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Stay Home, Loves
That "Dindu Nuffin" is some rare and obscure racism. Doja was doing secret handshake racism. GIRL. @krysilove's photo on Dindu Nuffin
22 May, 09:52 PM UTC
kami ♡
doja wrote a song called dindu nuffin in response to sandra bland's m*rder???? are you fucking KIDDING
22 May, 08:46 PM UTC
vinny. 🇲🇽
provas da doja cat sendo racista: ela tem uma música chamada “dindu nuffin”, que aparentemente tem um significado EXTREMAMENTE racista, que significa algo como “criminoso preto”. a expressão tem uma conotação negativa por remeter pessoas negras a criminalidade + https://t.co/VKvHV1zDqm
22 May, 09:26 PM UTC
After listening to Doja's song "Dindu Nuffin" I did a search of "dindu nuffin" on Twitter and yeah it's definitely a racist alt-right thing. Doja Cat is not going to be able to get out of this one as easily as she did with the the f slur 😬 https://t.co/ZwAU4vpwA8
22 May, 08:26 PM UTC
badoula oblongata
Not y'all defending Doja Cat saying that song isn't specifically about Sandra Bland, "dindu nuffin" mocks unarmed black people falling victim to police brutality so she's cancelled either way #dojacatisover
23 May, 12:45 AM UTC
T 🕊 | i beg your pardon 🧔🏿
@amandaoee_ doja cat was exposed for hanging around incel & white supremacist groups. she also wrote a song called "dindu nuffin" in response to Sandra Bland's murder. dindu nuffin is a slur for a black criminal. https://t.co/7hs2hfMKwx
22 May, 08:10 PM UTC
You get the beeeeeeest of both worlds! Chill it out, on liveshows Then you rock with the bros You get the beeeeeeeest of both worlds! Dindu Nuffin together So you know you got the best of both worlds! https://t.co/u086dJ0Eo4
23 May, 03:13 AM UTC
Some piece of trash named @DojaCat is trending because she wrote a song regarding Sandra Bland called, "Dindu Nuffin." Now that's a WS term meant to justify harming FBA/DoAS. Care to guess her ancestry? Her mother's Jewish, her father is South African. Is anyone surprised?
23 May, 02:02 AM UTC
P. Against The World 🤘🏿🕊
@kiramelodic Doja Cat should have BEEN cut off after Dindu Nuffin surfaced and her liking racist memes She is literally the rap version of #KamalaHarris hiding behind the "we all black" shield her Stans despite her not wanting to be black despite being half black 🦝🦝🦝 #dojacatisoverparty
22 May, 10:18 PM UTC
tory ⁷ | agustd 2 !!
@virtual_trash @mxoonchild__ so she made a song called "dindu nuffin" which is a term white supremacists created to mock black people. she also made that song to mock sandra bland, an unarmed black women who was shot and killed by police.
23 May, 04:27 AM UTC
Pax Christus
Bl*ck Twitter is just now, years after the fact, learning what "Dindu Nuffin" means. You guys sure don't miss a beat, do you?
23 May, 02:05 AM UTC
I have been on the internet since I was a child but Doja Cat has me out here discovering NEW racial slurs. I went through Maplestory, Neopets, Gaia Online, Pangya, Audition, Windows Live Messenger and teenage forums and NEVER came across the term “Dindu Nuffin.”
23 May, 02:26 AM UTC
Marlu Da Kang
@Agnirre @HausofDupre_ She made a song titled “dindu nuffin” which is 4chan racist rhetoric. She’s quirky, and I get that people like her, but I don’t know man
22 May, 08:40 PM UTC
i hate it here
doja cat hung out with incels & white supremacist groups? wrote a song about sandra bland's murder called dindu nuffin? works with dr. luke????? tffffff
22 May, 09:30 PM UTC
“Dindu” or “Dindu Nuffin” is a racist slur short for “didn’t do nothing”, which white racists use to describe Black criminals. It derived from their assertion that when caught, Black people always say “I didn’t do nothing”.
22 May, 11:03 PM UTC
chicken nugget
23 May, 03:03 AM UTC
Najma Sharif
Doja has a song called Dindu Nuffin.....this is nothing new.
22 May, 09:17 PM UTC
@SamarAlNaser00 @FENTYMINGI not sure if it necessarily involves sandra bland but “dindu nuffin” is an alt-right dog whistle that’s used in reference to black people who face police brutality. i.e. their supporters saying they “didn’t do anything to deserve to die”—but bastardized as AAVE.
23 May, 01:14 AM UTC
nyia 🥀
@earringdealer Dindu Nuffin- a black person/criminal. Here’s the link : https://t.co/yoUfYFdr5s
22 May, 10:17 PM UTC
romario está lendo As Sobreviventes
Usuários do Twitter usaram a plataforma para chamar a atenção para um título problemático da música lançado pela rapper chamada "Dindu Nuffin", uma gíria que as pessoas dizem ser tipicamente usada por racistas para zombar das vítimas da brutalidade policial com afro-americanos.
23 May, 04:49 AM UTC
Iman Crosson
For those just now hearing that term, “dindu nuffin” is an obsecure racial slur for black people. Racists would say that when Blacks get arrested they’d swear they “didnt do nothing”... add a ‘Blaccent’ for mockery...”dindu nuffin”. https://t.co/sz0uI4xNJ4
23 May, 01:43 AM UTC
Dominique Jackson
#DojaCat started trending on twitter after videos of her participating in incel and white supremacist video chats leaks to the public.😱🎥 she uses a racial slur “dindu nuffin” a slur for a African American criminal,while referring to Sandra Blands murder 👀 #dojacatisoverparty https://t.co/ZbP2GuErTB
23 May, 06:54 AM UTC
@iSpeakAsshoIe @weesnurtl @HlLLSBURN she’s still racist cause that song she made with that one term i think it was “dindu nuffin”
23 May, 06:37 AM UTC
Sith Lord Trell
Dindu nuffin is slang from racist web boards when Trayvon martin or police brutality shootings were being recorded. It’s makes fun of people who say the black victim who was shot didn’t do anything wrong or “didn’t nothin” wrong. They call them dindus for short https://t.co/M2OBbtyhkR
23 May, 02:50 AM UTC
Anglerfish Chan
@TwittahVictoria Black Twitter discovered "dindu nuffin" today, lol. https://t.co/t4Rc6416JI
23 May, 08:16 AM UTC
Ari Lennox Stan
@OnlyDebz its not supposed to be Sandra Bland, its Michael Brown. That was the interpretation of her lyric on genius. And if you search Dindu Nuffin you'll see the same thing https://t.co/b31zNWt26A
23 May, 03:06 AM UTC
kashiwagi 😇
lmao doja cat really wrote a song called 'dindu nuffin' about one of the black lives matter cases and now 'dindu nuffin' is trending. amazin
23 May, 12:23 AM UTC
Making a song called Dindu Nuffin might be a top 10 all time racist activity
22 May, 10:08 PM UTC
💙reese m💙
@bodyelectryc @imthehonestboy It’s called a microaggression🙄that lana typed HERSELF and posted HERSELF😗there’s no proof of what Doja’s being accused of besides dindu nuffin which is old asf anyways😐so don’t try it use this as an excuse to protect you cigarette victim queen goofy! That’s all
23 May, 08:29 AM UTC
I don’t know. Doja..hunny I need some answers. All this “proof” dsnt clarify anything..it’s just clips that don’t add up & ss from forums that make no sense to me. The only proof I get is maybe her song “dindu nuffin” I always knew she was a weirdo but she’s that kind of weirdo? https://t.co/nKI7jMvwKS
23 May, 08:20 AM UTC