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Ali Velshi
Big love to the people of Georgia standing in lines RIGHT now, for hours, to fulfill that most democratic of obligations: voting. It’s hard. It’s tiring. But all of America is watching you right now. Thank you for your commitment to democracy. May we all be follow your example
12 Oct, 10:03 PM UTC
Sarah Cooper
Susan Collins is the biggest block tease
12 Oct, 09:53 PM UTC
Kirk Acevedo🇺🇸
12 Oct, 07:21 PM UTC
John Fugelsang
The only promise that Donald Trump kept was that he'd run the country like it was one of his businesses.
12 Oct, 09:30 PM UTC
Dr. Barbara Bollier
We’re both Kansans and we’re both doctors. But that’s where the similarities end. It’s clear that I’m the only candidate willing to put partisanship aside to get things done for Kansas.
12 Oct, 11:43 PM UTC
Brian Compton
Lamoriello says Noah Dobson is ready to step in. Cap crunch also played a role in trading Toews. #Isles
12 Oct, 08:55 PM UTC
New York Islanders
(2/2) Lamoriello on Toews: "We would not have made this move if the ice time that Devon received, we didn’t have the ability to put a player into that. We feel Noah Dobson is ready to take the next step."
12 Oct, 09:42 PM UTC
Rob Taub
Not only does the Toews deal make me think his ask was going to be too much contract-wise, but that Noah Dobson will be penciled in the #isles top-four on defense when next season begins.
12 Oct, 08:29 PM UTC
Lot of thoughts from NHL scouts that Noah Dobson will be top pairing defenseman in 2-3 years, seems like they also love the upside of prospect Samuel Bolduc.. plenty of depth for next few seasons #ISLES
12 Oct, 08:40 PM UTC
It’s Noah Dobson time
12 Oct, 08:42 PM UTC
Matthew Urfirer
Just got our sign! We’re all excited to support @TedraCobb for Congress, especially Cooper... 22 days to go vote! #NY21 #coopforcobb
12 Oct, 09:57 PM UTC
Mollie Walker
#Isles LL full quote on confidence in Dobson: "We would not have made this move if the ice time that Devon received, we didn’t have the ability to put a player into that. And Noah Dobson, we feel, is certainly ready to take the next step so we’ll have to just wait and see.”
12 Oct, 09:10 PM UTC
Colby Cohen
@DanJFriedman When Noah Dobson is given a chance to play not on a 1.5 ft leash everyone will be happy. Gotta let the kid spread his wings
12 Oct, 09:55 PM UTC
Noah Dobson seeing a top-4 spot open up
12 Oct, 08:52 PM UTC
Kevin Maher
With the #Isles trading Devon Toews to Colorado it opens the door for 20-year old Noah Dobson on defense. #Isles president Lou Lamoriello says that's part of the plan. @News12LI @ExIsledUsher @OysterBayBrewin @islessignguy #NHL @Bluelinedeli719 @KMaherNews12's photo on Dobson
12 Oct, 10:38 PM UTC
Jack Page ☘️
Aaron Dobson / Chad Jackson / Bethel Johnson.
12 Oct, 11:03 PM UTC
@DanJFriedman Thank you. For real man.... he's good but let's pull in the reigns a bit folks... If and when Dobson turns out to be the stud D man all the experts said he would be, then you'll all be saying "good trade for Lou. He used the acquired assets to add pieces elsewhere"
12 Oct, 10:51 PM UTC
Alex Rose🦕🍑
trump supporters favorite arguments to use against me are “but the bible says...” and “you don’t know what you’re talking about”
12 Oct, 03:39 PM UTC
Everything Isles
It’s Dobson time #isles fans
12 Oct, 11:50 PM UTC
Not That I Particularly Care
That Toews news is a bummer. But, the haul was decent, and if it helps shed another bad contract, and you can get green/Dobson for cheap, that’s pretty good. I think I would’ve rather seen Leddy go, but there prob less market.
12 Oct, 11:07 PM UTC
brad dobson
Spot on! Such a bright light in that dank, dark room. You need a dozen more like her.
12 Oct, 11:49 PM UTC
Gary Harding
@DynoDangle This also allows Dobson to move up. Years from now, you will apologize for your statements.
12 Oct, 11:26 PM UTC
@brasqo Think the hope was to have Dobson as part of the fold without having to lose Toews. That would have ultimately been the most attractive lineup.
12 Oct, 10:59 PM UTC
@islesidline @NickyAmadio same, i like dobson but i don’t think he’s toews level yet
13 Oct, 12:07 AM UTC
Nicky Amadio
@islesidline @nhlcizikas This is what it takes to get a goal scorer and I’m alright with that I much rather watch Dobson who’s only 20 grow into the top pairing defenseman he’s going to be
13 Oct, 12:05 AM UTC
brad dobson
@feminemi1y Psychological Operations...military term. Power Process...something to do with Power Rangers?
13 Oct, 12:05 AM UTC
Nicky Amadio
@islesidline @nhlcizikas Not much lol, Toews was the 3rd best defenseman on the team would be 4th with Dobson being a regular, already 26 and a liability defensively, much rather Dobson get the minutes. Ryan Murphy a proven top pairing defenseman got a 5th rounder and we got 2 seconds.
13 Oct, 12:04 AM UTC
brad dobson
@AmyAThatcher Soon please. And no, 'He can't go because he was a President, bullshit.' If laws have been broken, then guilty is guilty.
12 Oct, 11:53 PM UTC

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