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Kathleen Livingstone
This is the misleading chart #DrBirx used to demonstrate the decline of cases across the country. 1) This does not show infection rate, but testing rate. 2) This is NOT a timeline, so it does NOT show a decrease. It just lists states in descending order of their testing rate. @Sassovivente's photo on #DrBirx
22 May, 06:07 PM UTC
Just Deb
#DrBirx says many people are asymptomatic when they are shedding the virus. Then she turns around and says she doesn't think anyone will attend church if they are feeling sick. Does she even know what asymptomatic means?!? 🤔 Wave 2 will involve a lot of churchgoers I bet.
22 May, 06:37 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
The GOP blamed Obama when 4 Americans died in Benghazi. They were outraged. 95,000 Americans have died in this pandemic. The GOP response? Endless praise for Trump. Craven assholes. #DrBirx Tim Scott What Biden 10th Amendment Houses of Worship Blackness Charlamagne Jemele https://t.co/TojDHiDfSZ
22 May, 07:27 PM UTC
RegionRat Rants
#DrBirx selling out her soul once again. https://t.co/I3gAvyQsy5
22 May, 06:36 PM UTC
D. Earl Stephens
BREAKING: 📌Trump declares houses of worship essential, then stomps away from podium just before lightning strikes #DrBirx
22 May, 07:11 PM UTC
Paige Brazell
@CBSNews She’s nothing more than a political hack! She needs to have her practicing license stripped away. She’s just as dangerous by backing Trumps craziness and not speaking the truth. Shame on #DrBirx!
22 May, 06:15 PM UTC
Angela C. Johnson
#DrBirx is latest attempt to shrew her reputation to pieces, says "don't go to #church if you aren't feeling well". Ummmm #asymptomatic carriers! #COVID19
22 May, 06:40 PM UTC
#DrBirx is now #Goebbels’ing😒#LiesLiesLies https://t.co/7gj6pqzK2j
22 May, 06:32 PM UTC
Barb-Wired 🌊🌊🌊
#DrBirx I knew she was a kiss ass phony from the start. What are her credentials anyway? Trump University Medical School?
22 May, 06:55 PM UTC
Chris Traynor
In #DrBirx timeline on the stage w/#Trump, she added little but she did demonstrate that if you want to see your profile explode, Donny's bleach will instead stain you (& your scarves) permanently. What's happened to our supposed professionals & "adults in the room?" GUTLESS. https://t.co/5JlTPgqeG5
22 May, 06:45 PM UTC
Bold Vino
@kaitlancollins Very, very sad but right before the eyes and ears of all Americans, the once valued #drbirx has morphed into the bride of Frankenstein! Very sad! She should resign immediately! https://t.co/cCv5NMolCL
22 May, 06:47 PM UTC
Bernie Connor
“Remember that is your space” You hear that #KayleighMcEnany ?as you push #DrBirx aside and invade her space. Can’t make this stuff up,can’t. Golf? Tennis? How about Polo? https://t.co/DediHwUspH
22 May, 06:29 PM UTC
Trial Lawyer Richard
#DrBirx should resign. She used a totally misleading chart that harms the public by giving them a false sense of confidence. Shameful. https://t.co/e9HDdTRG9m
22 May, 07:30 PM UTC
Kathleen Livingstone
Here's the clip where #DrBirx refers to the decrease, obfuscating where the numbers come from. She even admits the charts need fixing. #WhiteHousePressBriefing #StayHomeStaySafe https://t.co/auPdUMVb4P
22 May, 07:30 PM UTC
Tom Lyons
@realDonaldTrump⁩ #drbirx #foxnews #trump Opening Churches did not work well for this Pastor! This is Genocide churches are SUPER SPREADERS! ⁦@Alyssa_Milanohttps://t.co/RQdurAgMUc
22 May, 06:41 PM UTC
Tara Dublin Is Witnessing Darwinism in Real Time
Somebody has put the fear of God into #DrBirx & she’s trying to signal us with her eyes & scarves #StayHome #FocusOnTheTrumpDeathToll100K https://t.co/jzDXGTwsxk
22 May, 07:06 PM UTC
#DrBirx has lost her credibility. SMH. Shame on you! We were counting on you being the voice for science and you just blew it.
22 May, 06:45 PM UTC
Illeana Douglas
Me listening to the #DrBirx @Illeanarama's photo on #DrBirx
22 May, 08:58 PM UTC
#DrBirx just wants to show off her scarf of the day, she lost all credibility long ago, today to stand there and say people are shedding the virus and don't know it, but go on to church its ok Really Birx? is that you I see kissing trumps butthole? https://t.co/fvfRIzF0PT
22 May, 07:14 PM UTC
@JayHart909 The #CDC Has Been Contaminated By The #trumpVirus, It's No Longer Trustworthy, Just Like #Drbirx!
22 May, 07:33 AM UTC
@funder @realMJSharma Yep. Was thinking the same. I. Don't. Believe. Her. Data. #drbirx #CoronaUpdate #TrumpPressConference https://t.co/zb5znWjfr1
22 May, 07:30 PM UTC
#DrBirx is a piece of shit. Harsh? Uncivil? Too fucking bad, what else do you call somebody who is more concerned with pleasing her Fuhrer than protecting the public. What an irresponsible, ass-kissing Dr. Goebbels.
22 May, 09:39 PM UTC
Darlene Richeson
@AliaGvR @Sassovivente #DrBirx has been misleading and spinning for some time now. Really good at word salads and showing charts with too much data in tiny writing hoping no one will catch the lies. #FridayFeeling
22 May, 07:34 PM UTC
Justice is Coming⭐️⭐️⭐️
Oh #DrBirx 🤡 Move along ...Nothing To See Here 🧐 https://t.co/n6sJf7K21T
22 May, 07:33 PM UTC
I cancelled Dr. Birx weeks ago. Dr. Fauci is the only one left who hasn't lost integrity and honor. She'd clearly rather be in trump's good graces than be honest. #DrBirx
22 May, 07:11 PM UTC
Fredo is Ethel's husband
The thread on #DrBirx is really something. Ppl that surely LOVED her a few weeks ago, are now tearing her to shreds. Calling her a traitor, a turncoat. But even Fauci is now saying we have to open. These ppl can stay home & hide. I couldn't care less. Good. Nobody cares.
22 May, 08:10 PM UTC
Snoop & Willie
@Yamiche @jonkarl Slick liar. #DrBirx
22 May, 08:39 PM UTC
#ChurchesAreEssential thank you @realDonaldTrump For standing up for our freedom to #worship and exercise our #firstamendment rights. To #drbirx, your days are numbered. #deepstate #covid1984 #plandemic #GatesFoundation #evil #wwg1wga #qanon #godwins https://t.co/9G3PlRCPAG
22 May, 09:28 PM UTC
Lois Marie Jones
@Lollardfish Looks like #DrBirx has been taking #trump lessons.
22 May, 08:27 PM UTC
#DrBirx c'mon bro... so disappointed https://t.co/aO3K5suxRd
22 May, 09:30 PM UTC