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Clayton Kershaw
The best there ever was. When you think of the history of the Dodgers, you think of Vin. An incredible man with an incredible legacy and I’m so thankful to have known him as well as I did. https://t.co/EYGiHreRUV
03 Aug, 07:10 PM UTC
Los Angeles Dodgers
Jersey patches for Vin.🎙 @Dodgers's photo on Dodgers
04 Aug, 12:33 AM UTC
Los Angeles Dodgers
We have always needed you more than you ever needed us. We miss you, Vin. 💙 @Dodgers's photo on Dodgers
03 Aug, 07:08 PM UTC
Los Angeles Dodgers
For Vin. 💙 @Dodgers's photo on Dodgers
04 Aug, 01:17 AM UTC
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Remembering another dear friend ⁦@Dodgers@kaj33's photo on Dodgers
04 Aug, 12:03 AM UTC
Los Angeles Dodgers
Dodger Stadium tonight, in honor of Vin.🎙 https://t.co/o96xdbrCZd
04 Aug, 06:32 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
The Dodgers will honor Vin Scully by wearing this patch on their jerseys for the rest of the season 🙏 @BleacherReport's photo on Dodgers
04 Aug, 02:03 AM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
Dodgers fans have created a memorial for Vin Scully, the namesake for the street that leads to the stadium. 💙 https://t.co/qlg3ND9OWH
04 Aug, 12:03 AM UTC
Doug McKain
A moment of silence for Vin Scully before tonight's Dodgers-Giants game https://t.co/XJyvUHOzrk
04 Aug, 01:40 AM UTC
.@Dodgers build Vin’s statue next
03 Aug, 06:37 PM UTC
ABC7 Eyewitness News
LOOK UP, L.A.! The Southland skyline taking on a true blue hue tonight in tribute to the late #Dodgers broadcaster #VinScully. AIR7-HD is high in the sky above several SoCal landmarks taking part in the tribute. Tonight at 11 from ABC7 Eyewitness News. https://t.co/xnbgRZ6S0O @ABC7's photo on Dodgers
04 Aug, 05:00 AM UTC
Kevin Millar
As a little boy from Los Angeles California @TheVinScully lived in my soul. My dad listened to the @Dodgers game daily. We didn’t have @MLBNetwork or @espn we had vin and the dodgers! Here’s a slice of heaven my dad taped and I cherish for life RIP VINNY❤️🇺🇸 @KMillar15's photo on Dodgers
03 Aug, 04:15 PM UTC
SF Giants on NBCS
The Giants paid tribute to the iconic Vin Scully prior to tonight's game against the Dodgers ❤️ @NBCSGiants's photo on Dodgers
04 Aug, 01:48 AM UTC
David Vassegh
Video tribute and moment of silence for Vin Scully. #Dodgers #Giants @THEREAL_DV's photo on Dodgers
04 Aug, 01:29 AM UTC
Gallo might break out on the Dodgers simply because he got away from Yankee fans lol. Talk about a fresh start.
03 Aug, 05:27 PM UTC
Doug McKain
We're going to see #67 Vin Scully and #24 Kobe Bryant Dodgers jerseys at Dodgers games forever https://t.co/NvPKS70ZXq
04 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC
Stephanie Ruhle
#TheLastThing before we go... remembering broadcast legend and voice of the @Dodgers Vin Scully @11thHour @MSNBC @SRuhle's photo on Dodgers
04 Aug, 04:26 AM UTC
Hammering Hank 
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04 Aug, 03:21 AM UTC
Tom's Old Days
In 2008 Vin Scully received an Honorary Degree from Pepperdine University.The Graduating Class had a Surprise for Him,He had a Story for Them.#Dodgers #RIPVinScully https://t.co/nfYb2ETtTR
04 Aug, 12:11 AM UTC
This will be back in September folks https://t.co/LpTZRw03Uw
03 Aug, 05:48 PM UTC
ABC7 Eyewitness News
#Dodgers honoring Vin Scully with commemorative patch on uniforms https://t.co/wqLTOx7Tsl
04 Aug, 02:46 PM UTC
Tom's Old Days
“Old Days”Dodger Stadium 1976,A Heroic Act by the Cubs Rick Monday,described by an Incredulous Vin Scully.#Cubs #Dodgers #USA #1970s #RIPVinScully https://t.co/9iFmhvs8Wh
04 Aug, 02:03 PM UTC
Dodgers Nation
Thoughts on Miguel Vargas' Big League debut? #Dodgers https://t.co/ydczciHsLi
04 Aug, 02:56 PM UTC
@GustavoArellano "He understood that he was painting a picture over 9 innings." The @SklarBrothers look back at Vin Scully's poetic delivery with @TheMadBrand https://t.co/BOYLmp07af
04 Aug, 12:53 AM UTC
🇺🇸 DooM_Sal
Class act by the Giants. They came from NY together to the west coast and pay tribute to the voice of LA together. This is why Dodgers/Giants will always be special games every year. https://t.co/FXDIDyFqq2
04 Aug, 02:12 AM UTC
California Wager
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04 Aug, 02:46 PM UTC
Tesneem 🇵🇸 Free✌️Palestine
shoutout to draft dodgers
03 Aug, 09:14 PM UTC
Bill Carpenter
I love #Dodgers everyone knows that but I can’t be the only #Dodgers fan who wants Jessica Mendoza to please Shut Up. Please. #ShutUp Your voice and comments are annoying and worthless. Also annoying
04 Aug, 04:35 AM UTC