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Ahmed Hussen
Hatred has consequences. Devastated to learn of the attacks against Muslim worshippers at mosques in #Christchurch New Zealand. My prayers are with the victims & their families.
15 Mar, 03:45 AM UTC
Lisa Raitt
Perhaps the Liberal MP should take note that the Justice Committee has been put forward by his colleague ⁦@cafreeland⁩ as being an “independent and robust” process. I doubt his comments will be looked upon kindly by the OECD in their review. https://t.co/5DGhTNjSl8
14 Mar, 04:49 PM UTC
Pierre Poilievre
"I think I've heard enough," says Liberal MP who blocked Wilson-Raybould from finishing her testimony: https://t.co/IoI7VVsCkV
14 Mar, 06:41 PM UTC
Complete fools. @Francis_Drouin "Ms. Raybould has said ... nothing illegal was committed” No one person decides what is criminal 1. @rcmpgrcpolice investigates 2. @PPSC_SPPC lays charges 3. Judge decides You just invited RCMP to investigate all. https://t.co/xynpPKxgSt
14 Mar, 08:56 PM UTC
CBC News
The Liberal MP who triggered the sudden adjournment of an emergency meeting of the Commons justice committee Wednesday says it's time to turn the page on the SNC-Lavalin affair. https://t.co/7rTsirGStF @OttawaReporter
14 Mar, 04:30 PM UTC
Dale Smith
Drouin isn’t a member of the committee. https://t.co/XSwzgOEibe
14 Mar, 05:29 PM UTC
Justin Trudeau
Nous travaillons très fort pour soutenir l’acier et l’aluminium canadiens et éliminer les droits de douane américains. Aujourd’hui, j’ai eu de bonnes discussions au téléphone avec des leaders de l’industrie sur ce que nous faisons pour défendre nos travailleurs et leurs familles.
14 Mar, 05:43 PM UTC
Alex Pierson
Thankfully @Francis_Drouin there are many of us who KNOW there is still plenty more to see and talk about. And your polling numbers prove folks agree.. https://t.co/kVmH5iVihZ
14 Mar, 05:33 PM UTC
Kirk Thor
Every Head Coach -- and every coach -- needs to create a personal "Why?" for coaching. This "why" becomes the filter for every decision and action that is made in the program -- which creates your culture intentionally. Kirk Thor's photo on Drouin
14 Mar, 09:30 PM UTC
NHL Prospects Watcher
Jonathan Drouin's point totals last 15 games: 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-4-0-0-0-0-0-0-0. His SOG totals have been consistently low last 8 games: 1-2-1-2-1-1-1-2. All this when they need him the most to produce. Incredibly alarming.
15 Mar, 02:15 AM UTC
Mr Frank McVeety
So you think You heard enough? Let Ms. Raybould speak freely then! Canadians need to know the truth! Quite the coverup. Liberal MP who led committee shutdown denies coverup, says it's time for 'shift' in SNC-Lavalin debate | CBC News https://t.co/Tc1HerxPJ0
14 Mar, 11:57 PM UTC
Brian Wilde
Kulak with an ill advised pinch. Domi must stay on his feet even if he doesn't win the battle at the Isles blue line. Petry didn't take away the pass as a D man must to ensure the shot is a 1-on-1 from a bad angle Price can handle... but yeah, it's Drouin's fault 160 feet away.
15 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
TSN Hockey
From @CraigJButton: Jonathan Drouin has gone pointless in 14 of his last 15 games. His drought is no longer going unnoticed in Montreal. https://t.co/k1aGE59Lud #TSNHockey TSN Hockey's photo on Drouin
15 Mar, 04:38 AM UTC
Marc Dumont
Yes, Jonathan Drouin needs to be better. Much, much better. But so does the rest of the team. With the exception of Carey Price, the Canadiens fell flat on Long Island. Here's your post-game analysis: https://t.co/FSmtEcVJLz
15 Mar, 03:07 AM UTC
With his talent, Jonathan Drouin should be leading the league in points. He's that good! The problem is that he tends be very inconsistent and can make poor decisions on the ice. Career year or not, he continues leaving you wanting more.
15 Mar, 02:12 AM UTC
@manny_ottawa @Francis_Drouin @rcmpgrcpolice @PPSC_SPPC this ongoing saga of Liberal control is starting to stink ... Canadians don't need to know the real attempts that went on to #obstruct the prosecution of SNC b/c nothing illegal was committed right? that's b/c JWR did the right thing and did not follow thru with overturning PP
15 Mar, 12:42 AM UTC
The falling flat thing... it’s become a habit. They don’t look like a team that wants the playoffs. #Habs Jonathan Drouin and the Canadiens fall flat on Long Island https://t.co/UDj6wcnGRq
15 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
I think Habs could get a decent D if they traded Drouin this summer
15 Mar, 10:58 AM UTC
Josh Rubin
@BWildeGlobal Drouin isn't the problem..still maturing and has a very high ceiling of potential. Habs should not move him.
15 Mar, 10:14 AM UTC
Colton Di Stefano
@TSNHockey @CraigJButton Artturi Lehkonen went 29 games without a goal. Don’t remember you reporting much on him... Drouin needs to be better but needs better line mates
15 Mar, 04:40 AM UTC
Alan Chaffe
@Francis_Drouin This is very different! Apples and oranges. So can’t wait to watch you lose the next election because of your failed leadership on this committee. You are a sheep and you are going to pay for it by losing your seat :( Please learn the laws your own gov’t set!
14 Mar, 04:53 PM UTC
LEGIT 37-26-7
@BWildeGlobal @AATHabs It’s not that he’s the problem, he gets paid $5.5 million to put up points and that’s what he’s been doing. The problem is that this team has no superstar yet to play with Drouin. Not to mention the guy is 23 and has a while to get better.
15 Mar, 02:25 AM UTC
Francis Drouin
@AlexpiersonAMP You seem to know more than me, please enlighten all of us.
15 Mar, 10:53 AM UTC
Ben Kalman
@thestopshort @SweezyBaby @BWildeGlobal His career is actually trending exactly like Kovalev’s. Look at K in 1998 for example: 25 yrs, 23 G 58 P -22 ; he only started to really turn it on when he hit PIT a year later and he didn’t even break 60 pts until he hit 27. I’ll be perfectly happy if Drouin follows K’s career!
15 Mar, 10:32 AM UTC
Stéphan Jacques
@LesPartants @CASinotte @jp_tvasports les gars on semble oublié que le CH n'est pas supossé etre ou ils sont.... il semble manqué de jus et la magie de Julie disparaît tranquillement et svp lâchez Drouin nous savons ce qu'il est et il sera toujours ca
15 Mar, 11:38 AM UTC
yannick beaudoin
@Habsterix pas la bonne personne a viser c le coach retrograde qu il faut changer et en plus on a son remplacant a cote et le seul qui a fait bcq produire drouin ds le junior dominic ducharme
15 Mar, 11:34 AM UTC
Sébastien Lafleur
Belle montée de Drouin qui passe le puck à.... personne et qui place 2 joueurs dans des positions vulnérables. Il aura coûter un point au Canadiens!.... encore!
15 Mar, 11:11 AM UTC
@BWildeGlobal The problems in Montreal are not Drouin related. The real problem in Montreal is Bergevin! We’ve needed a #1 LD since he was too stubborn to sign Markov. Yet he chose not to get one. Habs will win nothing with Benn, Reilly, Folin, Alzner, and Petry on D!! Kulak too!
15 Mar, 10:12 AM UTC
@BWildeGlobal Brian, I hope that you are wrong. The guy is super talented and he’s 23. WTF. Give him 20 minutes per night on the top line. Domi-Kotkaniemi-Drouin put them together and watch the magic. They should be the number 1 line.
15 Mar, 10:10 AM UTC
Norm E
@mart_roy09 @Francis_Drouin He got caught going out the back. Nice try. The liberal members tried to avoid the media. Drouin is so inept he got caught.
15 Mar, 09:30 AM UTC
Mike D
@BWildeGlobal Drouin is a player with a lot of skill that is needed on this #habs team. the fans need to leave him alone, and he’ll be better.
15 Mar, 11:45 AM UTC
@stefjack23 @LesPartants @CASinotte @jp_tvasports Drouin j'espère que Bergevin va s'en débarrasser cet été.
15 Mar, 11:45 AM UTC
Hélène Ducharme
Quand Jonathan Drouin revient-il au jeu ?
15 Mar, 11:42 AM UTC
Norm E
@Francis_Drouin #TickTock #DumpDrouin #ReelectionResume #cdnpoli Norm E's photo on Drouin
15 Mar, 11:40 AM UTC
Norm E
@Francis_Drouin @AlexpiersonAMP Everyone knows more about ethics & principles than you @Francis_Drouin You and the rest of the #CrayonCrew do know more about cover ups, corruption, political interference, division, deflection, and smearing your own. What is so bad you don't want us to know #DumpDrouin #cdnpoli
15 Mar, 11:38 AM UTC
@Francis_Drouin @AlexpiersonAMP Why don’t you return my calls or emails to your office? Also: there is still an election 2015 sign erected in a vacant lot in Vars,ON with your name on it. Doesn’t that violate election laws?
15 Mar, 11:36 AM UTC
Éric Larochelle
@LesPartants @CASinotte @jp_tvasports Drouin en 3e... Petry à pas connu son meilleur match. En espérant qui reste un petit peu de sauce pas gâchée pour nous emmener en série 😉🤣 J'aimerais bien revoir Deslauriers. C est clair qu'il a le couteau entre les dents.
15 Mar, 11:36 AM UTC
@Di_Stefano45 @TSNHockey @CraigJButton Because Drouin is a 3rd overall pick and you gave up a great defensive prospect to get him. That’s why his drought gets coverage lol
15 Mar, 11:33 AM UTC
Norm E
@Francis_Drouin Your government has taken us into the most corrupt times in Canadian politics, with your help. Just wait until the Adm Norman case blows up on you that will be fun won't it! What are you covering up Francis? 🕰 is near for the folks of #GPR to #DumpDrouin #cdnpoli #TickTock
15 Mar, 11:32 AM UTC
Luc Charette
Hier soir.... Les erreurs Claude Julien et sa bouillie Drouin et sa passe a l'aveuglette Cafouillage Domi et Kulak Et erreur majeur de Petry qui devait laisser tirer Barzal.... Ouf... Ça sent la fin du CH pour les séries
15 Mar, 11:29 AM UTC
yannick beaudoin
@LesPartants @CASinotte @jp_tvasports drouin lekhonen a part danault gallagher benn domi price le reste c etait bof
15 Mar, 11:28 AM UTC
@APerrin87 @manny_ottawa @Francis_Drouin @rcmpgrcpolice @PPSC_SPPC There will be no justice with this kangaroo court of an inquiry!
15 Mar, 11:24 AM UTC
@Francis_Drouin Your government is in the pipeline business. You aren't an alternative to the conservatives. Also, congrats to you specifically for deciding to be forever remembered as the bootlicker who pulled the plug on bringing Jody Wilson-Raybould back to the SNC-Lavalin committee.
15 Mar, 11:21 AM UTC
Daniel Hudgin
@fnveenie @Monctonscout Yeah Drouin made some shitty plays in the game but that one wasn't on him.
15 Mar, 11:09 AM UTC
Thomas Harvey
I dare anyone to tell me Habs actually played a good game last night. Piss poor effort with playoff positioning on the line.. Last on pucks no 2nd effort lazy Drouin doing sweet f*ck all.. Of all ppl Jordie Benn is the only source of offense. Left Carey out to dry. #Habs
15 Mar, 11:07 AM UTC
@paul_bernier_ What about a hockey trade from nowhere just before the draft like Bergevin is use to based on; Drouin For Leddy (NYI)
15 Mar, 11:07 AM UTC
Doug Herridge
@Francis_Drouin Canada has heard enough of you! Come on October! I feel so “ashamed” of voting Liberal last election! Promised transparency delivered corruption!
15 Mar, 11:01 AM UTC
Stephen Lee
@BWildeGlobal I'd be shocked (well, not really) if this were the case. I do see a few upset with Drouin on here, but I think fan criticism is largely a non-factor. Way more fans realize he's having a career season andvis only 23.
15 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
Mark (NHLFriendly)
Drouin 👎🤷‍♂️
15 Mar, 10:57 AM UTC
@Sportsnet @EricEngels I hope Drouin takes a seat in the press box. He looks tired and can use the rest. Actually no he needs to sit and learn how to play a full 200 foot game.
15 Mar, 10:54 AM UTC
James Murphy 🇨🇦🇮🇹
Jesus did anyone catch Craig Button and Darin See her ragging on Johnathan Drouin after the #Habs game.last night.
15 Mar, 10:54 AM UTC
Jacques Mercier
@919sports @LPGeek @delorme_gilbert @simonrene01 Depuis que Julien a chambouler ses lignes .. separé Drouin de Domi et defait la 4ieme ligne de Chaput -Deslauriers ... on dirait que la chimie globale en souffre ...
15 Mar, 10:46 AM UTC
Ricky Hawn
@TVASports Drouin , Armia et Lehkonen ! Je m'attend d'en voir au moin 2 quitter durant l'été
15 Mar, 10:42 AM UTC
@Richardlabbe I dont see any criticisms of Drouin, Richard.
15 Mar, 10:37 AM UTC
@BWildeGlobal Seriously, nobody with half a clue would put that goal on Drouin. I wish he would have taken the shot but that's a confidence thing I think. But there's no excuse for the lack of effort he consistently shows. Not sure why you're so hung up on defending it.
15 Mar, 10:37 AM UTC
Robert Santella
@BWildeGlobal I know, I’m saying the guys played all year at the maximum they could and more, but Drouin is not! He plays lazy, no grit no guts
15 Mar, 10:35 AM UTC
Day Trader
#habs PP is embarrassing. I don’t understand the #Drouin bashing either. He’s 23 and isn’t paid to be their saviour. If ppl want to point fingers, point them at the #GM and #Owner for accepting this mediocrity. How much cap space have we played with the past few years?
15 Mar, 10:19 AM UTC
@BWildeGlobal @Prospects_Watch .... I think we can help each other out..... how about Maata for Drouin and a 3rd?
15 Mar, 10:18 AM UTC
@BWildeGlobal Ah...so you are also thinking they are doing to Drouin what they did to Brisebois & a few others since. 😔 sad
15 Mar, 10:06 AM UTC
Mathieu Granger
@GeoffreyDLang @DebayPhilippe @TonyMarinaro Players slump...Look at the whole 4th line of whomever it's made up of, they don't produce.KK has yet to score on the road, Domi has gone into a slump. Gally, Danult. Everyone goes through it.Drouin showed up more than he did most nights.He also played the least amount of mins.
15 Mar, 10:06 AM UTC
Mark (NHLFriendly)
Drouin ?
15 Mar, 09:55 AM UTC
Habs Worldwide 🏒🌎⚽
Drouin is the problem? I think the PP is the problem. Who is the PP coach? #GoHabsGo needs to fix that problem...
15 Mar, 09:55 AM UTC
Mike 🍺🍺🇮🇹🍕🍦
@adutour @vinman905 Drouin is so talented. Issue is he overthinks with the puck leading to turnovers.
15 Mar, 09:54 AM UTC
Laurent Pelletier
@Rejeanl11 Je pense que Drouin est un jeune bourré de talent mais un genre Kovalev.....1 game sur 4 il va vieillir et peut-être comprendre de donner 100% à toutes les games.....sinon.....
15 Mar, 09:48 AM UTC
Terry Seguin
I believe this tension stems from a recent team meal when Shaw asked Drouin to pass the rolls...and the rolls never got to him. https://t.co/8HcQe09roK
15 Mar, 09:47 AM UTC
D. P.
@TonyMarinaro Bergevin Needs to admit he was wrong about Drouin and trade him. If "Attitude is everything" then he needs to trade him while there is some value.
15 Mar, 09:37 AM UTC
Habs Unfiltered - It's Pretty Mint
@KenSsc @PNK81 @BWildeGlobal Drouin didn't play with MacKinnon his last year of junior. MacKinnon was alresdy in Colorado
15 Mar, 09:36 AM UTC
🍗No Conservatives, NO! ☘️ #BoycottNRA
@jdouglaslittle @6974searchlight @DonMartinCTV @Francis_Drouin @Puglaas @RobertFife @ddale8 @CPC_HQ Not only did Kenney rig his leadership election, an employee of Harper's management firm helped him, AND his own party is protesting against him. Hence my handle Conservatives, the Party of Thieves, Liars, Cheaters and Christians?
15 Mar, 09:24 AM UTC

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