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🚨 Doja Cat acaba de receber sua primeira nomeação ao #GRAMMYS Parabéns, rainha! @PortalTracklist's photo on Doja
24 Nov, 05:39 PM UTC
É muito bom ver alguns artistas que trabalharam muito conquistando indicações no #GRAMMYs Phoebe Bridgers, Roddy Ricch, Arca, Kali Uchis, BTS, Jhene Aiko, Noah Cyrus, Megan Thee Stallion, Julia Michaels, Fiona Apple, Doja Cat... Todos tão merecedores!
24 Nov, 06:52 PM UTC
Why was Doja Cat's original version of "Say So" nominated rather than the remix with Nicki Minaj? Billboard answers this #Grammys FAQ & more below.
24 Nov, 08:26 PM UTC
If Nicki was so bitter at Doja & Megan, she wouldn’t have collaborated with both of them. ☠️ Her first #1 is with Doja & Megan’s highest debut as a lead artist on the H100, so far, is with her. She’s literally been speaking on the Grammys, it’s “not taking shine” from anyone.
24 Nov, 09:53 PM UTC
If Beale Street Could Twerk
It's cool cuz I think Megan, Doja and Chika all represent different styles of rap rn and to see them all acknowledged at the Grammys really warms my heart!
24 Nov, 10:04 PM UTC
My Name Is James
The Grammys say they want more diversity in their nominations yet keep nominating the same 5 artists while snubbing artists like The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Rina Sawayama, BLACKPINK, BTS, Stormzy, FKA twigs, Run The Jewels and so many more. They’ve lost all credibility in recent years.
24 Nov, 06:22 PM UTC
She saw Megan & Doja get nominated and started fuming.
24 Nov, 07:28 PM UTC
Megan Thee Stallion do João XXIII 𓆙
aquela lá da doja cat - meu fi brinque com meu priquito mas não desmantele minha cabeça
24 Nov, 07:35 PM UTC
Wait, Nicki crawled out of her cave to shade Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion for being nominated for best new artist? LOL I swear she said they don’t matter like 2 years ago. But alright. #GRAMMYS
24 Nov, 07:30 PM UTC
วงการฟันเฟิง 🏳️‍🌈
Bebe Rexha และ Doja Cat แสดงเพลง Baby I’m Jealous ในงาน #AMAs ค่ะ ทั้งคู่สวยและทำได้ดีมากเลย หลังเวทีบีบีก็ชมโดจาด้วยว่าไม่เคยร่วมงานกับใครที่ทำงานหนักเท่าโดจาเลย ถ้าโดจาอยากให้เธอช่วยอะไรก็บอกได้ น่ารักมากๆเลย
24 Nov, 08:04 AM UTC
𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐚 // 𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐞𝐫𝐚🎅🏻
people with taste be like: streets doja cat 1:47━━━━━━❍──2:12 ↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺ volume:▁▂▃▄▅▆▇200%
24 Nov, 10:17 PM UTC
Best Partna of the year ˣ
It’s very sweet seeing female rappers like Meg and Doja get the recognition they deserve after seeing Nicki Minaj get blackballed for years. Female rap’s perseverance despite attempts by men in power to control, suppress, and erase it is so powerful. More powerful than those men
24 Nov, 11:06 PM UTC
I’m so damn proud of Doja Cat. From making music on Garageband in her mom’s house, to uploading songs to SoundCloud, and ultimately becoming a 3x Grammy Nominee. Let this be a lesson to us all, don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. Thank you for being an inspiration.
24 Nov, 06:15 PM UTC
wilshire boulevard 🥀
can we get rid of this Grammy culture of nominating people for best new artist when they blow up? Noah Cyrus, Doja and Megan have been releasing for years 😭 rina actually debuted during this Grammy period
24 Nov, 08:10 PM UTC
pop smoke, drake, lil baby, megan thee stallion, lil durk, roddy ricch, dababy, travis scott, doja cat, beyoncé, big sean et nipsey tous nominés aux grammys
24 Nov, 05:59 PM UTC
When I was listening to So High and No Police I thought Doja would just be one of those amazing artists that don't blow up. Boy was I wrong.
24 Nov, 07:57 PM UTC
أْميمه الفرجاني 🖤
عادي اديرو رتوييت عشان خاطري ونفوز ؟!😔
24 Nov, 11:11 PM UTC
baby stalli.
Categorising artists like Lizzo, Doja & so on as rap harms other artists who have completely embraced the genres. It is unfair to consider black artists as such bc that’s how country etc. have been successfully whitewashed. + they are working v well to do the same to hip hop.
24 Nov, 07:01 PM UTC
Kën ✧
Doja is nominated at the Grindr 2020 awards . Vote if you have the app lmfaooo 😭
24 Nov, 10:52 PM UTC
Fatima Barbie
Jay Z buying grammys for Bey, Dr Luke buying grammys for Doja, Scooter buying grammys for Justin. What’s new?
24 Nov, 11:11 PM UTC
saggy nuts
@MeechyTaco most plainest bar ever respect tho doja can do better😭
24 Nov, 11:14 PM UTC
11:11 meet ari and madison, ari x5 , madison x2 , my signed swu is a real signature, doja x1, charli follows me
24 Nov, 11:11 PM UTC
الأميرة مايا🦋
Doja cat is not better than Jhené Aiko or Summer Walker wtf
24 Nov, 11:09 PM UTC
trade users kpop gc promo fl nsfw shindong #gfvip loyal list loyalies shawn mendes smut 18+ feet gg stan ariana grande txt bts stray kids furry hot follow trick benji fede jhope fancam views furry football rt for ffs au izone ifb gain gidle cat ivy doja
24 Nov, 11:16 PM UTC
Eugênio||Black Widow Stan
Verdade seja dita:Não é qualquer um que sabe fazer um conceito Disco,quem soube fazer foram:The Weeknd,Dua Lipa,Lady Gaga,Kylie Minogue,Miley Cyrus e Doja Cat. Tirando esses nomes,O resto ficou extremamente genérico e o Kpop foi o ritmo que mais saturou o conceito Disco
24 Nov, 11:13 PM UTC
Blythe Thomas
Remember back when we all tried to learn that Doja Cat tik tok dance? Crazy how that was 12 years ago, man.
24 Nov, 11:13 PM UTC
آنسـهہ‌ مـــراحــل
@Ithar_ هذي اوميمه يا بنات😂😂😂😂 @wesal__19 @OR_ASUL20 @Doja_Dw
24 Nov, 11:03 PM UTC
آنسـهہ‌ مـــراحــل
@Doja_Dw @Ithar_ @wesal__19 @OR_ASUL20 بكللل تخيلتها تدير هك وشر من هك😂
24 Nov, 11:10 PM UTC
𝐦𝐲 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧
i want doja, megan, and chloe x halle to take home trophies. i wouldn’t mind bey getting one but she already has a lot so 😂
24 Nov, 11:14 PM UTC
Gaga’s Wig #BLM
Even though I’m kinda pressed (abt Gaga, Rina, BTS and Blackpink) congrats to Beyoncé, Taylor, Dua, Megan and Doja for the many nominations and recognitions💖 Wishing them good luck and many many wins🕯✨
24 Nov, 11:14 PM UTC

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