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Two different Americas. LEFT: Americans on food lines in Texas. RIGHT: Michigan legislators at Trump Hotel drinking Dom Perignon
21 Nov, 04:35 PM UTC
Zack Pohl
Close your eyes and try to imagine the reaction if someone photographed Gov. Whitmer in a Washington DC hotel bar, with a $500 bottle of Dom Pérignon, without a mask, on the day Michigan had nearly 10,000 new cases of COVID-19 and 53 deaths.
21 Nov, 03:42 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
If Trump bribed these Michigan legislators by paying for travel, hotel rooms or a bottle of Dom Perignon it’ll be discovered in the ensuing investigation. Yes, there absolutely will be an investigation. Without a doubt.
21 Nov, 06:28 PM UTC
Members of the mask-less Michigan GOP who were tossing back Dom Perignon at the pricey trump Hotel last night need to be investigated.
21 Nov, 05:16 PM UTC
Lauren Windsor
I guess MI House Speaker @LeeChatfield + @RepJimLillyMI were in a celebratory mood last night, drinking Dom Perignon at the Trump Hotel til midnight 🥂
21 Nov, 02:31 PM UTC
Mitchell Rivard
After meeting w/ Pres. Trump, Michigan Republicans—including Speaker @LeeChatfield—closed down the Trump Hotel bar last night, drinking $500/bottle Dom Perignon and flaunting CDC pandemic guidelines. Who paid for their hotel rooms, travel & bar tab?
21 Nov, 02:51 PM UTC
Amy Lynn 🍭🌊
People in Michigan are waiting in line at food banks, while Republicans Lee Chatfield and Mike Shirkey are sipping fucking Dom Perignon at the Trump Hotel.
21 Nov, 05:42 PM UTC
@lawindsor @LeeChatfield @RepJimLillyMI I am guessing Trump sent @LeeChatfield @RepJimLillyMI the bottle of Dom Pérignon A bottle of Dom Pérignon at Trump International Hotel's bar is $795.00 What did they agree to do for Trump? Michigan? They did make some agreement, were rewarded & are celebrating @MIAttyGen
21 Nov, 03:51 PM UTC
Ray Wert
Nothing says “man of the people” like @MI_Republicans leadership downing a $495 bottle of 2000 Dom Perignon P2 at the Trump hotel after a White House meeting to try and disenfranchise Michiganders.
21 Nov, 04:26 PM UTC
Michigan Democrats
Where were Michigan's lawmakers when the state broke its record for daily cases of COVID-19? LEFT: Governor @GretchenWhitmer met virtually with other governors to coordinate their response. RIGHT: GOP leadership jetted off to D.C. to stroke Trump's ego and sip Dom Pérignon.
21 Nov, 05:41 PM UTC
Barbara Malmet
When you wonder why Dom Perignon is trending.
21 Nov, 06:50 PM UTC
Jules Morgan 🇺🇸
@realDonaldTrump Donald Trump invited Michigan legislators to the White House to interfere in the 2020 election results. They spent the evening at Trump Hotel DC drinking Dom Perignon, $500.00 a bottle on tax payers dime, before requesting a 2 week certification delay. #TrumpIsACriminal #ByeDon @glamelegance's photo on Dom Perignon
21 Nov, 09:44 PM UTC
@lawindsor @EltonJane @LeeChatfield @RepJimLillyMI @GovWhitmer @LtGovGilchrist @MIAttyGen Here's a shot of MI GOP Boys drinking $795/bottle Dom Perignon at the Trump Hotel after their meeting with the President. Why no nasty tweet from Trump after their announcement? Why the celebration? Who paid? What are they planning?
21 Nov, 04:29 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
What gets me the most is that these corrupt Michigan GOPers want you to believe they were celebrating at a trashy trump hotel w/ Dom Perignon because of a successful a meeting about Coronavirus aid, a virus they have always claimed is a hoax. A load of bullshit. Investigate them.
22 Nov, 12:17 AM UTC
John Giovanni Pierni
Americans are starving. Long car line-ups everywhere for food. At Trump Hotel after meeting Trump @LeeChatfield enjoying Dom Perignon. Its time America is renamed to USH "United States of Hypocrisy"
21 Nov, 05:12 PM UTC
Stephanie Kennedy
Dom Perignon trending. The pandemic raging. People dying. Trump’s bribing. Michigan’s GOP legislative leaders selling out and plotting to overturn election results - throwing out as many black votes as possible. The idea of a Trump coup is preposterous. Cheers to the latter.
21 Nov, 10:49 PM UTC
Kerry Neville 🇺🇸🇮🇪
@ChrisMurphyCT And then they celebrated at Trump Hotel with $795 bottles of Dom Perignon. Nevermind the absurd $650 markup by Trump hotel. A bit of "Let them eat...Covid" about their Trump Hotel party.
21 Nov, 11:27 PM UTC
Marilyn Daniels
@jennyrachelpal @ChrisMurphyCT Complicit!! And here they are congratulating themselves in the lobby of the tRump Hotel w/$495 bottle of Dom Perignon.🤦‍♀️
22 Nov, 12:06 AM UTC
Zack Taylor
@kgopinion Drink Dom Perignon into the wee hours of the morning???
22 Nov, 02:03 AM UTC
Rochelle Cortez
@JebBush Governor, please stop. This isn’t a fight you want. Perhaps an admonishment of the MI legislators trying to undermine democracy, while visiting the White House & then chugging Dom Perignon at a Trump property, would be a better use of your Twitter account? Your tweet is nonsense.
22 Nov, 02:03 AM UTC
@jeremynewberger Nothing against Dom Perignon, but isn't that the "hey, we've hit the big time, what should we drink?" bottle of choice?
22 Nov, 02:02 AM UTC
So you're telling me.... Trump Hotels serve Dom Perignon in a fuckn' wine glass? What. The. Fuck.
22 Nov, 02:02 AM UTC

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