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Tristan Snell
Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. were literally the #3, #4, and #5 executives in the entire Trump Organization, which they claim was a multi-billion dollar company. OF COURSE they’re implicated in the fraud. They’re not children. They’re co-conspirators.
26 Sep, 02:21 AM UTC
Ah yes Kronii and her 500 dollar Subway sandwich dakimakura #kronillust #drawMEI https://t.co/hFOPPt9wtG
26 Sep, 04:43 AM UTC
Howard Beckett
4th June 2017: “Jeremy Corbyn [as PM] could spark a run on the pound”. Rupert Murdoch’s Times. 26th Sept. 2022: Pound hits a 37 year low against the dollar and keeps falling. Morning, all.
26 Sep, 06:39 AM UTC
Robert Peston
In the year to date, the value of the pound against the dollar has fallen by more than a fifth. Against the Euro the fall is a smaller but non-trivial 7%. Against the Swiss Franc the fall is more than 14%. In other words the value of UK assets has collapsed under this…
26 Sep, 10:00 AM UTC
Brian Klaas
The British pound just hit its lowest level ever against the dollar, $1.04. Before the financial crisis it was as high as $2. Before Brexit it hovered between $1.45 and $1.70. $1.04 is extraordinary—and a significant factor was clearly @trussliz announcing tax cuts for the rich.
26 Sep, 05:26 AM UTC
Larry the Cat
Forget the dollar, the pound is tanking against the ruble: https://t.co/W30LdvzC4z
26 Sep, 10:33 AM UTC
Jonathan Lis
Why does the BBC keep saying the pound is at the lowest level against the dollar since decimalisation in 1971? Decimalisation had literally zero effect on the pound’s value. This is the lowest level against the dollar since the dollar was established by the Founding Fathers.
26 Sep, 12:10 PM UTC
The Futurizts (Formerly @FuturistsMY)
Look at this chart. That’s the sterling pound against the Malaysian Ringgit. It has fallen to a 9-year low against our local currency, and is almost on parity with the US dollar at 1.063. Have a seat, and let me explain what’s happening. 🧵 https://t.co/KZY8zYo0Om
26 Sep, 07:03 AM UTC
BBC Breaking News
The pound plunges to its lowest level against the US dollar - at just over $1.03 - since decimalisation in 1971 https://t.co/65JIcjD3xT
26 Sep, 02:01 AM UTC
Jessica Simor KC
Brexiters behaved as if we were a huge economy equivalent to the US so could go it alone. That was not true. Only in the EU did we make up an economy of equivalent size. The strength of the dollar says just as much about the stupidity of Brexit as the weakness of the pound.
26 Sep, 06:15 AM UTC
Edward Luce
Dollar value of British economy has dropped 13 per cent since Truss became prime minister…three weeks ago.
26 Sep, 02:53 AM UTC
BBC Politics
Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng declines to comment as pound hits all-time low against US dollar https://t.co/6Xn2KxVQzv @BBCPolitics's photo on Dollar
26 Sep, 11:57 AM UTC
Pounds and dollar is basically the same but we earn well over 50% less than Americans, Britain is a failed state
26 Sep, 10:35 AM UTC
History Defined
1921 US 1 Dollar Coin with a sword that unlocks the secret vault. The coin was modified by Roman Booteen in 2018. https://t.co/gNesvVcqzi
26 Sep, 03:57 AM UTC
Bamsee Blaster
Me at the Queen’s grave telling her the dollar is about to overtake the pound https://t.co/uDUKiygLCN
26 Sep, 02:17 AM UTC
Bloomberg UK
JUST IN: Pound slumps to record low against dollar https://t.co/fAfSGo5siU @BloombergUK's photo on Dollar
26 Sep, 01:06 AM UTC
The Sirius Report
Iran, Russia and the UAE are looking at paying Indian tea exporters in rupees. Ditching the dollar in international payments is now a matter of commonsense.
26 Sep, 01:19 PM UTC

Rihanna at the Super Bowl: strip clubs and dollar bills still got mo money, strippers going up & down that pole Republicans: https://t.co/JFXaeJaXu1
25 Sep, 07:12 PM UTC
Reno wishing Nigeria well by Endorsing Mr Peter Obi before ATIKU dollar took his brain away. Now is only constituting nuisance. The massage about PO is well received. Thank you😊 Northern Elders Forum| David Hundeyin | Rufai | Dino | Alimosho | Sowore | ASUU and FG | https://t.co/KYKrsFbFlE
26 Sep, 10:52 AM UTC
JUST IN - British pound falls vs the US dollar again after an emergency statement from the Bank of England on the falling pound.
26 Sep, 04:15 PM UTC
Lord John Kilclooney
Today just before 2 pm the pound is actually up against both the euro and the dollar. Which media reports this???
26 Sep, 12:49 PM UTC
Wall Street Silver
All currencies are currently getting crushed by the dollar… except for the Russian Ruble… which has appreciated 20% against the dollar in the last year… Backing your currency with natural gas, oil plus owning lots of gold pays off… @WallStreetSilv's photo on Dollar
26 Sep, 03:06 PM UTC
Parody Liz Truss
Remember when you used to be able to buy two dollars for a pound? Pretty soon you're going to be able to buy two pounds for a dollar! Isn't that a bargain?
26 Sep, 08:39 AM UTC
Pound Sterling slumps to lowest level against US Dollar in 51 years, in fact, lowest level EVER in UK history. Yet Unionists keep telling us Scotland is better off under UK government. Who do they think they are kidding, other than themselves?
26 Sep, 07:14 AM UTC
रुपया गिरने से आपकी की जेब पर कैसे बढ़ेगा बोझ? Supriya Shrinate से समझिए पूरी ABCD | Rupee | Dollar #rupeevsdollar #rupee #dollar @INC_Television's photo on Dollar
26 Sep, 06:24 AM UTC
Robin Brooks
The tables have turned. Emerging markets like Brazil and Mexico are year-to-date outperforming G10 currencies against the Dollar. This is a big pivot in global markets that's unprecedented. EM monetary policy is these days more orthodox than in advanced economies. Well done EM... https://t.co/eTlYL8RFdC
26 Sep, 02:28 PM UTC
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25 Sep, 06:12 PM UTC
Rishi Bagree
@INCIndia @SupriyaShrinate The difference 2013 : The Indian Rupee fell 25% in one single year and was the worst-performing currency in the world against a weakening dollar. 2022: The Indian Rupee is one of the least depreciated currencies when every major currency is falling against a strong dollar. https://t.co/aBZJVLJnPy
26 Sep, 08:01 AM UTC
Paul Mason
2/ Johnson made our currency a weakened outlier vs the dollar through choosing hard Brexit and cutting off all possibility of a US trade deal... and then we got Truss...
26 Sep, 08:22 AM UTC
26 Sep, 02:30 PM UTC