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HBD Julius Erving aka Dr. J ▪️ Fashion Icon ▪️ Dunk Pioneer ▪️ NCAA Legend ▪️ Rucker Park Legend ▪️ ABA Champion/Legend ▪️ NBA Champion/Legend ▪️ Made the All-Star team every year of his ABA & NBA career! https://t.co/qSOGVWlVel
22 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
February 22, 1950 —NBA star Julius Erving also known as Dr. J, was born. https://t.co/PHW2VNGzeu
22 Feb, 12:57 PM UTC
NBA's Greatest Fights: Dr. J vs Larry Bird (1984) No suspensions Doc & Bird were fined $7.5K each Moses $3.5K & Barkley $1K for holding Bird while Doc repeatedly punched him. Billy Cunningham was fined $2.5K for "highly inflammatory' post-game comments @Ballislife's photo on Dr. J
22 Feb, 01:51 PM UTC
The Undefeated
- 16x All-Star (11x NBA, 5x ABA) - NBA Champion - 2x ABA Champion - 4x MVP (3x ABA, 1x NBA) - 7x All NBA - 1993 Hall of Fame inductee Happy Birthday Dr. J, @JuliusErving!! @TheUndefeated's photo on Dr. J
22 Feb, 01:45 PM UTC
80s Sports N Stuff
The great Dr. J turns 71 years old today... https://t.co/dBBe4Y69ci
22 Feb, 02:17 PM UTC
Old School 80s
Happy #80s Birthday to @DrewBarrymore (46), John Ashton(73), Paul Dooley(93), James Hong(92) & 'Dr. J' Julius Erving(71)
22 Feb, 01:25 PM UTC
Double L must Rock The Bells
Dr. J was giving it to the people in this pic! Happy Birthday, Dr. J! https://t.co/XGphMgRiFK
22 Feb, 01:58 PM UTC
Double L must Rock The Bells
Happy 71st Birthday, Dr.J! #Legend 🏀 🎉🎈🎊 https://t.co/uwJyWKHva0
22 Feb, 01:49 PM UTC
Sixers Nation (20-11)
The Man. The Myth. The Birthday Boy. Happy Birthday Dr. J! https://t.co/QjF7HxRms2
22 Feb, 02:35 PM UTC
Yahoo Sports
Happy Birthday Dr. J!! 🎂 Some of today's NBA players share their thoughts on the legendary Julius Erving and the impact No. 6 had on the game. @YahooSports's photo on Dr. J
22 Feb, 02:00 PM UTC
Happy birthday Dr. J. Connor Henry has a present for you! #Celtics https://t.co/hAYikQFEen
22 Feb, 01:42 PM UTC
Howard Eskin
Happy Birthday Dr J. Hard to believe julius Erving today is 71 years young. Celebrating Julius 'Dr. J' Erving's birthday with his best plays | Sport... https://t.co/3LfB0PYIv1 via @YouTube
22 Feb, 02:35 PM UTC
Hoop History
The way the Doc had control of the ball and palmed it while gliding in the air was beautiful to witness. If Doc wanted to dunk on you, he would and there wasn't anything you could do about it. Happy Birthday to Dr. J! https://t.co/MZoMk5YlB5
22 Feb, 01:58 PM UTC
Happy 71st Birthday to the coolest of the cool...Dr J https://t.co/tTX6tuBwOp
22 Feb, 02:04 PM UTC
Sam Stephenson
One of my first sports heroes was @JuliusErving. When we first got cable TV my father woke me one night to watch him play ball. Today his 71st birthday. Ross Gay's book length poem, discussed below, partly a meditation on Dr. J's most legendary move. https://t.co/4SQzn1fm9Z
22 Feb, 02:12 PM UTC
Pick N Pod 🎙
Tarihin izlemesi en keyifli adamlarından biri Dr. J 71 yaşında 🎉https://t.co/IO57BxzyMI
22 Feb, 02:43 PM UTC
Hoop History
Michael Jordan 1985: 31pts Vs. Dr. J and Barkley's 76'ers Jordan faces Dr. J in his twilight, Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, & another sensational rookie - Charles Barkley. 76ers won 58 games that year. Jordan stole the show with his incredible athletic ability as a young pup. https://t.co/plve3h4uwW
22 Feb, 02:34 PM UTC
Jarrett Sutton
Happy Dr. J day! There are 5 players I wish I could go back and watch play in their prime. Wilt, Bill, Magic, Bird and Julius Erving. https://t.co/W4vSYSaDmI
22 Feb, 02:35 PM UTC
Storyville Villain
Its easy to imagine an NBA exec looking at Dr J and saying "man if we had few more guys that played like him we'd be unstoppable".
22 Feb, 02:33 PM UTC
jose miguel
Para los que somos de una (o varias) generación anterior, es uno de los más grandes. Felices 71 Dr.J @sixers @JuliusErving https://t.co/3SvYNJmCb3
22 Feb, 02:36 PM UTC
Storyville Villain
NBA wouldn't be the league it is without Dr. J. His game was the inspiration for the play of the guys that saved the league back in the day. https://t.co/MvuLTKP6bA
22 Feb, 02:32 PM UTC
in the wilderness
@bill_mynatt @TribeTerry I agree! I would add LB to that list as well There is a video of Dr J driving the right baseline where he launches like that, brings the ball down, still flying, under the basket for a reverse slam. Hang time seemed like 5 secs. One of the most impressive plays I have ever seen
22 Feb, 02:34 PM UTC
Franklin- The HBK
Lmfao Dr. J was punching the hell out of Larry https://t.co/LqfxUGzELX
22 Feb, 02:45 PM UTC
@FirstTake Generational question. Dr. J's job was to literally dunk on every new center in the league. His "in game" dunks started the dunk contests.
22 Feb, 02:44 PM UTC
WYMT’s Vivica Grayson is working on a story about the passing of the first college President Dr. J. Marvin Jolly, who served from 1968 to 1985. President Dr. Jennifer Lindon and Dr. James Jolly were interviewed today. Tune in at 6 p.m. https://t.co/HBA9ndNVvY
22 Feb, 02:43 PM UTC
Daddy Cliffside
@Officialj0nn @FirstTake MJ could not dunk like Vince or Dr J Stop yourself.
22 Feb, 02:43 PM UTC

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