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Kari Lake for AZ Governor
WATCH what happens when @CNN ambushes @KariLake outside of an event 😂 “I’ll do an interview with you… as long as it airs on CNN+, does that still exist?” Help fuel our Movement! ⤵️ Visit: @KariLake on Donate">https://t.co/2OpN9naeZ6 @KariLake's photo on Donate
23 Jun, 07:53 PM UTC
Here’s a thought; instead of buying fireworks this year, donate 2 bags of dry dog food to a shelter. Make a difference, not a noise.
23 Jun, 03:13 PM UTC
Lauren Boebert
We're less than a week out from primary day - votes are already being cast! Help me win this race & continue to fight for our rights. When we're in a majority next year, Biden's agenda is going to screech to a halt! Donate today - help this campaign win! https://t.co/ORFn5nQFsl
23 Jun, 11:53 AM UTC
Shahid Afridi
I’m supporting @rashidkhan_19’s campaign to provide relief to earthquake victims in Afghanistan. Donate now at https://t.co/VMNVyLhheh I nominate: @wasimakramlive , @waqyounis99 and @shoaib100mph Please donate and share. #BackEvenStronger @SAfridiOfficial's photo on Donate
24 Jun, 06:09 AM UTC
Housing 4 All is Hot
If you'd like to support this kind of outreach work please donate to @KtownforAll. We are an all volunteer group trying our best to help our unhoused neighbors. We fund outreach through donations and our own time and money. Venmo: @KtownforAll
23 Jun, 09:36 PM UTC
ยูนิเซฟ ประเทศไทย
สายแฟห้ามพลาด! @BamBam1A กับ Teddy Blu Collection สุดเท่ของเค้า💚🧸แม้ปีนี้ #แบมแบม #FriendofUNICEF จะไม่สามารถมาร่วม #BlueCarpetShow แต่ก็ตั้งใจขอร่วมช่วยเหลือเด็กๆ ด้วยการออกแบบวีดีโอตัวนี้ด้วยตนเอง💙 ร่วม สนับสนุนเสื้อและสร้อยแบบนี้ได้ทาง https://t.co/fXANjQDsSj #BamBamxUNICEF @UNICEF_Thailand's photo on Donate
24 Jun, 11:00 AM UTC
According to IANS, the Guwahati outpost of Shiv Sena has run up a bill of ₹1.12cr so far at the Radisson Blu. If the Assam CM could convince Radisson + rebel MLAs to donate 1% of their earnings from this operation to flood relief, at least there’d be a silver lining to this mess
24 Jun, 04:36 AM UTC
++we all can borrow from bank, donate for social causes & claim to be philanthropists the same way !
24 Jun, 02:39 AM UTC
I'm raising money for Help our grandfather get his heart surgery. Click to Donate ❤️ https://t.co/iIRxQ69c5R
24 Jun, 01:00 AM UTC
Omo Kogi (Yagba) 🦅🦍
PLEASE RETWEET 🙏🙏🙏 Mohammed Omirin is a five years old boy with hole in his heart, the sum of eight million naira is needed for the surgery... kindly donate to save Muhammad 🙏 and May Almighty God bless you more as you do🙏💯 https://t.co/y7m9Kqonor
24 Jun, 09:26 AM UTC
Tom Nelson
My name is Tom Nelson. I have an F-rating from the NRA. I'm a @MomsDemand Gun Sense Candidate. I would have proudly voted "Yes" on this bill. With your help, we can defeat Ron Johnson in November and continue to work on gun safety legislation. https://t.co/BOe6nvZCZx
24 Jun, 02:24 AM UTC
Nova Scotia SPCA
❗EMERGENCY❗ Skin and bones. That’s all Greenie and his dog friends are. They desperately need your help.💔 In emergencies like these, we need to act fast. Can you help? ◾ Text ‘SPCA’ to the number 4-10-10 to donate $20 ◾ Donate any amount at https://t.co/sfZeN4fx6H⬅️ 1/4 https://t.co/MRlrHQuaIu
23 Jun, 10:34 PM UTC
UN Human Rights
Thank you #Italy for donating $168K to support our Office's #humanrights work. You can donate too: https://t.co/P6PnCFwrzK @italyun_geneva
24 Jun, 01:00 AM UTC
The Star 24/7s Challenge
📢📢 We have 2 signed Scotland tops to give away and you can win one! To enter, simply donate £5 to our JustGiving page (use the reference SCOTLAND) - https://t.co/Ui1nKllayL The winner can choose which top they want. The other will go in the raffle. Closes at 5pm tomorrow. https://t.co/QqWz9Y0H88
23 Jun, 07:38 PM UTC
Dabz 🇬🇼
Alhamdulilah, last Jummah friday of the month. Let’s make the most of ti. Read/recite surah A-Kahf send salutations to Prophet SAW , donate if you can and make dua in the last hour of Asr, it may even rain so lets goo 🤝🏾🤲🏾
24 Jun, 08:26 AM UTC
Sasha Banks
So far I have not received any donations today. Please donate even if it’s just $5. I still need to raise $1200 by tomorrow and I’m so far from my goal please donate if you are able!!! https://t.co/1v1p4R3LUL
23 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
Adedoyin Ogunlana
No gift is too big or too small. What's important is we help them all. Imagine that we all give out of the token that we have to contribute towards achieving our goal. The donation link is below https://t.co/9p9noacABF https://t.co/wjJpc3vtU7
24 Jun, 10:20 AM UTC
Peter obi's feminine voice
@Chude__ When I went to get my LP membership card yesterday, I met a man that wants to donate a space for our LGA meetings. Peter obi is coming.
24 Jun, 11:11 AM UTC
Mr Lumpy & Friends
best and will keep doing whatever I can for all of the wildlife 🙏🦡🐾🐾🦊🐿❤️ If anyone would like to support Mr Lumpy & Friends and our causes, purchases and donations help in the online shop https://t.co/3ctLzAtkxM https://t.co/6sT930tgiX Thank you 🙏 🧚‍♀️
24 Jun, 11:12 AM UTC
Flanders Fields
This #redfriday we'd like to not only #remembereveryonedeployed, but also those who have returned from deployment physically but left a piece of themselves behind on the battlefield. Please join us in this mission at https://t.co/1NMxTas0mK, https://t.co/a2EsfwkBa7 https://t.co/BNiLsICebF
24 Jun, 11:12 AM UTC
SCAA paramedics had to make their way through a wood to reach a cyclist injured in a recent fall near #Glenkindie. Working with @Scotambservice and mountain rescue personnel, the patient was then flown to advanced care at ARI. Please support us if you can: https://t.co/xJWv6n8x0D https://t.co/m4NSIjWyGI
24 Jun, 11:00 AM UTC
Charlie Brinkley
If any of our European friends would like to join us #KibbleClubhelps feed 700+dogs🐶 & 200 cats 🐈 in the shelter in Turkey pls use this link to set up a Monthly Paypal donation €2.38 €5.95 €11.90 https://t.co/vxssEV3gZJ Thank you🤞🏻🙏❤️ 🇦🇹🇧🇪🇨🇾🇪🇪🇫🇮🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇷🇮🇪🇮🇹🇱🇻🇱🇹🇱🇺🇲🇹🇳🇱🇵🇹🇸🇰🇸🇮🇪🇸 https://t.co/XFiYXBOggr
24 Jun, 11:13 AM UTC
@Helaina08420022 donate to the piss buddies charity today ♡ #pissbuddies #spreadpissawareness #everypissisvalid #spreadtheloveofpiss
24 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
Rabbits, dogs, cats, sheep, geese, and other animals are still being abused by the global fashion trade. Will you help @PETA protect animals from dying for their skin, fur, wool, and feathers? Donate now and your gift will be doubled for twice the impact: https://t.co/VhPWHOc9sG
24 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
Dr Pots McGee
Things are only de-valued, though, by taking out the labour-time. Like my charitable event, the only charitable moments in this are the volunteers who don't take wages, and the ppl who 'donate' stuff they don't want. By removing labour-time cost, we devalue the commodity.
24 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
Dr Pots McGee
Having run a retail recycling biz (books) I know that ppl will give to charity but only sell to a biz. When I asked them to donate they'd say "I'd rather give to a good cause"; those words cut deep, & not just b/c my corporate competitors Vinnies & Salvos were getting free stock.
24 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
Dr Pots McGee
However, most of the revenue of say, The Salvos, is public money, & despite not paying their frontline staff a cent, Salvos stores make little income. What's the point? Low price second hand stuff (and their stock is free, of course). Staff donate their time so you can buy cheap. https://t.co/IU38JZRSz1
24 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
🥳THEY DID IT! 👏Massive well done to the team at Paymentshield who abseiled down the Trafford Palazzo this morning to raise money for @QCHospice ! 👉If you haven't already, there's till time to donate - https://t.co/fYFw8WY6iG #Charity | #DontLookDown | #QueenscourtHospice https://t.co/NT8fiREhfN
24 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
@Goblin_Chad @A_dmg04 I meant that it was achievable via the game. Like you dint have to buy or donate or do extra curricular. You could have gotten it in that 24 hours period.
24 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
Volker Ballueder
This is a VERY worrying statistic. Food banks are empty and the amount of people dependent on food banks is ever increasing. Can you donate to your local food bank? I didn't know they also accept cash so they can buy what is in demand! What can you do t…https://t.co/vurPnZIQLG
24 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC