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Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade
PlayKids: Aprender brincando
PlayKids Inc
Pô galera, tá todo mundo aqui em casa desempregado e eu to tentando fazer uma renda extra com meus desenhos, se alg…
10 Jan, 08:38 PM UTC
Nintendo of America
A Nintendo Direct Mini is here! Take a quick look at some #NintendoSwitch games you can expect in early 2018!…
11 Jan, 02:01 PM UTC
「Nintendo Direct mini 2018.1.11」を公開しました。2018年前半に発売を予定しているNintendo Switchソフトの情報を中心にコンパクトにご紹介しています。 #NintendoDirectJP
11 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
Undercover video appears to show Twitter security engineer saying that Twitter keeps all deleted direct messages an…
11 Jan, 04:30 AM UTC
Project Veritas
Why won't Twitter verify Julian Assange? Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer Pranay Singh tells us on hidden camera!…
11 Jan, 02:41 PM UTC
『すばらしきこのせかい -Final Remix-』がNintendo Switchで発売決定【Nintendo Direct mini】 ファミ通.com's photo on Direct
11 Jan, 02:13 PM UTC
Victoria Osteen
We hear a lot of things each day, but what are you tuned in to? In other words, what are you directing your attenti…
11 Jan, 12:15 PM UTC
Nintendo España
¡Descubre algunos de los nuevos títulos y las actualizaciones que llegarán a #NintendoSwitch durante 2018 en este N…
11 Jan, 02:02 PM UTC
Nintendo Deutschland
Diese Nintendo Direct Mini-Präsentation hält Ankündigungen zu ausgewählten Titeln für #NintendoSwitch bereit, die 2…
11 Jan, 02:02 PM UTC
Nintendo Wire
The World Ends With You: Final Remix comes to the Switch later this year. Nintendo Wire's photo on Direct
11 Jan, 02:03 PM UTC
Nintendo France
Retrouvez les annonces pour une sélection de titres #NintendoSwitch prévus pour 2018 à travers ce Nintendo Direct M…
11 Jan, 02:04 PM UTC
Ida Sawyer
As Kabila holds on to power through brute force+repression, #Belgium ends direct support to #DRC gov't; redirects f…
11 Jan, 06:25 AM UTC
#ArrestMeSiddaramaiah for Supporting PFI & SDPI who have direct links with Terror outfits but wants to arrest Membe…
11 Jan, 02:18 PM UTC
Nintendo Wire
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is coming to the Switch this Spring! Nintendo Wire's photo on Direct
11 Jan, 02:05 PM UTC
Parfois je ne répond pas aux messages direct parce que je veux prendre le temps de bien répondre, posée etc mais après hop j’oublie 😭
11 Jan, 12:33 AM UTC
Same Squidward
Nintendo Direct: Nintendo announces Squidward will walk on the tracks of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as DLC Same Squidward's photo on Direct
11 Jan, 01:04 AM UTC
#Twitter ‘happy’ to hand over #Trump’s direct messages & deleted tweets to DOJ – Project Veritas VIDEO…
11 Jan, 05:02 PM UTC
Mainers wanting to get the salt off their cars have been waiting in long lines at the car wash prompting this very.…
11 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
فاتن محمد
#جيمرز في Nintendo Direct قبل قليل تم الإعلان رسمياً عن : Dark Souls Remastered ✅ ستصدر في ٢٥ مايو القادم. على جهاز…
11 Jan, 02:06 PM UTC
Fukushima=TheEnd ☠️
Direct tritium emissions to the ocean from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident. Tritium 787 years decay rate fr…
11 Jan, 03:15 AM UTC
Kenya Tourism Board
@KenyaAirways direct flight #NBONYCdaily is expected to increase the number of tourist arrivals from the US by 30%…
11 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC
Cerezer Burn
Wow i cant believe they announced cuphead at the end of that mini direct.
11 Jan, 03:30 PM UTC
Anne Healy
Kenya Airways to begin 1st direct flights to United States
11 Jan, 05:08 PM UTC
Food&Farming Futures
Shift to spring crops continues @AHDB_Cereals Food&Farming Futures's photo on Direct
11 Jan, 02:11 PM UTC
[Nous interrompons ce tweetfeed plein à 90% de tweets et RT sur l'AGDQ pour un court feedback sur le Nintendo Direc…
11 Jan, 05:00 PM UTC
@ColonelFancy They gave us release dates, dark souls remastered, Ys 8, a TWEWY port, and ports of Wii u…
11 Jan, 05:16 PM UTC
Ecole de guerre
#Débat La #Démocratie est-elle en danger ? Madame Chantal Delsol en parle en direct de l’École militaire ici :
11 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC
Dakar En Direct
Pain mène le classement des braves #Dakar2018 #Dakarendirect @FranceTvSport
11 Jan, 04:26 PM UTC
Laufra#MerciNS #LW
Un Mirage 2000 intercepte un Boeing 737 d'Air Algérie au-dessus de la ville d'Orange
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Adam Heagy
Immediate #Freelance Need! #Philly #Jobs - Traditional #Art #Copy #Designer for Ad Prep - 20hrs. per week onsite @…
11 Jan, 04:43 PM UTC
Rove’s direct mail & church targeting revolutionized political marketing. #Obama improved on that model w/digital…
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Daniel Reenlsober
A Nintendo colocou esse "mini" só pra baixar a hype da galera. Foi uma Direct comum ao que costuma fazer... Daniel Reenlsober's photo on Direct
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
RT Project_Veritas: Why won't Twitter verify Julian Assange? Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer Pranay Singh tells u…
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Official CHELSEA F.C. Wallcoverings and Lightening RT's Appreciated
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Sir James Crackcorn
@AlexanderLasry @CooolJay_ I saw you on the floor taking these pics last night....almost direct messaged ya
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
IRA Owner's Manual
IRS Gives 5 Good Reasons for Direct Deposit IRA Owner's Manual's photo on Direct
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
J'espère on s'est tous fais autant baisé que je me suis senti baisé avec ce Nintendo direct
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
knuckles the enchilidna
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
「Nintendo Direct mini 2018.1.11」を公開しました。2018年前半に発売を予定しているNintendo... by #dengekinintendo via @ridder_co
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
@JD_Benefield this new direct going to make you buy a Switch? lol. Or was this the Ys we talked about before? I can't remember.
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Technojobs Limited
Infrastructure Technician - connect:direct #jobs #unix
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
The mini Direct... it came at a pretty humorous timing...I guess all of that PR trolling pays.
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Lyber Game
J'ai commencé une diffusion en direct sur @YouTube :
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
🇨🇿 In 2013 my analysis of the 1st direct Czech presidential election was published in @NewEastEurope. As Zeman is s…
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
FLOW Jamaica
@annaztazisa hi Anna, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Could you share with us the store location this ha…
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Food&Farming Futures
Improve poultry welfare with outcome-based standards
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
Kevin Burke
.@MoviePass @MoviePass_CS hey i've been waiting weeks for you guys to resolve my very simple issue i direct message…
11 Jan, 05:18 PM UTC
So due to the timing of the Nintendo Direct mini, either I'll do a double post today, with a post on the NDm someti…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Préfet de région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et du Rhône
#voeux2018 Suivez en direct l'intervention du préfet devant les personnalités à partir de 18h45 sur notre compte F…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
IUOE Local 793
Please be reminded that Local 793 members can sign up for a direct deposit option to receive reimbursements for hea…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Connor | ProjectCMR
i've never played this game, but after seeing it in the direct, i'm very interested
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Topher | Happy 2018!
Overall I am happy with the @NintendoAmerica mini direct because I didn't set my expectations super high..i mean c…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
lozravee jravnge
@SonicDahMario expecting a new smash game from a direct hahahahahahaha
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Andrew Skidmore
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist We Are Not Direct Selling and We Are Not MLM
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
David Mogiel Mezael
J'ai commencé une diffusion en direct sur @YouTube :
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Scott Ahearn, An Album by Justin Timberlake
@shinobi602 I played it on XBO when it became compatible and enjoyed it for the direct-to-video sequel to III and Black Flag that it was.
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Bayek Medjay de Siwa
Direct didn't do anything for me. You guys want me to lie and act fake excited about games I still got on Wii U or…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Me gustó un video de @YouTube Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Jeff Becker
@Nate_Kucsma_ASI Until they do. The promotional product direct buyer may not care, but those inside the organizatio…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Hi@DWBakes just a question. As todays direct was a mini, can we expect another direct this month or was that the on…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Collège de France
Suivez la leçon en direct sur
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Sergio P.
Man There was nothing Pokemon related announced in the Nintendo Direct, am sad
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Paul Miller
🛒@Walmart is taking a direct shot at @Amazon and making checkout lanes obsolete, bringing Scan & Go to 100 more sto…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
tagana slamma
@Gameiversary I like how there was a Nintendo Direct today that revealed more info about the upcoming Kirby game.
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
DS Reps Events
Shop*Save*Earn*Colorado*Trunited - Direct Sales Reps Events
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Highlights of the Nintendo Direct: - Odyssey update - Mario Tennis - The World Ends With You - Donkey Kong Country…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Brian Azevedo
We are on the search for a Senior DevOps Engineer for a client in San Francisco. This is a fulltime, direct, perm…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
Pls note d accounting assignment, we ar submttng it 2moro..nd we will submit it direct to d lecturer individually so pls cum to skul
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC
gay 4 science @ ANE
@nellysnowmew I’m simply talking in terms of what’s most practical, as being most easily available to the public. I…
11 Jan, 05:17 PM UTC

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