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Damn, after a years-long search Jeff Sessions has finally located his spine and clapped back at Trump. Oh, and if you're in Alabama, just do the right thing and vote for Doug Jones. It's the easiest way to keep from being embarrassed.
23 May, 04:37 AM UTC
Kate W F
Perhaps Alabama we should ignore this Trump, Sessions, Tubs love/hate triangle do the best thing for our state and vote to keep Doug Jones as our Senator. #DougJones2020
23 May, 03:57 AM UTC
Steve Rustad
Jeff Sessions is the George Wallace of Roy Moores. Wait . . . Tommy Tuberville is the Roy Moore of Bull Connors. Wait . . . To hell with all of them. Reelect Doug Jones, Alabama! #DrBirx Exoneration @SteveRustad1's photo on Doug Jones
23 May, 04:43 AM UTC
Spruce Springsteen
@jeffsessions Alabama avoid all of these clowns and reelect Senator Doug Jones!
23 May, 03:11 AM UTC
Ms. Krassenstein
Dear Alabama, You don't have to pick a raging racist to be your Senator, and you don't have to pick a man who's only competing because Trump's cult does whatever Trump says. There is a much better choice in November. Reelect Doug Jones over Sessions or Tuberville.
23 May, 01:03 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
The GOP blamed Obama when 4 Americans died in Benghazi. They were outraged about a death toll of 4. Had 10 investigations. The pandemic death toll is 97,000. The GOP response? Endless praise for Trump. Craven assholes. #Velshi #AMJoy Doug Jones Sessions The 4% Trump golfs @SteveRustad1's photo on Doug Jones
23 May, 03:28 PM UTC
Zack Czajkowski
If you live in Alabama please please please vote for Doug Jones. Also pretty wild that Sessions, someone who was visibly picked last in kickball on the playground is out here calling a two time SEC coach of the year (who is in no way qualified to be a Senator) a coward.
23 May, 04:07 AM UTC
As much fun as it is watching two white supremacists-- Trump and Jeff Sessions-- beat the crap out of each other on Twitter, please remember we need to help re-elect Doug Jones this fall in Alabama! Here's his website for more details on how to help!!
23 May, 01:41 PM UTC
Peter Morley
Senator Doug Jones is the BEST candidate for Alabama. He cares about protecting #PreExistingConditions He wants to expand #Medicaid for Alabamians! He's been fighting for health care for Alabama and ALL Americans since day 1 in the Senate!👏
23 May, 01:41 PM UTC
Alabama Progress
-Sessions grew a spine tonight, but he's still Jeff Sessions. -Trump is a whiny baby as usual. -Tommy Tuberville is a former football coach who may or may not even live in Alabama. So anyway, you can donate to Doug Jones campaign here: #OneAlabama
23 May, 07:11 AM UTC
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
@jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump every1 please vote DOUG JONES and disregard all of these clowns. 🃏
23 May, 02:58 PM UTC
Peter Morley
Senator Doug Jones has always fought for rural health care. This is SO crucial during #COVID19 as major cities in Alabama are receiving an influx of patients from outer-lying areas.
23 May, 02:19 PM UTC
Derek Cressman
Here’s why we need to help Doug Jones snd every other Democrat running for Senate.
23 May, 02:49 PM UTC
Doug Jones for Senate
Keep Doug Jones in the Senate, chip in here:
23 May, 02:39 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are having an epic feud tonight – and Doug Jones is winning it
23 May, 05:21 AM UTC
🌼Lisa B🌼
My Senator stood up to Trump and voted to impeach him. My Senator prosecuted the men who killed the 4 little girls at the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church. My Senator is a man of honor and decency. My Senator is Doug Jones.
23 May, 05:01 PM UTC
Michael Bennet
Alabama has a critical election coming up, and Doug Jones is the clear leader we need. Join me in supporting his campaign:
23 May, 04:57 PM UTC
"Doug Jones" is trending. As he should be. @actordougjones is the best. #StarTrekDiscovery
23 May, 01:48 PM UTC
@jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump Wow, I'm almost impressed! I guess you've seen your not-so-good primary run-off numbers and finally realized that the only chance you have of winning is to stand up for yourself after being a punching bag for 3 years. Oh, and let's re-elect Doug Jones.
23 May, 03:20 PM UTC
Although he knew it may hurt him with some voters in Alabama, Doug Jones did the right thing & said he will vote to convict Trump. I hope Dems in Alabama appreciate how he's handled the job. He is the only one of those men who put country & principle over political ambition
23 May, 07:58 AM UTC
I hope Alabama won’t f**k this up and re-elect Doug Jones. Tuberville’s wife ⬇️
23 May, 11:49 AM UTC
Rhonda Harbison
@jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump The hell we do. We trust Senator Doug Jones. Alabama Republican are low life hypocrites.
23 May, 05:15 PM UTC
Brendan "Biden/Harris 2020" McIntyre 🌎🌈🥀
Happy to throw some support @DougJones in his fight. Join me in supporting Doug Jones via @actblue
23 May, 05:33 PM UTC
@gehrigbjr @jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump Doug Jones is not an option in Alabama! Jones will be a stain on the books of history. He was only elected because Demoncrats used their new weapon of metoo women against the Republican. At the time it was new and voters didn't know it was all horrible, evil, disgusting lies.
23 May, 05:38 PM UTC
Party of Fear
@jeffsessions @realDonaldTrump No Trump doesn’t trust you, but Doug Jones that guy can be trusted, Doug Jones, pretty awesome guy.
23 May, 05:44 PM UTC
@DevinCow @DougJones Make sure you get out and vote for Doug Jones!
23 May, 05:44 PM UTC
Rainey Wonkers
@washingtonpost She’s not the right choice @JoeBiden @TeamJoe. You will need a decisive win the mitigate Trump’s cries of a rigged election. For that, you will need Obama level enthusiasm. Pick a black woman. Learn from Doug Jones’ win.
23 May, 05:44 PM UTC
the lady luckless
doug jones is singlehandedly the best thing that’s ever happened to alabama in ages
23 May, 05:44 PM UTC
Lance T. Browning
I prefer Doug Jones over Jeff Sessions.
23 May, 05:44 PM UTC