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Jared Carrabis
Josh Donaldson may be the first and only player in baseball history to get ejected while hitting a home run. Amazing. @Jared_Carrabis's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 07:57 PM UTC
Barstool Sports
Josh Donaldson gets tossed after hitting a homerun. What a move. @barstoolsports's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 08:05 PM UTC
You've gotta see this Josh Donaldson homer. @Cut4's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 08:55 PM UTC
Bad Sports Refs
Josh Donaldson got the ultimate revenge on a bad umpire by hitting a HR right after arguing a bad strike call, then kicking dirt on the plate as he crossed it (he was ejected for it) @BadSportsRefs's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 08:23 PM UTC
Baseball Quotes
This has to be the most epic ejection ever! After a questionable strike call, Josh Donaldson LAUNCHES a dinger ON THE NEXT PITCH, then covers home plate with dirt and gets tossed by the home plate ump πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @BaseballQuotes1's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 08:05 PM UTC
Josh Donaldson gets ejected after hitting a home run, a breakdown @Jomboy_'s photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 11:36 PM UTC
White Sox Talk
Chill out, Josh Donaldson @NBCSWhiteSox's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 07:56 PM UTC
FOX Sports North
Josh Donaldson exits the game in style. 😎 #MNTwins @fsnorth's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 08:00 PM UTC
Starting 9
Donaldson getting run on the home run πŸ˜‚ @Starting9's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 08:38 PM UTC
Ryan M. Spaeder
#MnTwins Josh Donaldson is the first player to be ejected at home plate after hitting a home run since Ted Simmons on May 27, 1978.
17 Sep, 09:00 PM UTC
Josh Donaldson hit a dinger and got ejected after he crossed home. That’s gotta be a first... @RealKentMurphy's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 08:59 PM UTC
Jeremy Frank
Lmao Josh Donaldson just got tossed for hitting a homer and kicking dirt on the plate on his way home after a bad call earlier in the AB
17 Sep, 08:02 PM UTC
Aaron Gleeman
As a grudge-holder with poor impulse control, I relate to everything Josh Donaldson did there except for the part about hitting the home run.
17 Sep, 08:02 PM UTC
Marc Luino
Josh Donaldson is a legend. He just covered up the late after hitting a HR to let the ump know he sucks πŸ˜‚
17 Sep, 08:09 PM UTC
Tim and Sid
Josh Donaldson today: Didn’t like the call on strike one. ❌ Drills a HR on the next pitch. βœ… Gets ejected after covering home plate in dirt. πŸ˜‚ @BringerOfRain20 @timandsid's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 09:28 PM UTC
Paul Lo Duca
I’ve never seen a player disrespect an umpire like Josh Donaldson since I was in A ball. Umpire rung up a guy on a pitch about 2 feet outside. His next AB he taped a fungo to his bat to make it look 70 inches. Umpire through him out before he got to the box. πŸ˜‚
17 Sep, 08:27 PM UTC
Daryl Van Schouwen
Here’s Josh Donaldson getting tossed after hitting a go-ahead homer. (NBCSCH) @CST_soxvan's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 07:58 PM UTC
Shit Bsb Players Say
Josh Donaldson got ejected after hitting a bomb πŸ˜‚
17 Sep, 11:19 PM UTC
Josh Donaldson was ejected after kicking dirt on home plate, after hitting a HR πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
17 Sep, 09:53 PM UTC
Kevin Meagher
The DUP wanted Brexit and a hard border to stymie north-south working. They underestimated two things: First, Irish diplomatic clout in Brussels and Washington. Second, that no British Government would prioritise their tinpot concerns over UK interests.
17 Sep, 02:38 PM UTC
Baseball Bros
Josh Donaldson is a savage πŸ˜‚
17 Sep, 11:44 PM UTC
Eric Rosenthal
Josh Donaldson got ejected during his home run πŸ˜‚ that’s some next level trolling
17 Sep, 08:03 PM UTC
Richard Zussman
Current MLAs not running again in the next BC election. NDP Judy Darcy Carole James Shane Simpson Doug Donaldson Scott Fraser Michelle Mungall LIBS Rich Coleman Donna Barnett Linda Larson Steve Thomson Linda Reid Ralph Sultan Independents Andrew Weaver Darryl Plecas #bcpoli
17 Sep, 06:39 PM UTC
A's on NBCS
Ex-A's star Josh Donaldson got ejected in a wild way today ... after hitting a home run @NBCSAthletics's photo on Donaldson
17 Sep, 09:57 PM UTC
Rany Jazayerli
The best part of this video is it looks like Josh Donaldson missed home plate like it was a Salvador Perez ground ball. At least this time he got a second chance.
17 Sep, 08:46 PM UTC
Austin Dzik
Just saw Josh Donaldson try to cover the plate after the home run... he just became enemy #1. He can get fucked
18 Sep, 12:25 AM UTC
Michael Russo
Twinsights: Josh Donaldson ejected while hitting HR as Twins lose key series. By ⁦@DanHayesMLB⁩
18 Sep, 12:24 AM UTC
John Kriesel
@raisedonthepond So fragile! And the White Sox talk twitter account says β€œChill out, Josh Donaldson” hahaha
18 Sep, 12:27 AM UTC
@AirTrafficAJ Ha I know just fucking with you. I did like Donaldson brushing the plate for the ump
18 Sep, 12:29 AM UTC

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