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barbie kill e shallow now
ninguem deposita 5 milhões na minha conta gente tóxica do crlhh
16 Jul, 05:21 PM UTC
Igor Reale
Virgem: caminhos se fecham de vez em sua vida e outros se abrem. É preciso estar pronto para o novo. Tanto na parte de experiências quanto nas emoções. #ProblemasDeMercurio @igorrealequatro's photo on Dorit
17 Jul, 01:33 AM UTC
Danny Pellegrino
“Dorit, Judy from Arkansas wants to know how your gigantic implants affect your mammograms?” ☠️ #rhobh #RHOBHReunion
17 Jul, 01:39 AM UTC
#rhobhreunion #rhobh Who are you wearing Dorit? dress by Balmain hair by Dorinda
17 Jul, 01:14 AM UTC
I’ve seen Dorit’s lewk before... #RHOBHReunion #rhobh
17 Jul, 12:35 AM UTC
NoVA Gurl
Oh! Hello Dorit #rhobh #RHOBHReunion
17 Jul, 01:04 AM UTC
Seriously Teddi says she’s not close to blizzard, never hung why would you take his word for it??? Why didn’t she pick up the phone and call LVP?? Because she wanted Dorit so bad she could taste it!!!! #RHOBH
17 Jul, 02:14 AM UTC
Kathleen Brennan
Wow - Twitter has spoken, and it's official: #RHOBHreunion is a shit show, and the disgust for Kyle, Rinna, Teddi, Erika and Dorit is real. They didn't fool the fans for one second with their vile actions. #RHOBH
17 Jul, 03:59 AM UTC
It wasn’t LVP wanted Dorit to look bad @TeddiMellencamp you just said that Lisa and Dorit were good friends and Lisa didn’t know how to tell her about the dog ending up in a kill shelter.. YOU made it the mess it became #RHOBHReunion
17 Jul, 02:00 AM UTC
@Andy @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger For Dorit Camille confronted you about PK’s $1 million dollar lawsuit. Yet, when you told PK what happed with Camille, you acted like Camille was talking about your $250k Beverly Beach lawsuit. Why are you trying to deceive viewers?
17 Jul, 01:30 AM UTC
@erikajayne @BravoTV What’s the point it’s to predictable Kyle will cry Rinna will have amnesia Teddi won’t be accountable Dorit will back pedal Erika will be sleeping Denise will talk about Charlie...The End
16 Jul, 09:06 PM UTC
okay so i’m looking at dorit pictures and is it just me or does this pic look like a mix between dorit & rinna!? idk why i see so much rinna in this! #RHOBH
16 Jul, 10:17 PM UTC
Terri L. Austin
I call BS. You women will keep throwing LVP under the bus so you don't have to talk about your lawsuits. We see through you, Kyle, Dorit, and Erika. #RHOBH
17 Jul, 02:17 AM UTC
The Silence 🌊
Reading the tweets is awesome! It’s clear the only one with a real life has left the building and that was LVP. Dorit - bank account frozen - massive lawsuit Rinna - can’t get work and Harry lives in Canada Kyle - massive lawsuit Erika - massive lawsuits #RHOBHReunion
17 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
I pray Bravo puts the kibosh on Teddi, Dorit and Rinna. This season was unbearable and unbelievable. GTFOH for next season! #RHOBH #rhobhreunion 👋🏽
17 Jul, 03:50 AM UTC
@BravoWWHL @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger @Andy Now that it is in the open that PK owes over a millon and assets are frozen, @TheRealCamilleG was right, so why did Dorit lie & say it wasn’t true after begging Camille to tell her at the dinner? Be careful what you wish for said Camille! #SpotOn #CamilleToldTruth😁💗 #TheBest
16 Jul, 09:50 PM UTC
@Andy @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger For Dorit - after Lisa defending you last season, over & over again - why were you so quick to believe the worst of her when there was absolutely zero proof. And if this was a take down then shame on you for going along with it!
17 Jul, 02:35 AM UTC
Funny that @erikajayne @TeddiMellencamp @doritkemsley1 @lisarinna go to @LisaVanderpump Yulin documentary. Once Dorit lies & turns a dog into a kill shelter she is hero & a victim. Screw the dog, it’s a killer & Teddi & Dorit slander LVP dogs & @johnfsessa in the press..#RHOBH
16 Jul, 03:33 PM UTC
@BravoWWHL @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger @Andy Question for Dorit, All the girls are hell bent on holding LVP accountable for her actions, what about Dorit? When does she take responsibility for role with 2 pups that caused this whole mess!!
16 Jul, 09:47 PM UTC
@allen9804 @Brightly50 @doritkemsley1 There wouldn’t have been a lawsuit had she not stolen the money.She gained the trust of that man, promised to pay him back and didn’t.Once again Dorit not taking responsibility for her actions and blaming the person who confronts her. Don’t STEAL or abandon dogs & you’ll B fine🤷🏼‍♀️
16 Jul, 08:29 PM UTC
@BravoWWHL @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger @Andy Ask Dorit why she was so worried about LVP making her look bad when in fact it was Dorit’s actions with the pup that made her look bad! This is all Dorit ‘s fault!
16 Jul, 09:58 PM UTC
Is Dorit’s Bank Account Really Frozen? #RHOBH
17 Jul, 05:15 AM UTC
it's because of your harassment & refusal to listen despite LVPs constantly telling everyone she's innocent that she stopped contact with most of you Dorit. #RHOBHReunion #RHOBHMeanGirls
17 Jul, 04:44 AM UTC
Nancy Nguyen
Still waiting for Dorit to apologize for bringing her dog to a kill shelter #RHOBH #rhobhreunion
17 Jul, 07:31 AM UTC
Watching @#rhobhreunion kyles a see you next Tuesday dorit is a effing bitch and a shit friend and teddi is a fucking idiot... also she brought a birthday present to give on tv? Couldn’t you have given it or delivered it to her?
17 Jul, 06:35 AM UTC
They say Kyle is queen cause she connects all of them.😂 LVP was friends with Kyle, Dorit brought Teddi in, Rinna brought Denise in, LVP brought Lisa Rinna and Dorit to the group, Yolanda brought Erika, LVP brought Yolanda. None of them would even be here.Thanks LVP #RHOBHReunion
17 Jul, 07:40 AM UTC
Anjelica Mazz
@LisaVanderpump should have showed up to the reunion to state her case and re-direct back to the fact that Dorit is the one at fault here, then quit right then and there, dropped the mic and exited the reunion making the most epic walk-off in bravo history! #RHOBHReunion
17 Jul, 04:46 AM UTC
Adrienne Thomas
Imagine how things would have turned out if Dorit and PK had gone directly to Lisa and say that things were not working out with this dog instead trying so hard to impress her. #RHOBHReunion
17 Jul, 06:28 AM UTC
Princess Consuela Bananahammock
And this was obvious. Teddy already admitted once or twice to Dorit "I did want to come for you, but I changed my mind" and then jumped on saying LVP was the "master manipulator". This girl is pathetic! KYLE is the worse! #RHOBHMeanGirls #RHOBH
17 Jul, 07:16 AM UTC
GrrArrgh 🏳️‍🌈 is going to #SDCC
So are we just going to forget that none of this would have happened if not for Dorit almost killing a puppy? #RHOBH
17 Jul, 07:11 AM UTC
Layce Cantwell
Who else watched #WWHL tonight? They need to clean house on #RHOBH I mean Dorit basically refused to calcify w/reports in her accounts being frozen. She won’t discuss anything. No lawsuits, puppygate, nada! And I like Erika BUT she brings nothing to the show! @Andy
17 Jul, 06:49 AM UTC
marian egan
@Andy @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger Gee Andy didn’t you get the memo? None of us care about #RHOBH Putting Ramona on with Dorit isn’t going to help viewership.
17 Jul, 06:46 AM UTC
Carla Rodriguez
@BravoWWHL @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger @Andy What a boring reunion! No content at all. Dorit just walked by and took no accountability of her poor actions with a rescued dog. I feel very disappointed @Andy
17 Jul, 02:05 AM UTC
Hamburger Kunsthalle
106.4/150...2014 gelingt es Gaßner dank einer großzügigen Spende der Dorit &Alexander Otto Stiftung u. Mitteln der Stadt, die Modernisierung der #KunsthalleHH zu realisieren. Mit deren Abschluss verabschiedete sich Gaßner in den Ruhestand. #fürUNSALLE Foto: Oliver Mark
17 Jul, 08:15 AM UTC
Theresa Casareale
@cindymain1 Yes, Dorit doesn’t understand that no one wants to see her fake bowling bowl boobs
17 Jul, 07:33 AM UTC
Denise Richards has plenty to say about Camille Grammer bringing up Dorit's finances on #RHOBH! @HollywoodLife's photo on Dorit
17 Jul, 07:30 AM UTC
@caligirlvibes @mohnus Same. Same. Same. Not fair for Kyle to get so much hate or even Dorit, even tbough she fucked up or even EJ who saw LVPs true colors from the jump.
17 Jul, 06:42 AM UTC
Lisa Lisa
@MoncksMawMaw She will always be know as fake and Dorit the dog dumper. She nor any of the others are good Beverly Hills reps. They are not elegant at all. I say trashy at best
17 Jul, 06:41 AM UTC
Tori Houle
Dorit about to storm Area 51 #RHOBH #WWHL
17 Jul, 06:30 AM UTC
@SusanQuinlan8 Lol the bird is cute.. Dorit isn't
17 Jul, 08:26 AM UTC
@loutfieliasAL @AllAboutTRH Dorit got away very lightly! What about the poor dog...
17 Jul, 08:07 AM UTC
Paul Inouye
#RHOBH And dog-gate continues. Seems that they've ALL forgotten...that it was Dorit's actions that sent the dog to the shelter!!! Why not just give the dog back to LVP???
17 Jul, 07:53 AM UTC
What was that Dorit look with the scrunchie and bedazzled hair clips? The clips alone would have been ok The scrunchie wrecked it. She needs to stop trying to set trends and go with something simple and elegant. Still this was better than that Gold. Mess #RHOBHReunion #RHOBH
17 Jul, 07:44 AM UTC
Housewives Stan
@fanclub_rh Dorit can’t afford to appreciate Ramona
17 Jul, 07:42 AM UTC
Stephanie Madders
@barbara51091307 @extratv @doritkemsley1 Annoys me that Andy lets Dorit and the other bitches completely off the hook. Dorit is 100% guilty and in the wrong and a liar!
17 Jul, 07:25 AM UTC
Barbara Morales
@PresMon75 @plainviewsue @Andy @TeddiMellencamp @LisaVanderpump @BravoTV @evolutionusa Teddi and Kyle were already planning the take down before even going to Vanderpump Dogs! Kyle got Dorit and Teddi to make up. They all bonded over a take down of a severely grieving woman all because Kyle wanted to be called a queen. Kyle is the leader of their cult
17 Jul, 07:07 AM UTC
Lisa Lisa
@tweeztweet So I’ve read that Andy didn’t press Teddy as to why she didn’t call LVP? Funny how Romma & Dorit butted in to stop T Dey from having to answer rhe question as to why she didn’t call LVP.!she had no hood reason
17 Jul, 06:55 AM UTC
Dorit wiping away a non-existent tear when Denise was talking 😂 #RHOBH
17 Jul, 06:53 AM UTC
@tvblogger_ Piece this together...FACTS. Teddi was trying to get her brother on VPRules & befriended Blizzard. Blizzard is a VOLUNTEER at VP Dogs. Why would she fire a volunteer? Teddi was looking for dirt on Dorit because she hated her. LVP wouldn’t go along her plans
17 Jul, 06:47 AM UTC

I can’t believe Dorit is still on #RHOBH 🙄
17 Jul, 06:27 AM UTC
Clara Langan McN
The clips look ridic Dorit #rhobhfinale
17 Jul, 08:42 AM UTC
Lisa W.
And again, they're not addressing Dorits actions. She had a contract with LVP to return the dog to her, NOT give her away. Had Dorit followed the contract she would have had to pay a fee. Judging by her lawsuits, following contracts is a problem for her & BK #RHOBHReunion
17 Jul, 08:41 AM UTC
Melanie Lorimor
I'm convinced Dorit adopts these poor puppies so she can shave their fur and hot glue it to her head! #RHOBH
17 Jul, 08:40 AM UTC
Freda Harris
#RealHousewives Lisa V. Brother just committed suicide and she didn't understand why. She needed her friends not prosecutors. Kyle if it was Lisa your husband would be doing so well. Dorit you wanted to break up them a a longtime. Without Lisa V. No Show.
17 Jul, 08:39 AM UTC
Lisa ©️
Ohh Dorit hit the nail on the head there Teddi only outed Lisa because she didn't want to target Dorit alone ohh yeah Teddi's face said it all #RHOBH
17 Jul, 08:38 AM UTC
Dorit had such a 💩 attitude tonight on #WWHL
17 Jul, 08:30 AM UTC
@Andy @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger How can Dorit afford these clothes?
17 Jul, 08:29 AM UTC
I'm sorry but Lisa definitely had something to do with the staff trying to make Dorit look bad. She's calculated. Having said that if Dorit just returned the dog.... None of this would have happened #rhobh
17 Jul, 08:25 AM UTC
Valorie Rucker
@RHOBH and @TeddiMellencamp it's odd to me that all your "orders" to sabotage Dorit didn't come directly from @LisaVanderpump but from a 3rd party and yet you still are so adamant about @LisaVanderpump being the culprit even after that 3rd party admitted on film that it wasn't!
17 Jul, 08:23 AM UTC
Alison Watson
@ForensicNurse91 @AllAboutDaTea I'm disgusted at their behaviour and at Andy for not stepping in. Although read that teddi and Denise are being sacked so shd dorit and Kyle considering the mess their finances are in
17 Jul, 08:14 AM UTC
@BravoWWHL dorit looks like the flying nun flew in face first on her chest.Really could have pulled it off if someone else was wearing it,like Erika .
17 Jul, 08:13 AM UTC
@bga1228 @Lauren10768952 @KyleRichards @BravoTV It's not the speaking their minds, it's the the ganging up. That's why they'e earned the bully tag. What's interesting is the one who caused it all, Dorit, has walked way Scott free. If she'd just taken the dog back in the first place, none of it would have happened.
17 Jul, 08:12 AM UTC
Watch What Happens Live: Dorit Kemsley claims she froze own bank account ahead of judge’s order
17 Jul, 07:56 AM UTC
@housewivesguy @KyleRichards @doritkemsley1 @erikajayne @TheRealCamilleG @lisarinna @TeddiMellencamp @DENISE_RICHARDS @Andy @BravoTV Can someone please tell me how Dorit gets out of answering questions about giving back a second dog? She took it to get on LVP good side and then didn't want to take care of it. Period. All puppies scratch and bite- get a trainer!
17 Jul, 07:56 AM UTC
@KyleRichards @BravoTV Used 2 love this programme! binge watched from season1 2 present series, stop watching after ep3 of this season! So much bitchyness, we all like a a few bitchy arguments but the season has been totally ruined, don't like teddi don't like dorit or rinna & rest turned into bullies
17 Jul, 07:54 AM UTC
Stephanie Madders
@TVtrashpanda What a truly dull reunion , same bitching, same target and Andy still never digs deep enough to find out the truth. Dorit is the guilty party and the whole season was to get LVP off the show which they succeeded in doing.......
17 Jul, 07:50 AM UTC
@LisaVanderpump Dorit, Kyle & teddy🙄are so stupid! They were the closest to Lisa V💖& turned on her, back stabbers! The other women just followers! Dorit & her husband deserved whatever they got by giving away that puppy! The dinglings!
17 Jul, 07:38 AM UTC
@MuffinTop199 Thanks. Does LVP follow Dorit?
17 Jul, 07:38 AM UTC
Colleen Medvin
@ZFeary @Andy @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger I'm so pissed off about this!! Why does Dorit always get treated special. Makes me think that mayb Bravo wanted LVP gone and wants fake ass Dorit instead!!
17 Jul, 02:17 AM UTC
Lisa ©️
Watching #RHOBH reunion. Dorit's face is telling me everything Look at how much she is enjoying @LisaVanderpump get ripped to pieces I'm glad Lisa didn't go to the reunion
17 Jul, 07:31 AM UTC
@Andy @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger Ask dorit if she has a hair grip I can borrow?
17 Jul, 07:28 AM UTC
@Andy @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger I really presumed that LVP's mental health would be taken into consideration more,it is a shame that you couldn't give her any respect. You mentioned the press, but teddi, rinna & dorit had been selling stories all year in the run up & bashing her?I wouldn't have shown up either
17 Jul, 07:26 AM UTC
Stephanie Madders
@KyleRichards @BravoTV As if LVP would want a gift from you after all you've done??? All she wanted was a 'loyal' friend and that was never you! Why can you women nt see how vile you all are??? The guilty party always was DORIT!!!!!
17 Jul, 07:18 AM UTC
Nomnom LeConte
@TheRealCamilleG Never thought I'd agree with Dorit on anything, but you really are a fucking cunt. That new husband of yours must be getting a case of buyer's remorse.
17 Jul, 07:14 AM UTC
Branwen Shelton
@ode2joyyy @launnielass @BravoTV Dorit’s husband hasn’t divorced her and been her only storyline since 2011, so not the same at all.
17 Jul, 07:02 AM UTC
Branwen Shelton
@AEliz299 @BravoTV I don’t even like Dorit, so if I am saying something, it’s because it’s obvious.
17 Jul, 06:55 AM UTC
Barbara Morales
@qbizzybee @KyleRichards Totally! Kyle and Teddi already made their pledge to their mean girl cult and Rinna, Erika, and Dorit all joined in. I think Teddi was only texting/talking to Blizzard to get more info to try to use against LVP. I think right when Blizzard and her started texting that’s when
17 Jul, 06:54 AM UTC
Branwen Shelton
@AEliz299 @BravoTV I find it funny that Camille always takes an opportunity to insert herself back into the show when she’s irrelevant and this time she’s doing LVP defense. Sounds like someone Is still pulling the strings behind the scenes. ‘Snubbed daughter’ my ass. This is an attack on Dorit.
17 Jul, 06:54 AM UTC
@AllAboutDaTea Dorit is a vile chancer just like her husband
17 Jul, 06:50 AM UTC
Jeanne Bie
@BravoWWHL @doritkemsley1 @ramonasinger @Andy Dorit: everyone wants LVP to admit to something she said she didn’t do. No one wants to believe her BUT you deny the financials when there is documented proof. Isn’t this double standards
17 Jul, 03:22 AM UTC
Whitney Hayes
#bravo #WWHL I love Dorit, but that dress is heinous- Airplsne wings were disturbing, but those long sleeves and cuff links are just silly . #RHOBH
17 Jul, 06:38 AM UTC
@drewhatch @burtonkim76133 Because he dedicates his life to saving dogs and was pissed. He wanted Dorit to face consequences for what she did. He found a way to to make dorit accountable and Teddi agreed. Why should he be fired? For being passionate about saving dogs?
17 Jul, 06:35 AM UTC
shrimp boi with a sword ✨🗡🦐✨
literally obsessed with the look, dorit acting like she’s at the grammys
17 Jul, 06:31 AM UTC
BERNIE 2020 😎🔥🥂 #closetheCamps
@BravoWWHL damm Dorit You’re not that stupid… Why did you not return the puppy dog to the adoption agency per your agreement and then blame Lisa Vanderpump? You do not Do you have a dog! Not cool
17 Jul, 06:27 AM UTC