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Adam Schefter
Jaguars and Doug Marrone parted ways this morning, per source. Jaguars now join the Jets, Lions, Falcons and Texans as current teams with HC openings.
04 Jan, 02:02 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
Source: The #Jaguars have fired coach Doug Marrone after 5 seasons. Jacksonville now begins its coaching search.
04 Jan, 02:04 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Black Monday begins. The Jaguars are parting with head coach Doug Marrone, per @AdamSchefter @BleacherReport's photo on Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 02:05 PM UTC
Breaking: The Jaguars and HC Doug Marrone have parted ways, per @AdamSchefter. @SportsCenter's photo on Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 02:10 PM UTC
Jaguars fire HC Doug Marrone. @NFL's photo on Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 02:10 PM UTC
NFL Update
The #Jaguars are firing HC Doug Marrone after five seasons with the team, per @AdamSchefter. Another HC opening.
04 Jan, 02:03 PM UTC
Ashlyn Sullivan
Doug Marrone has shown why he's a hell of a coach this year. Youngest roster in the NFL and used a league high 81 players. Many games where this roster in no way matched their competitor. Yet, this team played hard for him. Big thanks to Coach Marrone for how he treated the media
04 Jan, 02:12 PM UTC
Mia O'Brien
I know, its cliche. But at the end of the day: Doug Marrone never lost the locker room. His team went 1-15. Young, inexperienced, but fought. That's incredible.
04 Jan, 12:25 AM UTC
Big No. 1 Overall Pick Country
Happy trails, Doug Marrone. @AlfieBCC says Marrone exits the #Jaguars as probably the most well liked failed coach @BigCatCountry's photo on Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 02:14 PM UTC
Casey Ayers
Doug Marrone was a Top 2 head coach in Jaguars history. Blake Bortles was a Top 2 QB in Jaguars history. Just because these statements are sad does not make them untrue.
04 Jan, 12:31 AM UTC
These are all the coaches who have been fired this season. Which coach didn't deserve to be fired? 1. Dan Quinn 2. Matt Patricia 3. Bill O'Brian 4. Adam Gase 5. Anthony Lynn 6. Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC
ESPN Stats & Info
The Jaguars have parted ways with Doug Marrone as the team’s head coach. Since 2018, the Jaguars posted the worst record and were the most penalized team in the NFL. @ESPNStatsInfo's photo on Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 03:08 PM UTC
Enrique Garay
Ya son tres head coaches despedidos en la NFL después de la última semana de temporada regular: - Adam Gase de NY Jets ❌ - Doug Marrone de Jacksonville Jaguars ❌ - Anthony Lynn de LA Chargers ❌ @quiquegaray's photo on Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 05:59 PM UTC
Amp Wigg
MONDAY PODCAST ALERT🏈🏈🏈 -The Jaguars Fire HC Doug Marrone -Shad Khan wants a "fresh start" in Football Op's -The search for GM continues while Shad searches for a coach with HIS ambition of what the Jaguars should be.
04 Jan, 03:19 PM UTC
NFL 32
The #Jaguars have fired HC Doug Marrone. Jacksonville went 23-43 in 5 seasons under Marrone.
04 Jan, 05:00 PM UTC
.@SportsLine reveals latest odds if Urban Meyer will coach Jacksonville Jaguars: @247Sports's photo on Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 06:05 PM UTC
NFL en Català
Tornem a actualitzar el marcador de La Marató de l'Acomiadament! Amb novetats des de la central territorial de San Die... Los Angeles! Bill O'Brien ✅ Dan Quinn ✅ Matt Patricia ✅ Adam Gase ✅ Doug Marrone ✅ Anthony Lynn ✅ Matt Nagy 🤔 Doug Pederson 🤔 #NFLcat
04 Jan, 06:06 PM UTC
Jaguar Report
5 Takeaways From Doug Marrone's Firing: Failed Era of #Jaguars Football Deserves Context
04 Jan, 05:37 PM UTC
Doug Marrone tipped his cap to Ian Rapoport and how he covered the news that the Jags would be letting him go.
04 Jan, 05:55 PM UTC
The 6ix One Five Show
‼️BREAKING NEWS‼️ The Jaguars and HC Doug Marrone have parted ways, per @AdamSchefter #6ixOneFiveShow
04 Jan, 06:04 PM UTC
Anthony Lynn and Doug Marrone already have been fired on NFL Black Monday. Check out today's coaching changes in our NFL Black Monday live tracker.
04 Jan, 05:52 PM UTC
Adam Gase and Doug Marrone so far victims of Black Monday. Who could be next?
04 Jan, 05:02 PM UTC
@mahabrando @randyboyd @DondePlowman @phillipfulmer WE DO NOT, DO NOT, ACCEPT DOUG MARRONE!!! HELL NO!!!
04 Jan, 06:14 PM UTC
Adam Gase, Doug Marrone and Anthony Lynn were the top three choices to be the next head coach fired entering Week 17. All three have been fired over the past 24 hours.
04 Jan, 06:06 PM UTC
Mark Redwine 🇺🇸🍊
@SEC_CRNA Hear me out. Doug. Marrone.
04 Jan, 06:00 PM UTC
ii V I Lenin
I ate a normal sandwich for lunch sorry McAllisters didn’t have bologna but I hope you’re well Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 05:58 PM UTC
The Ryan Sports Report
The Jacksonville Jaguars part ways with coach Doug Marrone
04 Jan, 06:16 PM UTC
Sports Page 🏆🏀🏈
Jags Fire Doug Marrone: Jacksonville parts ways with HC after going 23-43 in five seasons (Schefter)
04 Jan, 06:14 PM UTC
Chances of Fired #NFL Head Coaches getting another HC job again sometime: Anthony Lynn - Likely Bill O'Brien - Likely Dan Quinn - Maybe Doug Marrone - Not Likely Matt Patricia - Highly Doubtful Adam Gase - Highly Doubtful #NFLTwitter
04 Jan, 06:09 PM UTC

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