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Hola, soy Thor y estás viendo Disney channel @paimonwtf's photo on Disney
24 Sep, 01:46 AM UTC
Marcel Dirsus
This doesn't look real. How can one person be Chancellor, Queen of Europe and Disney Princess in one life? @marceldirsus's photo on Disney
24 Sep, 08:21 AM UTC
ColourPop Cosmetics
#HALLLOWEENGIVEAWAY 5 lucky winners will receive BOTH Disney Hocus Pocus ‘Coven Crew’ + ‘Gather Round Sisters’ Collection! How To Enter: 🕷 Follow @ColourPopCo + @SolBodyCo ✨ Like this post 🕷 RT 🌟 BONUS: Reply w your fav Hocus Pocus character #DisneyHocusPocusandColourPop @ColourPopCo's photo on Disney
24 Sep, 05:00 PM UTC
MCU - The Direct
BREAKING: #Disney is suing #StanLee & Steve Ditko's estates in an attempt to retain the rights of #SpiderMan, #IronMan, and several more #Avengers characters... Full details: https://t.co/dRdbowgImi @MCU_Direct's photo on Disney
24 Sep, 04:39 PM UTC
People are siding with the megacorporation because they're scared of losing their superhero movie fix. It sounds like even if Disney/Marvel lose, they still retain co-ownership, and they would just have to actually compensate creators and their families. https://t.co/Y2aurqlxXn https://t.co/ouZMCsY4ev
24 Sep, 05:59 PM UTC
Possum Reviews
If Ditko's estate takes back the rights to Spider-Man, that doesn't mean the end of the MCU. That just means Disney would have to pay them. Stop simping for the corporation that has successfully lobbied the government to change copyright laws for their benefit several times.
24 Sep, 07:56 PM UTC
The Town That Dreaded Ashley Lynch 🔪🎬
Fun fact: If Disney hadn't fucked with copyright laws, Spider-Man would have entered public domain last year and Ditko's estate wouldn't have a claim. https://t.co/Y8thJNDXD4
24 Sep, 07:18 PM UTC
The extremely dramatic wording here undercuts the actual stakes, allowing Marvel/Disney to set legal precedents for characters created under work for hire conditions to never leave corporate copyright. Win or lose, Spider-Man won't actually go anywhere. Too much money to be made. https://t.co/Bj9gYUDgqd
24 Sep, 05:56 PM UTC
no lie im bout to watch a Disney Halloween movie everyday at 8pm in October just like we did as kids
24 Sep, 06:09 AM UTC
People defending Mario's obvious corporate casting, people defending Disney not paying out Ditko's family for Spider-Man...how does it taste @JobbytheHong's photo on Disney
24 Sep, 08:36 PM UTC
It's simple really. These multi-billion dollar companies should treat their comic book creators (and families) better. Do you know how many creators I've seen have to ask for donations to pay for medical or other stuff while Disney/Marvel make millions everyday? It's messed up.
24 Sep, 07:32 PM UTC
T.kawa 🦀祝 自然界でE7系とき誕生
今度の川越はエレクトリカルパレード またまたドーム内は大爆笑 Disneyとは https://t.co/ng0dRaO9dC
24 Sep, 11:07 AM UTC
sarah zedig! 🍉🐐
disney has colonized the global imagination used its infinite stores of wealth and influence to rig the copyright system to such an extent that there simply is no culture anymore. we have nothing. but yeah no let people enjoy things what can you do [shrugs in comic sans]
24 Sep, 10:19 PM UTC
Adam Contini
Please remember: Disney did not create Spider-Man, Steve Ditko and Stan Lee did. Disney can easily afford to license Spider-Man from the Ditkos for literally anything they want forever. The only reason this is an issue at all is Disney’s copyright lobbying. https://t.co/ACwQeZ5K7S
24 Sep, 09:08 PM UTC
MCU - The Direct
UPDATE: The recent #Marvel lawsuits put in question the company's full ownership of many iconic characters. In the event that Marvel loses, the Disney subsidiary is expected to still retain a share of character rights as co-owners... Full breakdown: https://t.co/dRdbowgImi https://t.co/Tnj5Dak8KJ
24 Sep, 11:43 PM UTC
Out of Context Simpsons Couch Gags
Disney to Steve Ditko's estate: https://t.co/Y8iY09GZuZ
24 Sep, 07:18 PM UTC
Disney Animation Promos
Walt Disney Animation's 'ENCANTO' hits theaters in 2 months, and Disney+ at no extra cost in 3! 🇨🇴🌟 https://t.co/FoRHqxXWfT
24 Sep, 06:06 PM UTC
fandom.trash is playing cookie run kingdom
so basically if disney/marvel looses then they’ll still have co-ownership of the characters, still get to make movies with them, and all they’ll have to do is pay the creators & their families the amount they should have been paying them to begin with https://t.co/NGWkfE51Pk
24 Sep, 07:25 PM UTC
Steffie is Duneposting🐛🏜
@Srirachachau The Disney stans have no idea about Marvel history and are just trying to defend them tooth and nail. If they took 2 seconds to google who created the characters who they claim to love so much then they would know who actually has the most rights.
24 Sep, 07:48 PM UTC
@Leo__Maximoff You didn't read the article.... If Disney loses all it means is that they'd share the rights. Spider-Man isn't gonna disappear you dumb fuck.💀
24 Sep, 09:16 PM UTC
Velardetwett 🤪
De nada me sirve tener Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, STAR + y Disney +. Si siempre me la pasó aburrido. :/
24 Sep, 06:32 AM UTC
Ivan who cries 🇬🇷
Funny how certain people are SO quick to call Disney out on literally everything and shit on people who defend them, but when it comes to WB its crickets from the very same people
24 Sep, 07:33 PM UTC
King of Zeroes ⑨
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Western companies need to stop eternally riding their coattails and make something new. I hope Ditko's family just sits on the rights and smiles as Disney cucks seethe. But we all know they're just doing this to turn a fat profit.
24 Sep, 11:34 PM UTC
nelly 🔪🦄🕸
multiple ppl today told me i was dressed like a “disney channel popstar” and idk about u but i think that means i’m doing something right https://t.co/cXsCT87SLQ
25 Sep, 12:01 AM UTC
The irony of people calling the creators families “greedy”yet they take the side of Disney. Also the family’s getting the rights doesn’t mean the end to Spidey. God it’s like the Sony situation all over again. https://t.co/AQJQzL1VUU
24 Sep, 11:56 PM UTC
🏰 Ikkle Gemz ♿️ 🏰
Disney & Florida etc #ff #followfriday mentions - see this thread...
24 Sep, 10:48 PM UTC
Hatsu@Las tojas de la palabra perdida
. . . . . . . . . . Y ahora aprovechando que me he cagado en los musicales disney de este arco, vengo a comentar una cosa: Si alguien en serio cree que lo del CGI en el anime es cosa "nueva" de ahorita... que no se ponga a ver OP tras el timeskip https://t.co/jbNxmPcBMM
24 Sep, 11:48 PM UTC
Jaggz Nasty is still alive..
@Muffino77 @GratDisMemes @save_splash @empire_disney @MTARDI32 @KevinSparrow8 @save_mountain Took me a sec, which is why I deleted it. Whoopsies. 🤣
25 Sep, 12:00 AM UTC
Inside the Magic
Disney to Stream New Firework Shows EARLY - Fans Can Watch From Anywhere! - Inside the Magic https://t.co/j3oPEnh8A1 #wdw #disneyworld #disneyparks #disneyworld50 https://t.co/dwMrgyZlHu
25 Sep, 12:00 AM UTC