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Dli O'Doir
Wee @J_Donaldson_MP has now wrecked more parties than the drugs squad
17 Jun, 08:28 PM UTC
David McCann
Several DUP sources now say it's Sammy Wilson or.Jeffrey Donaldson for DUP Leader.
17 Jun, 08:31 PM UTC
The question of successor. Almost certainly Donaldson. And without a contest this time.
17 Jun, 08:11 PM UTC
Brendan Harkin
Arlene was removed for not being hardline enough and her replacement has just been removed for the same reason. Jeffrey Donaldson is presumably off somewhere listening to audio recordings of Rev Ian Paisley and hitting a punch bag.
17 Jun, 09:04 PM UTC
Stephen Nolan
Remember , the lead candidate for new leader - Sir Jeffrey Donaldson - didn’t think the role of leader and First Minister should be split . Lots to happen in between for him to be able to be both , but IF he is the man to take over , where does that leave Givan ?
17 Jun, 08:35 PM UTC
Jayne McCormack
A DUP source tells me: “The party needs stability and Jeffrey (Donaldson) is stability. The party needs to stop this nonsense and coalesce.”
17 Jun, 09:03 PM UTC
RTÉ News
Jeffrey Donaldson is the early front-runner to replace Edwin Poots as DUP leader, Northern Editor @vincekearney reports, while there is uncertainty about whether tomorrow's North-South Ministerial Council meeting will take place | Read more: @rtenews's photo on Donaldson
17 Jun, 08:50 PM UTC
Brendan Marshall
The leaked email sent to DUP leader Edwin Poots this morning. It was sent by some senior figures within the DUP including Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Sammy Wilson, Gregory Campbell, Lord Dodds and Lord Morrow. @BJPMarshall's photo on Donaldson
17 Jun, 09:53 AM UTC
Stephen Walker
Sources say they expect @duponline to put a process for the new leader in place next week. One source said the timetable may be “much quicker “ than the last contest. @J_Donaldson_MP now seen as the most likely candidate.
17 Jun, 09:28 PM UTC
Lewis Goodall
...going. It was a catastrophic one in terms of DUP politics. But herein lies the problem. Whoever takes over from Poots (likely Jeffrey Donaldson) will not be able to accept forming an administration on the basis Poots did.
17 Jun, 09:25 PM UTC
Vinny Hildebrand
Thankful for an amazing visit today at Heidelberg. Special thanks to @Coach_Donaldson @coachjasonlewis @CoachJlew Hardwork-Effort-Attitude-Family. My kind of place!! Shout out to my panther brothers @ThatboyJC5 @BlackistonZ @chayne_treharn
16 Jun, 10:57 PM UTC
Northern Ireland Centenary 2021💯
The @duponline should disband and members join either of the other 2 Unionist parties depending on their views. Jeffrey Donaldson will make no difference. He agreed to the Irish legislation in NDNA and also to the regulatory alignment which Arlene proposed. #DUPMustGo #DUP
17 Jun, 09:28 PM UTC
Derry University Group
Tough beat, Mr Poots. Now where’s the new university we’ve been promised, @J_Donaldson_MP?
17 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC
The Spectator
‘The question now is who succeeds Poots. The obvious choice is the man he beat by one vote, Jeffrey Donaldson. He would certainly command the support of those who backed Arlene Foster and is an able politician.’ ✍️ James Forsyth
17 Jun, 09:18 PM UTC
Tony Gallagher
@StepWalkTV @duponline @J_Donaldson_MP ‘Most likely’? ‘Only’, I suspect.
17 Jun, 09:29 PM UTC
Emma DeSouza
I wrote this article on the election of Edwin Poots as DUP leader only a month ago. Sammy Wilson and Jeffrey Donaldson are now rumored to be contenders for the poisin chalice.
17 Jun, 09:33 PM UTC
Alex Magill
Could be wrong but I think the only reason Donaldson didn’t jump ship back to the UUP or the TUV was that it would look like running away. Today’s pantomime gives him an excuse. I think he’s gone and Sammy will likely captain the rapidly sinking ship.
17 Jun, 09:23 PM UTC
@duponline @J_Donaldson_MP @eastantrimmp @GRobinsonDUP @NigelDoddsDUP You lot need to start hardball from this evening, a lot of damage has been done. @BrandonLewis can not dictate to democratic elected politicians STAND UP TO THE RATS IN London
17 Jun, 09:15 PM UTC
The Irish Observer
#DUPLeadershipElection As I said in the run up to the Leadership Election, Jeffrey Donaldson was the man for the job, he stood his ground while others rolled over...
17 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC
david moloney
@dmcbfs A man of Donaldson's stature 😂😂😂
17 Jun, 09:35 PM UTC
Pogo Patterson
@EilisOHanIon Poots was more hardline than Foster and his successor either Wilson or Donaldson will be harder still. Sorted that for you.
17 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC
@NICentenary2021 @duponline Donaldson most certainly is not the solution to Unionist leadership woes. He's had over two decades at the forefront. I've yet to hear anyone remotely enthused by anything he's been involved in. Just another careerist.
17 Jun, 09:30 PM UTC
Dara de Brún
“Despite the usual lies about me, the truth is I always backed Jeffrey Sammy Donaldson Wilson to lead Unionism in the fight against the pan-nationalist-Trojan-horse-latte-drinking-pernicious-sneering-liberal-elite-IRA-nazi-EU-Remainer-Coveney-Varadkar-cabal!!!” #TheDUP #poots
17 Jun, 09:28 PM UTC
Dr. Kevin Breslin.|Dr. Caoimhghín Ó Breasláin
@ianjamesparsley Has someone stood up against Jeffrey Donaldson yet?
17 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC
Northern Ireland Centenary 2021💯
@theirishobserve @JamieBrysonCPNI Jeffrey Donaldson agreed to Irish language legislation and regulatory alignment to create the Irish Sea border. The DUP should disband, the brand is broken. Join either TUV or UUP.
17 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC
@StepWalkTV @JP_Biz @duponline @J_Donaldson_MP Is anyone else actually starting to wonder if the @duponline are actually a party determined on delivering an United Ireland? Because they are very good at heading that road
17 Jun, 09:32 PM UTC
Auribus Teneo Lupum
@dmcbfs Surely #Donaldson will not want to be defeated a 2nd time or he'd have to resign
17 Jun, 09:23 PM UTC
Peter Bindels
@GarthGilmour Jeremy Donaldson for DUP leader!
17 Jun, 09:23 PM UTC
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