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Paul Charchian
Find someone who loves you as much as Ed Donatell loves the prevent defense.
25 Nov, 03:03 AM UTC
Purple FTW! Podcast
Fire Donatell right NOW. Don't let him finish the game.
25 Nov, 03:05 AM UTC
#Vikings fans, how do we feel about DC Ed Donatell?
25 Nov, 02:42 AM UTC
Tanner Weber - Purple Post
Fire Ed Donatell.
25 Nov, 03:05 AM UTC
Luke Braun
One of the worst offenses in football needs like 25 seconds to get all the way down the field. Donatell owes us answers
25 Nov, 04:13 AM UTC
Observation #2 in MIN win over NE - Ed Donatell finally started to blitz and it worked the last 3 series with huge sacks and getting the Pats off the field. Why is Ed the only guy who can't see what all of us see?
25 Nov, 04:25 AM UTC
Purple FTW! Podcast
One of the great things Zimmer did was let Harrison Smith do whatever TF he wants. Especially down in the box and blitzing. Donatell needs to let 22 be 22.
25 Nov, 03:49 AM UTC
Someone find Ed Donatell's tweets from ten years ago
25 Nov, 03:32 AM UTC
@Vikings @DHunt94_TX Better late than never. Fire Donatell tonight.
25 Nov, 04:15 AM UTC
@Vikings I don’t want to see Donatell or Joseph next week
25 Nov, 05:00 AM UTC
Real Life Chad
Vikings vs. Pats Grades #SKOL JJettas: A+ Kirko Chains: A KOC: A Duke Shelley: B Ed Ingram: C+ Kirk primetime haters: D Ed Donatell: F Ed Donatell's predictable, soft cover 2 zone scheme: F Ed Donatell's limp noodle defense that makes Mac Jones look like the next Brady: F
25 Nov, 05:47 AM UTC
Clayton R. Brooks II
@FettDoba @DomClare The front-7 has to be much more consistent at controlling the LOS in order for Donatell’s scheme to work. They also need better play from the CB2 and slot CB spots. Aside from P2, play has been spotty, especially with Dantzler out.
25 Nov, 05:40 AM UTC
Purple Nurple Podcast
You don’t win 9 out of 11 games in the NFL by sheer luck. This team has something going for it. But I hope they’re smart enough to realize that Ed Donatell will ruin the season if they let him.
25 Nov, 05:37 AM UTC
🤍🤍Salvatore Cormier
#PradaHoliday22 Yakin Justin Jefferson 日本の領海 Ronaldo Mulgrave Ed Donatell #WorldcupQatar2022 Turkey #SS35 Cancelo 談合疑惑 Dusty #VicVotes2022 ギャラ飲み ツイッター凍結アカ Gecondoleerd #SKOL Saudi Germany Ed Donatell Ed Ingram https://t.co/f2Lp2jHXy0
25 Nov, 08:31 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
Ed Donatell Ronaldo openda Cancelo Kappa #PORGHA Spain Innenministerin AYEW Belgique Costa Rica Mac Jones Socialism Aktionen でんきタイプ #ucuRISING Portugal Kudus 舛添要一氏 Rafael Jakob Putin Justin Jefferson Dani Alves Jesus https://t.co/rnwhjRa3ga
25 Nov, 07:47 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
europees parlement #HailState Thanksgiving Uruguay Sonny Team Snapchat Kirk Cousins Ana Botella Neymar ヴァイオレットエヴァーガーデン Ed Donatell Ghana Hunter Henry Guerreiro fedez #HailState Spotify dahyun Serbia IMPROCEDENTE mattias https://t.co/Y1tvZ7pIkr
25 Nov, 06:47 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
Ed Donatell Ghana Matt Patricia みずタイプ Samu christiansborg Drosten Nike Richarlison Sérvia xutos Ronaldo Details Patriots Serbia 震災以上の超過死亡 #BRESER Odell nehellenia Belgien christiansborg AYEW Russia jordal Queen スタライ https://t.co/F7VCOInpvO
25 Nov, 05:50 AM UTC
Carmelo Anthony Soprano
To claim that Ed Donatell’s shell is a personnel issue is asinine
25 Nov, 05:46 AM UTC
Julie Hess
@KFANRosen This Donatell Defensive scheme is horrific it doesn’t fit this team. Either it needs to go or he needs to go or both, he makes no adjustments. No disrespect to him as a person.
25 Nov, 05:23 AM UTC
@coachmutt HY I’ll take it! Its still fire Ed “prevent defense” Donatell ‼️
25 Nov, 05:17 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
Irene Montero Cameroun Belgique Brazil Japan Cancelo taeyeon Thankful Tipper Fair Casemiro Black Friday Thanksgiving Ed Donatell Cristiano Costa Rica Belgique Samu Dirk Kuyt Nederland elfmeter #WorldcupQatar2022 melandri https://t.co/05OrzAZrb6
25 Nov, 09:45 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
Liverpool Cancelo Arley Matt Patricia Germany New Jersey Virgilio Acuña Auswirkungen #SUICMR Ed Donatell jesper møller Belgian Congreso 次のチャンミ Sylvana christiansborg Ronaldo Germany Virgilio Acuña Fair 三谷さん Vargas Christmas https://t.co/Sy3CFKL9qU
25 Nov, 09:42 AM UTC
🤍🤍Salvatore Cormier
Darnay Holmes Costa Rica Serbia Serbia Ed Donatell Details #NEvsMIN Oxford Liberals Thanksgiving Lametti Kak Wan #SS35 Pats waschmaschine #NEvsMIN ツイッター凍結アカ Brazil Mac Jones dahyun Erykah Badu John Fashanu Uruguay https://t.co/AQHLDCimHn
25 Nov, 09:28 AM UTC
Thad Barrows games20
Christmas Sérvia julian ward Tyler joao Félix Einwanderungsland Albin Joao Felix Barca Bless Violencia elfmeter Ed Donatell Andor Serbia 有馬記念 Stevenson #NEvsMIN #FIFAWorldCup KDLEX Sweethearts Inaki Williams Richarlison https://t.co/Klsb5Q1n1n
25 Nov, 09:22 AM UTC
🤍🤍Salvatore Cormier
Ed Donatell Mormon Turkey Richarlison Huntelaar After 24 #녜리에게_반할시간_너바나 Belichick Wong An Wah Belgium tourismus Goedemorgen Ronaldo Mick Lynch Peter Gleeson Neymar Black Friday Richy #VicVotes2022 #ジェラピケ福袋2023 https://t.co/MymBrrFMQl
25 Nov, 09:08 AM UTC
🤍🤍Salvatore Cormier
Wan Azizah Patriots Purmerend Ed Donatell Barkley Cameroun Ottawa Richarlison 축구선수 Brésil Mulgrave Sylvana Black Friday servië Thanksgiving Portugal Nunez ギャラ飲み Leao South Korea skzoo #PutLaborLast Richarlison https://t.co/Zbe0nJXbPq
25 Nov, 08:07 AM UTC
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25 Nov, 08:05 AM UTC
@JVSwaps @_Dre_Q Maybe but Donatell doesn’t have a great track record. Neither does Pettine. We need something different for scheme regardless
25 Nov, 07:59 AM UTC

Who is Ed Donatell, and what did he do for everyone to hate him this much? I'm genuinely confused
25 Nov, 07:48 AM UTC