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Mike Trudell
LeBron James on Anthony Davis tonight: "That’s why he’s the Defensive Player of the Year.” Of course, AD was voted 2nd in DPOY voting (Giannis), but LeBron, Vogel, etc. felt he was the best player on that end.
07 Oct, 04:34 AM UTC
Mike Trudell
Davis was +17 tonight. Next highest Lakers were KCP and Rondo with +8’s. He was everywhere defensively: stopping Butler at the rim, contesting Herro and Robinson on the perimeter, helping on Bam and Crowder. DPOY stuff.
07 Oct, 03:51 AM UTC
Matthew Peralta
How AD didn't win DPOY is beyond me.
07 Oct, 03:09 AM UTC
Kendrick Perkins
AD showing the world what a REAL DPOY looks like!!! Carry on...
07 Oct, 01:26 AM UTC
NBA Central
DPOY level defense by the Brow tonight 🔒 @TheNBACentral's photo on DPOY
07 Oct, 03:42 AM UTC
Lakers France
Quand tu mets en prison Butler puis que tu repenses au fait que celui qui t’as volé le DPOY n’a même pas daigné défendre sur lui quand il le fallait. https://t.co/rzrMdKdLiN
07 Oct, 06:55 AM UTC
I’m 6”6 & 2 MORE WINS 2 GO!!! 💜💛
Anthony Davis putting the clamps on Jimmy Butler in the 4th mean while this is what yalls DPOY said about girding him. https://t.co/Zkf83OyE54
07 Oct, 03:43 AM UTC
Still crazy how the dpoy is someone who was sitting at home watching this lmao https://t.co/3EU27OOD3M
07 Oct, 03:51 AM UTC
Anthony Davis a régné en défense dans le Game 4 : une performance de DPOY, petite dédi à Giannis https://t.co/Sd7byDJF4c
07 Oct, 09:31 AM UTC
LeBron’s IQ
Sorry Bucks fans AD is the real DPOY https://t.co/P1MZopXhOU
07 Oct, 05:34 AM UTC
Peja Stojaković Fanclub, 6’6” IQ 228
Michael Jordan 1984-1993 3x MVP 3x FMVP 3x Champion 1x DPOTY 7x Scoring Champ 3x Steals Champ 6x 1st Team All Defense LeBron’s whole career (2003-now): 4x MVP 3x FMVP 3x Champion 1 scoring title 5x 1st Team All Defense Not a DPOY or SPG leader. There are LEVELS to this. https://t.co/MW8pHoYSoC
06 Oct, 02:12 PM UTC
Parlons Basket
LeBron à propos d'Anthony Davis : 💬 "C'est la raison pour laquelle il est le défenseur de l'année." Giannis va apprécier... 😬 https://t.co/NACEg3bTI4
07 Oct, 10:03 AM UTC
Jared Weiss
This Finals has been a good example of why we should have full season awards on top of regular season awards, cause this playoff run has presented pretty strong cases for LeBron to be season MVP and AD to be DPOY with the body of work from the past month-plus.
07 Oct, 04:31 AM UTC
今日は 【世界最高峰ビッグマン】である   アンソニー・デイビス選手の 180cmのガードからDPOY候補となる 物語の動画を作りました! 👇から飛んでみてください!😊 アンソニー・デイビスの驚愕の物語!【徹底解説】180cmのPGからDPOY候補へ[HD]: https://t.co/GKVt1k7v4V https://t.co/kxXQ4RhDNz
07 Oct, 10:08 AM UTC
Flat Out with Komo Podcast
Thoughts on last night games (Oct 6) A Thread - 3 - 1 LA lead. The difference maker was AD defending Jimmy in the 2nd half. More reason why I felt he should have been DPOY this year. He didn't let the switch happen up top, protected the rim and on offense, knocked some big shots
07 Oct, 10:00 AM UTC
They really didnt give that DPOY to AD
07 Oct, 03:58 AM UTC
Wear a Mask Karen
@Qutami_Ahmad @KingJames Yo this goat here right? With more rings, MVPs, Finals MVPs, Scoring Titles, A DPOY https://t.co/EKLu1LxlLO
07 Oct, 10:42 AM UTC
lakers:génération divine
The real DPOY https://t.co/hq1XC42qEC
07 Oct, 03:43 AM UTC
@WorldWideWob He should have been DPOY.
07 Oct, 11:02 AM UTC
Huskarl 🇷🇪⚡️
@MamiWat89416662 @TrashTalk_fr Kobe est plus impressionnant mais Duncan est plus affûté. Duncan méritait des DPoY mais la NBA valorise le spectacle sur l’efficacité, au poste bas personne passait face à Duncan.
07 Oct, 11:02 AM UTC
mateus paranhos
@PamelaTheodoro mais completo? Jordan conseguia ser MVP e DPOY no mesmo ano kkkkkkkkkk, sou fã do Lebron, mas não dá pra ele nessa discussão
07 Oct, 11:02 AM UTC
🇳🇬 OluwaMorty
I even forgot DPOY too
07 Oct, 11:01 AM UTC
... 🥶⃤
@TheRealWHG @410_Shiv @itsankit123 @DimesSZN_ if AD was second in DPOY and lebron wasn’t who would be the better defender? I hope that a 6’10 - 7 foot center is a better defender than a 6’8 forward
07 Oct, 10:59 AM UTC
Mami Wata
@Narx_am @TrashTalk_fr Duncan na jamais été DPOY. Dans ce qu'il sait faire de mieux y avait meilleur que lui. Si il a bcp de titre c grace au collectif mis en place par Popovitch y a pas un truc quil fait mieux que Kobe qui est bien plus impressionnant ds son jeu
07 Oct, 10:52 AM UTC
2.7K Arneet
@nathenmikeuxl I mean you put Giannis and Lebron together. I’m sure his stats would be crazy to. Giannis just won back to back mvp and a dpoy. With bums on his team. I’m sorry but AD is not better. He is more skilled tho!
07 Oct, 10:50 AM UTC
Wear a Mask Karen
@NBATalkTurkey @KingJames This goat right here 6 rings 6 finals MVPS 5 MVPS 1 DPOY 10 Scoring Titles https://t.co/0nISo4mg3D
07 Oct, 10:44 AM UTC
🙈 Erin Lanette
I love #MeganRapinone but there’s a way to enjoy the win without disrespecting @CandaceParker who showed good sportsmanship and congratulated the team. Candace deserved DPOY and got it, end of story. If Clark wants the award, tell her to work harder next season #WNBA
07 Oct, 10:19 AM UTC
@iam_johnw REGULAR SEASON DPOY!!!!!
07 Oct, 10:06 AM UTC

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