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Morning Joe
Updated Thurs. guest list: Donny Deutsch, Robert Gibbs, Shaquille Brewster, Kelly O’Donnell, Jonathan Lemire, Richard Haass, Jim VandeHei, David Plouffe, Adrienne Elrod, Claire McCaskill, Amna Nawaz, Daniel Drezner, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Alicia Menendez, Vanessa Hauc and more
20 Feb, 10:47 AM UTC
Cameron Cawthorne
Donny Deutsch on Sanders likely being the nominee: "I am panicked. I am absolutely panicked."
20 Feb, 12:46 PM UTC
Lee M. Williams
Donny Deutsch shouldn't exist on tv. He is a GOP operative, and an embarrassment to thinking people everywhere. And this thing where 'Dems Failed' because they discussed differences and policies vs Trump, is absurd. Truly misguided. #morningJoe @MSNBC
20 Feb, 12:23 PM UTC
Of course you didn’t think Warren was presidential because you’re a sexist. Also, no one cares what you think Donny Deutsch. #MorningJoe #MSNBC
20 Feb, 12:23 PM UTC
Andrew Roslak
@Morning_Joe I might have to skip this morning's show... I see Donny Deutsch is on... This is a problem for me.
20 Feb, 10:51 AM UTC
@MSNBC @DonnyDeutsch Remember when Donny Deutsch made sexist comments about Elizabeth Warren on #MorningJoe and #MSNBC keeps bringing him back on as if he has something relevant to add to The Discourse?
20 Feb, 12:27 PM UTC
Jeffrey N.
Why is Donny Deutsch on my TV? #MorningJoe
20 Feb, 01:05 PM UTC
Meg Lessard
Not surprisingly, Donny Deutsch thinks no women on that debate stage had gravitas. #MorningJoe
20 Feb, 12:23 PM UTC
Patti Calvert 🆘
@JoeNBC You wish. Why don't you talk to Donny Deutsch about it? I'm sure he'll agree with you, but many of us don't.
20 Feb, 02:39 AM UTC
Drain The Casa Blanca
#MorningJoe When you got the RW tool Donny Deutsch still on your show after he said he would vote Bernie in Primary, then Trump in the General to sabotage Dems. #SorryJoe you are not the one to give any advice to our party. You are complicit by your non-actions, save the speech.
20 Feb, 12:56 PM UTC
Daniel M. J.
@jaygirl1980 I totally agree: she has all of Bernie's upside & none of the downside. Medically transparent, pragmatic, unifying message...I can't watch TV or listen to NPR anymore out of frustration w the slanted coverage. When I hear Donny Deutsch's pompous voice I get an instant headache.
20 Feb, 12:52 PM UTC
Jim. Also, last name
Donny Deutsch pretending he's "terrified" of Bernie because he "doesn't see *any* way he can win in the general" is probably the most transparently bullshit thing on cable news and a case study in millionaire pundit bad-faith discourse shaping.
20 Feb, 11:51 AM UTC
What sort of sexist, inflammatory crap is Donny Deutsch going to say on #MorningJoe today? Why does #MSNBC allow this terrible person, who is a virtual replica of Trump in terms of background, with no political expertise on this show?
20 Feb, 11:05 AM UTC
VIDOE - Donny Deutsch: ‘I’m Panicked … Bernie Sanders Is Rolling, But Doesn’t Have Any Shot’ To Beat Trump @DonnyDeutsch @JoeNBC
20 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC
Alexander McKinley, NFE, QBE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Donny Deutsch is VERY afraid of Elizabeth Warren.
20 Feb, 12:33 PM UTC
Did Donny Deutsch just say the American people don't care about sexual harassment and misogyny? #MorningJoe
20 Feb, 12:34 PM UTC
Thicki Vallencourt
Donny Deutsch makes my ass itch.
20 Feb, 12:22 PM UTC
@Morning_Joe @JonLemire @adrienneelrod @davidplouffe @DonnyDeutsch Donny Deutsch is an entitled sexist pig and his take on who looked presidential and had gravitas are CRAP. Can we please get rid of this guy or at least send him back to the nineties?
20 Feb, 01:12 PM UTC
@Morning_Joe Joe Scarborough and Donny Deutsch saying the winners of the debate are Trump and Bernie when Elizabeth Warren took on Bloomberg and Trump & dominated most of the night is pretty on brand for them and their bias. #DemDebate #DemDebate2020 #ElizabethWarren
20 Feb, 01:09 PM UTC
I agree with Donny Deutsch. None of these guys can beat trump. None have the personality. Especially the people pictured in these photos...
20 Feb, 12:25 PM UTC
Lord Raman Voldamalite
Donny Deutsch you are not Getting Laid Tonight! 😜 On debate Stage its not About TRUMP its About Debate! and what you OFFER to the PEOPLE! remember 2016 ? Trump never Faught Hillary in a GOP debate! That Time Comes Later first Complete the Primary and get the nomination.. 😜
20 Feb, 12:26 PM UTC
@MSNBC @DonnyDeutsch who the fuck is donny deutsch and why should I care about anything he has to say? As far as I've seen he's been wrong about pretty much everything.
20 Feb, 12:26 PM UTC
Carlos Deflecto
Can I get Bloomberg’s Billions to start a cable news network without (the metaphorical condensation) of Chris Cillizza, Donny Deutsch, or Hugh Hewitt?
20 Feb, 12:24 PM UTC
Raksha Andreassen
@Mike2020 please watch msnbc to see how they reviewed your debate performance!! It was difficult to watch! Didn’t Mile consult with people who know how to prepare for debate? You need to do major damage control! We can’t have Bernie as our nominee! Can you hire Donny Deutsch?
20 Feb, 11:45 AM UTC
Fr Russ Carmichael
@Morning_Joe Donny Deutsch is the most ignorant on Medicare for all. The Yale studies shows 68,000 folks die each year due to no healthcare insurance. It demonstrates we would save millions get a grip Donny learn what you try to talk about.
20 Feb, 11:12 AM UTC
Party of Fear
Donny Deutsch i back on @JoeNBC telling us all that we can have endless wars, out of control Military spending, corporate subsidies and no taxes on billionaires, that is a type of Socialism we can't afford. We can move towards better Healthcare coverage.
20 Feb, 11:09 AM UTC
Of course @MSNBC decided Donny Deutsch is the best pundit to talk about last night's debate. That Donny, the one who dislikes Warren. Let's see how this goes.🙄 #DemDebate #Warren
20 Feb, 11:06 AM UTC
Horse Girl Astrologists 4 Bloomberg
@Millerheighife Donny Deutsch
19 Feb, 07:06 PM UTC
Leslie Burns
JFC. This is how we got utterly incompetent and untrained advertising exec Donny Deutsch as a political analyst. Just stop it @cnn @MSNBC etc.
19 Feb, 04:34 PM UTC
Andrew Roslak
@maydaymindy9 I'm still hanging in there pretty much because I like the guests they have on... I will no longer watch any segments when Donny Deutsch is on... I gotta draw the line on that..
19 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC