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Mark Feinsand
BREAKING: Per source, 3B Josh Donaldson has agreed to a four-year deal with the Minnesota Twins.
15 Jan, 12:48 AM UTC
Ken Rosenthal
Donaldson deal with #MNTwins, per source: Four years, $92M. Deal includes fifth-year option that can increase total value of deal to $100M. First with agreement: @Feinsand.
15 Jan, 12:59 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Minnesota Twins and 3B Josh Donaldson have agreed to a 4-year deal, per @Feinsand @BleacherReport's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 12:51 AM UTC
Bleacher Report MLB
Nelson Cruz - 41 HR Josh Donaldson - 37 HR Max Kepler - 36 HR Miguel Sano - 34 HR Eddie Rosario - 32 HR Mitch Garver - 31 HR Jorge Polanco - 22 HR The Bringer of Rain is going to be bringing even more Bombas to Minnesota 🌧💣 @BR_MLB's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 01:09 AM UTC
Minnesota, grab your umbrellas. Josh Donaldson, @Twins reportedly agree to 4-year deal, per @Feinsand. @MLB's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 01:12 AM UTC
Starting 9
BREAKING : Josh Donaldson has agreed to a 4-year deal with the Minnesota Twins (per @Feinsand) @Starting9's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 12:51 AM UTC
I feel like we dated Josh Donaldson when he was broke and unemployed and living in a van and we supported him emotionally and financially until he was back on his feet and then one day after all that growth he decided he’s better than us and hooks up with some floozy in Minnesota
15 Jan, 01:09 AM UTC
Rain is (reportedly) being brought to the Twin Cities. Welcome to Minnesota, Josh Donaldson! (reported by @Feinsand) @Cut4's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
BREAKING: Josh Donaldson reportedly agrees on a 4-year deal with @Twins. (via @Feinsand) @MLBONFOX's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 12:55 AM UTC
Jeff Passan
Third baseman Josh Donaldson’s four-year contract with the Twins is for $92 million, sources familiar with the agreement tell ESPN. The deal, as @Ken_Rosenthal said, has a fifth-year option to get to $100 million.
15 Jan, 01:00 AM UTC
Vikings lose Saturday Twins sign Donaldson Tuesday Damn u Minnesota sports @SkolMemes's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 01:08 AM UTC
Darren Wolfson
On Donaldson: 4-year deal with an option for a 5th year. It's not the $110M he hoped for, but it's monster $$. Kudos to the #MNTwins for going higher. Always felt they'd get a chance to make a final offer, and they did.
15 Jan, 12:58 AM UTC
2020 Best Lineup in Baseball: Kepler RF Polanco SS Cruz DH Donaldson 3B Rosario LF Garver C Arraez 2B Sano 1B Buxton CF #MNTwins
15 Jan, 01:38 AM UTC
Mark Feinsand
Donaldson’s deal with the Twins is four years and $92 million guaranteed ($23 million AAV), per source. The deal includes a fifth-year club option that could bring the total to $100 million. It’s the second-biggest deal in history for a player age 33 or older.
15 Jan, 01:03 AM UTC
Bert Blyleven
Congrats to the Twins on signing Josh Donaldson. Great addition to a very talented team. Go Twins 👍⚾️
15 Jan, 01:55 AM UTC
Seth Stohs
Updated: C: Mitch Garver 1B: Miguel Sano 2B: Luis Arraez 3B: Josh Donaldson SS: Jorge Polanco LF: Eddie Rosario CF: Byron Buxton RF: Max Kepler DH: Nelson Cruz 2C: Alex Avila UT: Marwin Gonzalez UT: Ehire Adrianza 4OF: Jake Cave
15 Jan, 01:01 AM UTC
Jeff Schultz
Schultz: If Josh Donaldson isn’t replaced, there’s more evidence Braves aren’t about titles
15 Jan, 03:23 AM UTC
Trevor Coult MC
#TodaysHero Mark Donaldson VC, who dashed 80 metres under enemy fire to rescue an injured Afghan interpreter and carry him to safety, he deliberately drew enemy fire away from his wounded comrades during the ambush. We salute you
15 Jan, 06:15 AM UTC
Dan Hayes
#MNTwins have signed: -- Josh Donaldson -- Jake Odorizzi -- Michael Pineda -- Homer Bailey -- Rich Hill -- Alex Avila -- Sergio Romo -- Tyler Clippard -- Extended Miguel Sanó
15 Jan, 01:21 AM UTC
Darren Wolfson
Donaldson is expected in town next week for his physical. Here's a snippet of my chat with Sano from early this afternoon. Asked him about the potential move to 1B/the potential of Donaldson joining the #MNTwins: @DWolfsonKSTP's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 03:09 AM UTC
Sports Illustrated
Josh Donaldson signs a four-year contract with the Twins worth $92 million, per @Ken_Rosenthal @SInow's photo on Donaldson
15 Jan, 01:08 AM UTC
Melissa Lockard
Brandon Inge’s shoulder injury opened the door for Josh Donaldson to get one more shot at the big leagues in 2012. Since then, Donaldson’s signed contracts worth a total of at least $172 million. You never know when a prospect is finally going to click.
15 Jan, 01:15 AM UTC
ATL Braves Boy
Me knowing that I have to watch Camargo/Riley next season and not Donaldson:
15 Jan, 01:15 AM UTC
Phil Miller
Josh Donaldson's $92 million guarantee over four years is by far the largest free-agent contract in Twins' history, surpassing Ervin Santana's $54 million, four-year deal before the 2015 season.
15 Jan, 01:28 AM UTC
Tom Froemming
I was wrong, and I'm so damn happy about it!!! Here's a video of me freaking out about the #MNTwins signing Josh Donaldson.
15 Jan, 02:27 AM UTC
New post for Athletic subscribers - the Twins address two problems with one big addition by signing Josh Donaldson:
15 Jan, 04:33 AM UTC
Minnesota Sports Fan
I can’t believe I just typed this blog.... #MNTwins
15 Jan, 01:23 AM UTC
Russell Hartness
Josh Donaldson to the TWINS 4 Years $92 Million Now, watch the dominos fall...
15 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
Brandon Warne
As promised, here is my lengthy breakdown of the #MNTwins signing Josh Donaldson. I think you'll like it. I'm biased, though.
15 Jan, 06:17 AM UTC
Inma T. Castro
Wolf Prize 2020 en matemáticas al campo de la Geometría y Topología en las figuras de Simon Donaldson y Prof. Yakov Eliashberg
14 Jan, 03:07 PM UTC

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