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Bebe Rexha
Everyone kept telling me how many records Meant To Be has broken and how it deserved an award. But We lost a CMA, Billboard, Vma, Grammy. Zilch. And then I thought of what @Drake said last night. “You’ve already won if you have people singing your songs word for word”
11 Feb, 05:27 PM UTC
rabbit boy 🐰🐾
anna kendrick just filmed a baby looking kook filming drake and I'M DEVASTATED HOW CUTE IS THAT I'M GONE rabbit boy 🐰🐾's photo on drake
11 Feb, 11:44 PM UTC
Harriet Evans
Hi @EveningStandard ! You gave the age of every woman in your Grammys piece but not the 2 men, so I added them for you! Childish Gambino is 35, Drake is 32 & your editor George Osborne is, amongst many other things, 47! Thanks for the @EverydaySexism ! Keep us on our toes! Harriet Evans's photo on drake
11 Feb, 06:37 PM UTC
Best selling rappers this decade (2009-2019): 1.) Drake, 130m 2.) Nicki Minaj, 100.5m 3.) Lil Wayne, 100.5m 4.) Kendrick Lamar, 95m 5.) J. Cole, 79m
12 Feb, 04:50 AM UTC
taekook 🐾
jungkook was caught filming Drake's speech via @AnnaKendrick47 's ig story, so cute 😆 @BTS_twt taekook 🐾's photo on drake
11 Feb, 10:50 PM UTC
Travis really made Astroworld and didn’t see a single Grammy from it. Drake’s speech was for Travis.
11 Feb, 05:35 PM UTC
Young Thug’s verse from Drake’s song ‘Signs’ 😩🔥😩 THUGGER CLAN's photo on drake
12 Feb, 04:07 AM UTC
Drakeがグラミー賞授賞式でのパフォーマンスは辞退したものの式に出席したのは、壇上からこのメッセージを発信するチャンスを得るためだったのかな。音楽を目指している子供たちへ、心で音楽を作っている仲間たちへ、と前置きしてのスピーチ。 新聞テレビが報道しないのなら's photo on drake
12 Feb, 01:36 AM UTC
Word On Road
Drake on the CN Tower being lit gold in honor of his Grammy win. https://t.co/UgQ1zVqPyd
12 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
Maurie Sherman
So, @Drake asked for it and @JohnTory made it happen! The @TourCNTower is gold tonight in celebration of #Drake’s #Grammy win! #Grammys Maurie Sherman's photo on drake
11 Feb, 11:54 PM UTC
Best selling rappers this decade: 1.) Drake, 130m 2.) Nicki Minaj, 100.5m 3.) Lil Wayne, 100.5m 4.) Kendrick Lamar, 95m 5.) J. Cole, 79m
12 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
mari 🙂...
anna kendrick filming jungkook filming drake hsjdhd cute mari 🙂...'s photo on drake
11 Feb, 10:59 PM UTC
Best selling rappers this decade (2009-2019) 1. Drake 130 Million 2. Nicki Minaj 100.5 Million 3. Lil Wayne 100.5 Million 4. Kendrick Lamar 95 Million 5. J. Cole 79 Million https://t.co/8YiTutm5SV
12 Feb, 05:01 AM UTC
Did Anna Kendrick just record jungkook recording drake? A♡'s photo on drake
12 Feb, 01:19 AM UTC
The Daily Loud
Best selling rappers this decade (2009-2019): 1.) Drake, 130 million 2.) Nicki Minaj, 100.5 million 3.) Lil Wayne, 100.5 million 4.) Kendrick Lamar, 95 million 5.) J. Cole, 79 million
12 Feb, 05:51 AM UTC
why all Drake's albums age like the finest of wines? and don't y'all dare try to deny it either
12 Feb, 03:54 AM UTC
laia the capricorn 🥩
Rappers with the highest album certifications from projects released this decade ( RIAA) 1. Drake- 12 M 2. Eminem- 9,5 M 3. Nicki Minaj - 9M 4. Kendrick Lamar - 7,5 M 5. J. Cole - 6 M 6. Kanye- 5,5 M 7. Post Malone - 5M 8. Lil Wayne - 4,5 M 9. Travis Scott - 4 M 10.Jay Z - 4M
12 Feb, 06:00 AM UTC
@Drake_Laedeke "ยิ้มก็พอ'เพียงเท่านั้นอย่าต่อรองได้ไหม รับมันไปความใส่ใจที่เรามีให้กัน" 😊😊😊😊😋😋😋😋 @DrakeFrank_Home #Drakefrany @DrakeSOfficial_ https://t.co/UtJwZP1APk
12 Feb, 10:27 AM UTC
시네마테크 서울아트시네마
[2019 시네마테크의 친구들 영화제] ::2/13(수) 상영일정 Wed Screening Schedule 15:00 "굿애프터눈, 시네마테크" <콜드 워> Cold War 17:00 <베라 드레이크> Vera Drake *전고운 감독 추천작 20:00 <수정 깃털의 새> The Bird with the Crystal Plumage ⓔ *이경미 감독 추천작 https://t.co/FRq29xZF1A
12 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Barker Haines
Let's not even try and debate it, Prime Wayne was untouchable and even Drake admits that so it's not even an argument https://t.co/fqsp3NfOCe
12 Feb, 10:45 AM UTC
@rp_Coolio "M-Master~!" Was the only word he managed to muster along with a cute yelp that came from the pair of teeth that nipped the softer part of his neck, the grip he had around the stallion tightening. The drake winced soon after and pressed his face into Coolio's poofy fro from the—
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
hana lohana
@yasfreitaass simmmm só vou esperar mais confirmações pro palco mundo pra trocar pq só tem o drake
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
@Trill__Parcells I feel disgusted bcus this is coming from a black man. Whatever happened between Nicki and Remy or Kim is pure hip hop. Drake and pusha, kanye and 50 cent, biggie and tupac...... The list goes on and on. In hip hop beef is meant to be.
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
ˢᵀ ᴿᴱᴳᴵᴺᴬᴸᴰᴼ🗺
I need my two favorite artists of all time to make tf up now @NICKIMINAJ and @Drake I hate that y’all beefing y’all both are so inspiring to me
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
Ole trafford⚽🎄💯
Can we start calling Drake an artiste plain instead of saying a rapper? His music isn't rap anymore its pop like
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
ɯɹoʇS pıʌɐᗡ
“Every friend you make Every pic you take Every rainbow cupcake Every Harlem Shake Facebook’s watching you Every like for Drake Every bathroom break Even each retake Of a selfie mistake Facebook’s watching you”
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
Lol senior drake ke yg bg training
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
Chalkey white
So you lames really made a fake meme of Pusha reacting to Drake winning for best rap song and it was really his reaction to JLo Motown performance 🤦🏿‍♂️ y’all on drake dick #HIPHOP
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
HitzConnect Radio
#NowPlaying Right Above It by Lil Wayne & Drake, listen in now: https://t.co/ohC5V3ADjr or download the app!
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
Meek, Wayne, Rich the kid, 21, Drake, Metro, Cole, Eminem, YG, Travis all dropped better albums. America is a mess! #grammys
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
@DessaMoraes23 @NFLBrasil Na vdd alguns dos jogadores nessa jogada eram jogadores de ataque pois esperavam um Hail Mary do QB, perceba o Gronk "alinhado como safety" e catando cavaco indo atrás do Kenyan Drake 😂😂😂
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
Stacey Burns
Drake looked so fine at the grammys & that's pretty much my overriding thoughts for the day
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
LIVE105.5 Mobile
Now Playing: Drake - In My Feelings -> https://t.co/woktiJjVtn
12 Feb, 10:44 AM UTC
drake is
drake is not feeling flirty and okay
12 Feb, 10:43 AM UTC
Pauline Pearson
Drake got cut off during his speech. He was just stating facts?
12 Feb, 10:43 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Canada.

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