix. He’s on loan and hopefully not are only defender.
29 Jun, 11:55 PM UTC
Andrew B.
@Serwano10 @JacoCats Idk about miles but he can be. Better in areas, better passer then both but defensively probably not better vs Davies Dier maybe.. but Dier is a leader which Lenglet won't be. So draws every where
30 Jun, 01:39 AM UTC
NZ Spurs
@lazqetjohnson just lacked so much confidence the past couple https://t.co/YToETxrxTJ a strong Barca follower I can tell you that if Conte can help him regain some form, he’ll be starting over dier and/or Davies easily.Elite ball playing cb & even with his defensive struggles he still tops them
30 Jun, 01:37 AM UTC
@totti_Er_pupone @JeSuisDAMN__ @MatBanksApeyam ADB dier unless you walk in...they're so backward, Christ !
30 Jun, 01:37 AM UTC
@georgeachillea bro two CBs and 1 rwb. dier has gotten better, but u cant be challenging for shit with eric dier in defence. i dunno i may be wrong. BUT AT THE VERY LEAST, 1 cb and 1 rwb.
30 Jun, 01:36 AM UTC
@Kanou_virche 당일회신 불가능하다했더니 이젠 오후 6시에 보내고 내일까지 회신달라하는데 진짜 개때리고싶어 ㅋㅋ
30 Jun, 01:36 AM UTC
@andresvargaas99 @THFCBurner @axelthfc @TheSpursExpress Lenglet may play backup to Dier when Rodon leaves. I think we should and might get a lcb.
30 Jun, 01:36 AM UTC
@heyEdem @kirsten_adjei Yh abi you boys dier,me dier hm
30 Jun, 01:35 AM UTC
NZ Spurs
@axelthfc He starts over Davies and dier btw
30 Jun, 01:33 AM UTC
@DediAlamsyahH @idextratime menjelang akhir musim kemarin cuti, dier sm davies udh makin klop. bahkan davies ngakuin itu di interview terbaru. back 3 kita udh fix kayanya, mungkin dijadiin opsi backup nya davies karna sama2 left footed
30 Jun, 01:30 AM UTC