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ᗩᑎT ᗯᖇIGᕼT
I hate Don Brown so much
22 Nov, 04:18 AM UTC
Wolverine Corner
Leave Don Brown in Piscataway
22 Nov, 02:49 AM UTC
Don Brown should still be fired tomorrow.
22 Nov, 05:10 AM UTC
Don Brown should’ve been fired two years ago.
22 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC
James T. Yoder
Don Brown is the Joe Biden of football Used to be good, now looking senile
22 Nov, 04:43 AM UTC
@UMichFootball Leave Don Brown in NJ
22 Nov, 05:38 AM UTC
GBM Wolverine
It was a nice night for Cade, now please fire Don Brown immediately. That wasn't a proud night for Michigan football.
22 Nov, 05:17 AM UTC
Don Brown defense Never fails What a call Rutgers
22 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
Is Don Brown Fired Yet?
Y’all. Today was almost a Big Ten Network Rutgers Classic. Fire Don Brown and #GoBlue
22 Nov, 06:06 AM UTC
Ben Restuccia
@ESPNCFB @UMichFootball Michigan finally showed some life on offense after bringing in McMamara. He had as many TD’s tonight as Milton all season. However, the defense is still god awful and Don Brown is not getting it done. And this was against Rutgers who is not a quality team.
22 Nov, 05:21 AM UTC
Is Don Brown Fired Yet?
Update: They’re still letting Don Brown travel home with the team
22 Nov, 05:57 AM UTC
Nigel 〽️cghee
@mstonemja @MichiganPodcast No it wouldn't don brown would of made sure of it
22 Nov, 05:21 AM UTC
Michigan Maniacs Podcast
So the offensive problem could have been a QB thing instead of a coordinator thing? Still we need to fire Don Brown!!
22 Nov, 05:41 AM UTC
David Laughlin (1)
Don Brown needs to be fired yesterday. Harbaugh needs to go at season's end. McNamara needs to start from here in out, he's very clearly the better passer. Rutgers is better than year's past, but Good Lord. #GoBlue
22 Nov, 05:12 AM UTC
Rick Miedema
How does jimmy look at don brown after the past two seasons and be like “he’s the guy”. 🤷🏼‍♂️
22 Nov, 05:18 AM UTC
@RossKeyser @joelklatt @UMichFootball McNamara is beating ohio state, and just as we think we have it in the bag Don Brown ruins it 🤣
22 Nov, 05:53 AM UTC
Jake Mortiere
@UMichFootball send Don Brown on a @delta flight back to Boston that gets delayed everywhere. Cc @zochconrad @official_jmort @aryajai @brodfardgilroy
22 Nov, 01:27 AM UTC
@michael_siem @WolverineCorner I could see Jim stepping away for an NFL job... IF he wants to go back. I’m sure he didn’t like how B1G handled things. Clearly not a fan of Schlissel. But either way Don Brown can’t be in AA next season unless it’s on the visitor sideline..
22 Nov, 05:26 AM UTC
@MichiganPodcast @BiggerTen Glad but fire don brown should be an option
22 Nov, 05:42 AM UTC
Nigel 〽️cghee
@MichiganPodcast Where is fire don brown it should definitely be up there
22 Nov, 05:40 AM UTC
Eric Coughlin
I do believe one can learn some things from that game. This isn’t your same old Rutgers—they now have a pulse: 1. Michigan’s defense is cooked, stick a fork in it, dead on arrival, Don Brown coaching for his job from here on out if Harbaugh survives the offseason, done, caput.
22 Nov, 05:37 AM UTC
T Moore
@EdeltotheMetal @ThePapaGrande I feel like the coaching carousel is tilted towards those with fat coffers. But still, this “Don Brown’s” defense is worthless. I feel the same level of disgust when ESPN referenced BG’s defense as “Brian Van Gourders’s,” similar to Don Brown’s defense.
22 Nov, 05:37 AM UTC
Juwan “Mr Steal ur 5-Star” Howard
@BSB_Wolverine Although it was f***ing Rutgers the play calling by gattis was improved and harbuagh showed energy and excitement but yes don brown has got to go
22 Nov, 05:32 AM UTC
Lee Roy The Depressed Michigan Fan
Still need to fire Don Brown and hire Will Muschamp @CoachJim4UM
22 Nov, 05:17 AM UTC
Don brown needs to be gone. McNamara made this team something it hasn’t been. But this defense has been horrible and there are no signs of coming up anytime soon!
22 Nov, 05:16 AM UTC
Lee Schechter
Some tweet about Don Brown
22 Nov, 04:44 AM UTC
Frisko I
@itsAntWright A rare good coaching decision this year. Next thing he needs to do is Fire Don Brown
22 Nov, 06:51 AM UTC
Frisko I
@Ellis10Sam @RudlandAustin Cade provides the spark this team needed. We beat Penn State and Maryland is a toss up and we beat MN in a rematch IF Don Brown is fired.
22 Nov, 06:50 AM UTC
Is Don Brown Fired Yet?
@KAS_PAC In a sad, depressing Don Brown reality
22 Nov, 06:29 AM UTC

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