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Golden State Warriors
DUBS WIN @warriors's photo on Dubs
18 Feb, 05:40 AM UTC
More new dubs! ✨ 🔹 Akudama Drive ep 9 🔹 Dr. STONE Season 2 ep 2 🔹 Fire Force Season 2 ep 20 🔹 Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU ep 10 🔹 Horimiya ep 3 🔹 Listeners ep 12 Get the details: https://t.co/xs8JXTWLkv @FUNimation's photo on Dubs
18 Feb, 12:00 AM UTC
Maryland Basketball 🐢
FINAL: Maryland 79, Nebraska 71 Brooms out on the back-to-back. Three straight dubs. @TerrapinHoops's photo on Dubs
18 Feb, 01:53 AM UTC
Warriors on NBCS
Dray was with the Dubs "spiritually" tonight @NBCSWarriors's photo on Dubs
18 Feb, 07:00 AM UTC
Olive | DT IN 5 DAYS
Launchpad’s many names throughout the Disney+ available dubs https://t.co/WUHAZmb9su
18 Feb, 01:57 AM UTC
【ダニーグリーンでスタメン組んでみた】 PG:ダニーグリーン(SAS) ポイントガードはスパーズのダニーグリーン。ボールハンドリングが最も崩壊してないだろう。なんやかんやフロントコートまでは運べそう。スパーズの華麗なボールムーブメントを知ってる彼ならパスも回りそう。平均20得点は期待したい
18 Feb, 08:22 AM UTC
STEPH CURRY WITH THE DAGGER IN OVERTIME VS THE HEAT!!!! #Warriors One of the best wins of the season for the Dubs, who were trailing by 14 at one point. https://t.co/wDIOnf3YYk
18 Feb, 05:39 AM UTC
@luketaplin42 @surfgirldeb @JAclouds @PicPoet @MeLinNature @Puanga_rua @KinlochSusan @enjoyscooking @cloudymamma @skrella @engelchenmandy @ar_ar888 @kelly_dubs @LisavonSteijern @xusvalencia @bermaxo09 @WilliamBug4 Recent #sunset glow on #clouds thru trees #JaxFL #photography #StormHour #ThePhotoHour #AJSGArt #ViaAStockADay @WizardWeather @LensAreLive @EarthandClouds2 #firstalertwx #lovefl #weather @mypicworld https://t.co/ztx1phywZw
18 Feb, 10:13 AM UTC
鄭大世 정대세 Chong Tese
聞き応え抜群。 Week dubs - VEGA https://t.co/UekMPw6Ur5
18 Feb, 10:38 AM UTC
David Marler
One of Facebook's criticisms of the bill is the broad & vague definition of news. Simon Milner argues that it's the government's law not the algorithm that caused pages like emergency services to become blocked. #auspol https://t.co/s7ze3aKcrb
18 Feb, 08:37 AM UTC
Guys, who did you pack in rewards? Any dubs or just big L's?
18 Feb, 10:54 AM UTC
paul grist
Why do people complain about how long the credits are on WandaVision? Once the programme is over you can stop watching. You don't need to see all the names of the people who do the foreign language dubs if you don't want.
18 Feb, 10:42 AM UTC
Daniel Stark
@_PremierGG What do you mean rise and grind? @chieftancoool and I are still going? 3 dubs in resurgence and 1 with @ProfessorParkes in duos
18 Feb, 10:31 AM UTC
ayoo ggs in league @SereneyTV @itsfrodo57 ended the night 5 dubs
18 Feb, 10:35 AM UTC
Papi B Dubs (Live Music & Event Producer)
Ted Cruz was just overheard at the Omelette Station telling Chef Jose,“Texans are so sick of Big Government making them feel all warm & cozy.” “Ya know if people are so cold right now maybe they should just burn down the state Capitol for heat.” “no hablo ingles”, replied Jose
18 Feb, 10:41 AM UTC
DAY 186 KOREA STREAM COD WARZONE https://t.co/BuwTUdHNPU #codwarzone #twitch #facebook #youtube #streamer #gamerguy #cod #codmw #solos #trios #duos #quads #squads #winning #dubs #letsgo #gym #pcgamer #keyboardandmouse #pcgaming #twitchtv #season6 #warzonememes #coldwar
18 Feb, 10:32 AM UTC
🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 ARTSY AF 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸
@Papi_B_Dubs 👏👏👏 very nice
18 Feb, 10:55 AM UTC
Papi B Dubs (Live Music & Event Producer)
@DukeHomer We have dicks too ya know. BTW clever use of Dick and Stick😂 Maybe one day some straight guy will say “I came for the Krispy Kreme’s but stayed for the Dick Art.”
18 Feb, 10:53 AM UTC
Reina ✨The Vtuber Artist
@killerseth1000 Haha nice! I mean the dubs are getting better and better so I think watching dubs are cool too😄😄!! I watch dubs sometimes too😃
18 Feb, 10:39 AM UTC
good morning gamers we getting some FAT dubs today >:D !discord !emotes https://t.co/tGfaUABmv1
18 Feb, 10:37 AM UTC
Papi B Dubs (Live Music & Event Producer)
@MxFxRadio It happens #JimMcMahon #GoBears https://t.co/ib5cnLymMi
18 Feb, 10:24 AM UTC

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