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Donald J. Trump
Great writer and historian, Doug Wead, has written a true (not Fake News) account of what is going on in Washington and the White House. His new book, INSIDE TRUMP’S WHITE HOUSE, is an incredible description of a very exciting and successful time in our Country’s history. Buy it!
02 Dec, 07:21 AM UTC
Tracy Beanz
This is a MUST WATCH. Doug Wead was given unprecedented access to the President and the White House. In this interview he says “I came out of the White House thinking EVERYTHING was calculated.” He quotes Sun Tzu. Really don’t miss this. @JanJekielek
02 Dec, 12:09 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump I highly recommend the book.. “Inside Trump’s White House” by Doug Wead
02 Dec, 12:29 PM UTC
Frank Carfora
@realDonaldTrump Doug Wead is a hack and a Trump sycophant. he's about as reliable and factual as you are good to your word...
02 Dec, 12:26 PM UTC

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