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Jane Aitchison
They tried to blame the miners for Orgreave. They tried to blame the fans for Hillsborough. I will not stand by and watch our brave firefighters blamed for #Grenfell #dispatches https://t.co/ftVUwBY79G
18 Feb, 08:30 PM UTC
Fire Brigades Union
Before you watch tonight's #Dispatches, please take the time to read our initial response: https://t.co/XpC9yvbd1H
18 Feb, 06:08 PM UTC
Matt Wrack
It does not help for Chief Fire Officers to claim that #Grenfell could not have been predicted. The FBU warned about cladding fires as long ago as 1999. To the House of Commons! Yes - 20 years ago. #Dispatches
18 Feb, 08:29 PM UTC
One day at #Dispatches someone said ‘let’s do a show on #Grenfell’ ‘great, what angle?’ ‘Building safety standards and how the Tories let them go?’ ‘Boring, everyone knows that, we need something fresh’ ‘How about we blame the firefighters?’ (Long silence) ‘Great, let’s do it’
18 Feb, 08:18 PM UTC
Ben |#LabourAndProud|#GTTO| #JC4PM2019|🌹🇵🇸
Austerity cuts to fire & rescue services along with the many complaints from residents that went ignored for months on end is to blame for Grenfell. I stand in complete Solidarity to the brave firefighters who risked their lives to save others. #Dispatches Ben |#LabourAndProud|#GTTO| #JC4PM2019|🌹🇵🇸's photo on #Dispatches
18 Feb, 08:27 PM UTC
Matt Wrack
The Fire Service - nationally - did not plan or train for mass evacuation. So the firefighters - all of them - on the night of #Grenfell were placed in an impossible position #Dispatches
18 Feb, 08:06 PM UTC
There'll be a long list of people who are to responsible for the Grenfell deaths, you try and lay the blame at the ones doing the saving...... 🤬🖕🏻#Dispatches https://t.co/2U1qZIGSqg
18 Feb, 09:29 PM UTC
Fire Brigades Union
Please read the union's response to tonight's #Dispatches programme here: https://t.co/eHkaeJGjI8
18 Feb, 09:33 PM UTC
Rebecca Young
Thank you @LondonFire, thank you for everything you did that fateful night, thank you for always putting the lives of others before your own...you are not to blame, you are #heroes #Grenfell #Dispatches
18 Feb, 09:02 PM UTC
Capt PAT t Dawson
Struggling to see the point of this C4 #Dispatches documentary; The cladding FAILED! The building FAILED! The local government FAILED! The UK government (cuts) FAILED! The London Fire Brigade were ill equipped & yes, maybe mistakes were made but THEY did NOT Fail! #Grenfell
18 Feb, 08:30 PM UTC
FBU Control
Thinking tonight of our brothers and sisters in #LFB. @LondonFBU @FBUControlLFB . @MattWrack When will the episode featuring the decision to fit the cladding be shown? #AllOneTeam #Grenfell #Dispatches
18 Feb, 08:55 PM UTC
Matt Wrack
Firefighters worry they are being 'stitched up' by Grenfell inquiry #Dispatches https://t.co/8eM6D28FXl
18 Feb, 08:04 PM UTC
I have nothing but love for the #firefighters who risked their own lives. #Grenfell #Dispatches 💚 MissRubyred77's photo on #Dispatches
18 Feb, 08:09 PM UTC
How about @Channel4 and #dispatches go and take a long walk off a short pier!!!!! Pretty sure I know who the blame lies with and that’s the manufacturers of that combustible cladding & our shady government not the firefighters #grenfell 😡
18 Feb, 08:14 PM UTC
Eastern Fire Station
Any concerns from tonight’s programme on TV please come and speak to us; visit your local Fire Station. The Fire Service did not fail, the cladding failed. Procedures and training have never been better for high rise incidents #saferpeople #saferplaces #dispatches #grenfell Eastern Fire Station's photo on #Dispatches
18 Feb, 10:13 PM UTC
Trowbridge Fire Stn
When attending incidents: If I had the benefit of hindsight, detailed time lines, exact locations of casualties, aerial footage, phone & CCTV footage, over a year to analyse my response, planning, priorities & building construction. Then I’d be a Fire Service God😡🥵 #Dispatches
18 Feb, 08:53 PM UTC
Funny Tinged Lil'oldme #JC4PM2019
@BenJolly9 Attempts to blame our brave firefighters is one of the most disgusting things I've seen from msm. Shame on you @C4Dispatches #Dispatches Solidarity with @fbunational who put their lives on the line every single day
18 Feb, 08:38 PM UTC
Cameron Matthews
👇🏽 As @MattWrack highlights, the Fire Brigades Union - the Professional Voice of Firefighters - has been making it unequivocal to Gov't the risks of both deregulation & fire cuts for years. But time & time again expert advice was ignored #Dispatches https://t.co/LNh1cHSZPL
18 Feb, 08:55 PM UTC
Donna may be fragile but is still a fighter
#Dispatches The fire brigade did not know about the cladding, they were lead to believe it was quality cladding not some cheap replacement. Can the writers of this documentary name every one involved in the making of this disgusting programme who have run int a burning building
18 Feb, 08:09 PM UTC
Michael Calderbank #GTTO
#Dispatches is blaming the wrong people. The building should never have been covered in flammable cladding and subject to faulty fire safety measures. Why was it? #Grenfell.
18 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
Eastern Fire Brigades Union
We stand with the Grenfell community & feel their heartbreak. We stand with our Firefighter & Control brothers & sisters in @LondonFBU & feel their heartbreak also. We vow to never stop fighting #Justice4Grenfell ✊ #Dispatches
18 Feb, 09:21 PM UTC
Nina Purcell
I didn’t watch #Dispatches - but I will say this because I think it matters more than ever... I was, am, and always will be exceptionally proud of our Fire Service 🚒❤️
18 Feb, 10:29 PM UTC
Steve Gore
#Grenfell #Dispatches dreadful, dreadful stitch up of the fire service. That building SHOULD NOT have burned like that if the managing agent, the constructors and designers had done their jobs properly. Shame on you Dispatches.
18 Feb, 09:31 PM UTC
aj snoop
CHANNEL 4 YOU ARE A DISGRACE FOR EVEN DOING THIS Why are you not holding the local authority accountable they murdered those poor people #Dispatches
18 Feb, 08:08 PM UTC
As an operational firefighter as well as a community safety officer I have absolute solidarity with the @LondonFire staff who attended #Grenfell. Whilst the enquiry is ongoing I think it grossly unfair to draw conclusions or apportion blame. #Dispatches
18 Feb, 11:17 PM UTC
David Devenay
#dispatches absolutely shocked by it David Devenay's photo on #Dispatches
18 Feb, 10:17 PM UTC
Chloe Sturges
Two casualties unfortunately died in hospital after being rescued from the fire... #channel4 I am guessing thats the doctors faults too?!! End of the day they were excellent with the circumstances and the cause of the fire spreading so quickly was the building work!!! #Dispatches
18 Feb, 10:11 PM UTC
Rosh Mallaghan #WeAreRemain 🇪🇺
Harrowing #Dispatches re #Grenfell. #ToryGov's bonfire of regulations started in 2010 with Cameron, encouraged by Boris Johnson as Mayor of London. Will get much worse once JRM & #ERG take charge post 'no deal' #Brexit. That's what #OldEtonians running UK means folks ... 🙄😎🇪🇺
18 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
Is this what we’re doing now?, @Channel4 is actually playing with peoples heads trying to blame the fire brigade for note evacuating people. And there are actually dumbasses who are watching this and switching sides #Dispatches #Grenfell
18 Feb, 11:09 PM UTC
Andrew Williams
I refused to watch #Dispatches tonight. The thought and stupidity of people thinking that firefighters, my brothers and sisters, knowingly assisted #Grenfell is absolutely beyond! THEY were the ones that went into the building, THEY risked their lives!
18 Feb, 11:07 PM UTC
Daniel Browning
It’s disgusting that @Channel4 would allow #Dispatches to “investigate” how 44 people could have survived if the fire dept acted differently. These people work tirelessly to save lives and I expect many of them are traumatised by what happened on that day 1/2
18 Feb, 11:10 PM UTC
Mountain Boy
Are people noticing how @Channel4 and @Channel4News are now aggressively pushing pro Tory, pro Centrist politics? @jonsnowC4 and @krishgm attacking Labour, not giving balanced coverage or correcting smears and now #Dispatches is seeking to blame #Grenfell on firefighters.
19 Feb, 01:22 AM UTC
7 minutes to evacuate grenfell tower with 1 staircase, 1 exit and the building filling with smoke?!? Crazy the people that don’t run into fires and risk their lives have the most to say about how it should have been handled. #Dispatches
19 Feb, 01:30 AM UTC
why does it always have to be a battle between the #establishment and the workers why can't the council just admit that they fucked up, they cut corners and they burnt their tenents to death #dispatches #Grenfell #firefighters
19 Feb, 02:10 AM UTC
Aggy 🕉
I stand with the firefighters ✊ #Dispatches #Grenfell https://t.co/ANpoJJo3WA
19 Feb, 01:31 AM UTC
That's two weeks in a row #Dispatches has aimed the blame at the wrong people. When was it bought by the Tories?
19 Feb, 01:20 AM UTC
I'm pretty sure the dictionary definition of a hero is just a photo of a firefighter; blaming them for Grenfell is scapegoating, plain-and-simple #Grenfell #Dispatches
19 Feb, 01:18 AM UTC
Craig 🇬🇧-🇪🇺=🤩
Instead of twisting on social media about #Dispatches who will not listen to any of you, just boycott the programme from now on. But you won't, you'll be watching next week so why twist about it? Nothing will happen.
19 Feb, 01:15 AM UTC

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