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Luis Paez-Pumar
Ronaldo diving for a penalty in a World Cup? That’s nasty business.
24 Nov, 05:22 PM UTC
Ronaldo after diving to get that penalty https://t.co/uKXyqxcqKu
24 Nov, 05:23 PM UTC
Pandelela Rinong
If football ⚽️ has 🇶🇦 World Cup going on, diving also has 🇲🇾Grand Prix, which starts tomorrow until Sunday.🐬 🏟: National Aquatic Center, Bukit Jalil 🗓: 25th-27th November 2022 🎫: Free entrance,hehe😉 @Pandelela_R's photo on Diving
24 Nov, 12:40 PM UTC
L 🇯🇵
hate how english pundits always have to add the “but” after praising neymar to start talking about diving, showboating etc. it’s so lazy
24 Nov, 07:11 PM UTC
🇺🇸 🇦🇷
Ghana was robbed by Penaldo, the diving merchant DAYLIGHT ROBBERY https://t.co/JtMdWN3urT
24 Nov, 06:07 PM UTC
They gave Ronaldo the Man of the Match ahead of Bruno Fernandes & Joao Felix,same guy who missed 2 big chances,couldn’t even take on a single player & had to result to diving to score a goal. Explains why FIFA refs never bother to check Var. They just had to make him stand out!
24 Nov, 07:13 PM UTC
Troy Clymer
Solar Integrated Roofing; Diving Deeper Into the Company Itself - YouTube https://t.co/7W9Tki2CtA
24 Nov, 07:51 AM UTC
Big Fish Expeditions
Sevengill Shark in the forest. False Bay, South Africa. https://t.co/tANHSGK2Co https://t.co/ZP2HrCh1OI
24 Nov, 07:23 PM UTC
I hate Neymar diving... I get it that players dive, but every single time and the refs play by it
24 Nov, 07:43 PM UTC
Who heard Mitrovic scream “F*ck off” at Neymar diving 🤣🤣🤣
24 Nov, 07:42 PM UTC
@osowxvyy Actually brings nothing to the table but diving…
24 Nov, 07:42 PM UTC
Diving-Schools Daily wurde soeben publiziert! https://t.co/aB5ZvgKJqp Vielen Dank an @DIVERMAGAZINE @TheScubaNews #scuba #scubadiving
24 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
That’s it! as a loyal brazil supporter i have to say neymar is dragging this team down,his diving will no longer be tolerated and i will be starting a petition to revoke his brazilian citizenship
24 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
@fifaworldcup_es @Cristiano 37 years old and still good at diving.
24 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
@babatundes012 @DanielRegha Because Ghana knows his diving capabilities 🙄
24 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
@rgx1967 I just like watching idiots like you diving in being the Twitter intellect. Keep up the good work bud 🤣
24 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
Daniel Harness
Ref has had a good game. Dealt with all the pathetic diving and playing acting from both teams well.
24 Nov, 07:45 PM UTC
@goal Motm over Bruno for a diving pen and most big chances missed 😭
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Neymar stays diving 😅c'mon bro
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Dada Ba Kotey
@ClintSmithIII @LilMoGh Because CR7 is a finished goat who needs diving and pk to score
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
@julnqntr i can understand the penalty part,but the diving one ain’t it
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Neymar not diving hmm
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
🏴‍☠️vinyl collector nobby🏴‍☠️
@piersmorgan @Cristiano Diving and cheating is way to history? PS he’s not gonna shag you
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Colin Curryer
Penaldo diving for a pen? No never… https://t.co/TamcYBQVdc
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Sebastian Darlington
@CiaranNewton21 @andrestrydom36 @ESPNFC Nothing fair about her diving in the penalty box
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
@MillerHarold007 @joncoopertweets Really? Obviously, you don’t pay attention when CNN and MSNBC make racially charged statements against white people. BLM is a totally extreme group of racists and bigots and they aren’t aligned with the Republican Party. Way to keep diving the country, Harold.
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
These Brazilians playing the wrong sport. They all should’ve went into professional diving..
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
i hate neymar in the wc he be diving
24 Nov, 07:44 PM UTC
Ladies and Gentlemen , your diving GOAT https://t.co/7KkoEJYRie
24 Nov, 07:43 PM UTC