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Vancouver Canucks
Just the two of us... DiPietro & @zmacewen11 doing a few laps they’ll never forget. Vancouver Canucks's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 02:32 AM UTC
Irfaan Gaffar
Nothing official from the team, but I believe Mikey DiPietro will make his first NHL start tonight in goal for the #Canucks
12 Feb, 01:57 AM UTC
Hey @Canucks fans, you ready for some Michael DiPietro action? NHL's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 02:49 AM UTC
Loredana Bertè
Ricordatevi che stasera verrà trasmesso il film “Io sono Mia” ❤ In prima serata su @RaiUno con @serenarossi_com e @DajanaRoncione #MiaMartini #raifiction #film #miamartini #sorelle #sisters #mimi #loredanaberte #musicaitaliana Loredana Bertè's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 11:00 AM UTC
Vancouver Canucks
#Canucks confirm DiPietro to start in goal vs SJ. Originally a planned start for Markstrom, the change is a precaution due to tightness in his lower body and extends his maintenance and recovery period between starts. Markstrom will not be available to play tonight’s game. Vancouver Canucks's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 02:53 AM UTC
Vancouver Canucks
“A dream come true getting the start. You never want to let in the first shot, but I felt better as the game went on. There are lessons I’ll take from this and work on to end this season and throughout the summer.” - DiPietro
12 Feb, 05:43 AM UTC
Michael DiPietro and Zack MacEwen will make their NHL debuts tonight for the @Canucks against the @SanJoseSharks! TSN's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 02:44 AM UTC
Corey Hirsch
Dipietro’s first nhl game. Confirmed. Love it!!
12 Feb, 02:29 AM UTC
Vancouver Canucks
"Some adversity has been thrown but it's ok, it's something I can work towards bettering my game and bettering myself. It's still a dream come true.' - DiPietro is keeping a positive attitude after making his #NHL debut. Vancouver Canucks's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 06:16 AM UTC
michael dipietro first NHL start mallory's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 03:26 AM UTC
If you're blaming DiPietro for this, you're an idiot.
12 Feb, 03:31 AM UTC
Sean Tierney
Dear 19 y.o. Michael DiPietro, For your NHL debut, how about the NHL's best shot share team with one of the NHL's best rates of xG for and line after line of top-notch scoring talent. So it goes.
12 Feb, 04:37 AM UTC
NHL Public Relations
Michael DiPietro (19 years, 247 days) is the second-youngest goalie in @Canucks franchise history, less than 3 weeks older than Troy Gamble (19 years, 229 days) was at the time of his first NHL start on Nov. 22, 1986. #NHLStats NHL Public Relations's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 03:26 AM UTC
Manny Paiva
Looks like #Amherstburg native and former @SpitsHockey goalie Mikey DiPietro is getting his first #NHL start with the Vancouver #Canucks tonight https://t.co/M73m9gglVa
12 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Fear the Fin
DiPietro is gonna be fine. He’s 19, a stud prospect, is going back to the OHL this week, and still stands to make millions of dollars. Does this suck some serious ass? Oh yeah. Will anyone care going forward? Nah.
12 Feb, 04:41 AM UTC
Fear the Fin
Gotta feel bad for DiPietro. You dream of your NHL debut your whole life. Not the start he imagined. Also not the spot as a staff you wanna put the kid in. Tough all around.
12 Feb, 03:16 AM UTC
David Pollak
Yes, I feel bad for 19-year-old Michael DiPietro. But at least he gets to tell his grandkids he gave up the goal that enabled Joe Thornton to pass Gordie Howe on the all-time NHL assist list. #SJSharks
12 Feb, 05:39 AM UTC
Sportsnet 650
DiPietro: "You know it's pretty cool taking a look up and seeing Joe Thornton and Joe Pavelski across the ice and shooting on me. Obviously when they score on you it's not too good but I had to pinch myself and stay in the moment. Something I'll remember for the rest of my life."
12 Feb, 06:32 AM UTC
Shawn Simpson
DiPietro gives up 7 goals on 24 shots, in his first NHL start. Get the kid back to Ottawa.
12 Feb, 12:37 PM UTC
Pro Hockey Rumors
19-year-old Michael DiPietro gets the start tonight for the Canucks, as starter Jacob Markstrom nurses a lower-body injury https://t.co/Qb7lRHPHKI
12 Feb, 03:20 AM UTC
Talented and promising as Team Canada’s world junior championship starter is, DiPietro isn’t ready to start games in the NHL. Almost no 19-year-olds are. Not in goal. (@imacSportsnet) https://t.co/3JQZxE7BXS
12 Feb, 07:03 AM UTC
Sean Tierney
Good morning, friends. If you live in Eastern Ontario, brace yourselves and stay safe today! Everything is updated: https://t.co/J7Smm27nhY SJS is deadly. Just ask VAN and DiPietro. Sean Tierney's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 12:42 PM UTC
dipietro’s mom passed away when he was five bro my everything hurts
12 Feb, 04:24 AM UTC
NHL Public Relations
NHL Morning Skate: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019 ▪ Thornton, @ovi8, Crosby climb all-time NHL lists ▪ DiPietro jumps from junior to NHL at age 19 ▪ Crosby leads @penguins past Flyers in final battle before #StadiumSeries #NHLStats: https://t.co/fpxMbkNMzN NHL Public Relations's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Tendy Gear
Michael DiPietro Vancouver Canucks Bauer 2X Vapor setup Tendy Gear's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 01:21 PM UTC
CBC Windsor
DiPietro is one of five goalies to start in the @NHL before turning 20. @Canucks https://t.co/eyKDpjkYha
12 Feb, 04:36 AM UTC
Sidney Crosby reached a couple milestones, Michael DiPietro got his first taste of NHL action and Alex Ovechkin continued his climb up the all-time scoring list. Here are a few things we learned in the NHL last night, presented by @MadeForMen. https://t.co/PMVU1MzhPH
12 Feb, 01:32 PM UTC
Hockey Night in Canada
The Sharks shelled the Canucks as Michael DiPietro got roughed up in his NHL debut https://t.co/uCvHiXmens Hockey Night in Canada's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 01:42 PM UTC
Not Muzzin Around
So, what exactly were the Canucks trying to prove leaving Mikey DiPietro to eat that entire bag of shit they dropped in his crease? Travis Green, Jim Benning, fucking idiots.
12 Feb, 12:54 PM UTC
CBC Ottawa
ICYMI | The only healthy @Canucks goalie left on an NHL contract is the #67s Michael DiPietro, who was forced into action in a 7-2 loss to San Jose last night: https://t.co/fSbSlWndAh https://t.co/KZGLX52Oma
12 Feb, 12:23 PM UTC
Tough start for DiPietro last night in his first NHL game. Hopefully he will be able to get past it. At 19 he has a long future ahead of him.👍👍
12 Feb, 12:20 PM UTC
CBC Windsor
DiPietro is one of just five goalies to start in the NHL before turning 20. https://t.co/0CeH2rJne0
12 Feb, 01:30 PM UTC
The Puck Authority
It may have not been the night that he had hoped it would be, but we can't put all the blame on Michael DiPietro. @David_Ciss breaks down the youngster's performance from his NHL debut against San Jose in his latest piece for @PuckAuthority1: https://t.co/gnzfu8Uc8n #Canucks #NHL
12 Feb, 06:05 AM UTC
Steve Kournianos
Welcome to the NHL, Mike DiPietro. Six goals on first 15 shots. Greg Maddux gave up a GW homer in the 18th inning to Billy Hatcher in his first inning of work in the majors. Went 6-14 his first year as a starter.
12 Feb, 07:29 AM UTC
@BComptonNHL I for one looked twice at the TV when I heard "DiPietro makes the save"
12 Feb, 12:54 PM UTC
I retired from sports betting this weekend but I couldn't resist this spot. DiPietro has a sub .900 save percentage in the OHL since WJHC and you're gonna put him in nets against the streaking San Jose Sharks? Yes please. https://t.co/6uoTolcXNy
12 Feb, 12:43 PM UTC
LeBoucher -HSL
ouff moi les dipietro la... 😂😂 https://t.co/vY9Wq3IlHU
12 Feb, 12:16 PM UTC
Amherstburg's Michael DiPietro lit up in his #NHL debut. #Canucks https://t.co/EYM29vQBub
12 Feb, 12:12 PM UTC
Lee Powell@st
@silentmoosassin Yes a lot had to transpire, Flyers claim McKenna, Demko knee, Marky tightness, Leighton signed but only for AHL, NIlsson leaves after playing poorly here, only to catch fire with the Sens. Canucks play terrible in front of Dipietro and he has a very shaky debut.
12 Feb, 12:07 PM UTC
Shawn Mullin
Discovering that another Dipietro was about to play an NHL game Mike Milbury attempted to sign him to a 47 year contract
12 Feb, 01:44 PM UTC
Gemma Karstens-Smith
It wasn’t the NHL debut he’d hoped for, but starting in net for the Canucks was still a dream Come true for Mike DiPietro. https://t.co/n8vgroItMi
12 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
Patrick Johnston
Mike DiPietro battled hard, but starting a 19-year-old goalie — talented he may be, he's still raw — against a high-powered Stanley Cup contender wasn't fair and spoke of lingering problem that needed fixing some time ago: goalie depth. Game story: https://t.co/e2x8QhNoWz
12 Feb, 06:23 AM UTC
BC SEO Consultant
@fr_aquilini Dipietro, 19, was in a situation to lose bad. Many of those goals were deflections off of his own players. Canucks are in desperate need for defensemen and he didn’t get any help in this area. On top of that, San Jose is currently one of the toughest teams to play.
12 Feb, 01:43 PM UTC
Kukla's Korner
Vancouver Canucks Fail To Protect Rookie Goaltender Michael DiPietro: from Iain MacIntyre of Sportsnet, The Vancouver Canucks set up Michael DiPietro to fail, and on Monday night, in a premature National Hockey League debut, he did. The 19-year-old… https://t.co/8WessF3IPX
12 Feb, 01:43 PM UTC
Avery Ennes
@Steve_Dangle Dipietro is just a bad goalie though lol. Had he performed even decently well, you’d be singing a different tune, no?
12 Feb, 01:38 PM UTC
@rayferrarotsn It's fine. Caps scored 6 on LA. DiPietro will learn that there will be many more games like that in the NHL.
12 Feb, 01:35 PM UTC
Rob Rice
@GoalieGearNerd Makes Tom Barrasso's rookie season stand out even more. He had none of the experiences that DiPietro has.
12 Feb, 01:28 PM UTC
Marckstrom injured, Demko injured, Backman our for the season. Canucks really had no choice but to call up 19 year old Dipietro. They literally threw him at the red hot Sharks and he got no help. I feel for the guy.
12 Feb, 01:24 PM UTC
dipietro stronger than the us marines https://t.co/Yn4ZzUbolI
12 Feb, 01:22 PM UTC
Trevor Taylor
@Canucks Dipietro, you’re a beauty! Trevor Taylor's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 01:20 PM UTC
jordan margaret 🌸
I didn’t want Vancouver to win or anything but couldn’t they have done better by DiPietro at least?
12 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
I wonder if time in Utica (after 67s) would develop DiPietro 🤔 @CoryHergott 😂😂😂😂😂
12 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC
𝙰𝚝𝚝𝚒𝚔𝚞𝚜 𝚂𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚎𝚛𝚎
@Jacob_DiPietro_ factsss lmaooo
12 Feb, 01:02 PM UTC
NHL Sportyst
Hockey>Sports - Sharks shell Canucks as Michael DiPietro roughed up-- https://t.co/8Sb6Y9QnAv #NHL NHL Sportyst's photo on DiPietro
12 Feb, 01:00 PM UTC
daren brunet
@MarcPDumont Hey marc, I misser that whole thing, how is micheal dipietro allowed to be in the nhl right now ?
12 Feb, 12:55 PM UTC
hold fast
@Canucks Why did Green play Dipietro? Anyone?
12 Feb, 12:46 PM UTC
Nya Wikipediasidor
Michael DiPietro skapades nyss av DIEXEL https://t.co/ysyA25aBcG
12 Feb, 12:42 PM UTC
Which is older? #Canucks goalie Mike Dipietro or the contract of the #Islanders Rick Dipietro? #NHL
12 Feb, 12:38 PM UTC
The Sharks took a real bite at Michael DiPietro for his first rookie game - Welcome to the NHL https://t.co/P3Hpkefvjb
12 Feb, 12:37 PM UTC
If anything Monday's game taught us was that we need to improve defensively. Some of these guys need to be switched out. Hughes will be a big help. I thought DiPietro did well holding his emotions in check getting peppered. They just need to keep it together til Demko comes back
12 Feb, 12:27 PM UTC
Sharks 7 Canucks 2: DiPietro enters the dragon’s den and gets burned @SanJoseSharks @VanCanucks_NHL https://t.co/zi5dpy8SGd
12 Feb, 12:20 PM UTC
If anyone sees Mikey Dipietro give him a pat on the back. He’s going to be a stud in this league and I really hope he’s able to laugh off this first start and get back at it soon.
12 Feb, 12:15 PM UTC
@leepowellST it was an uphill battle for the Canucks to win against the Sharks even with a healthy Marky in net, so what pressure was there on Dipietro to win tonight? none, much less than if we were playing an Ottawa or Edmonton...
12 Feb, 12:06 PM UTC

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